Dear NZ – we can’t actually rely on School Children to tackle climate change eh?


My salute to the young people who protested on Friday.

You should be angry at the inaction of your adults, the timidness of our leaders and the greed of our corporations.

David Seymour’s trolling of protesters and threat to punish those who went is part of the creeping fascism of this new hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government.

This new Government’s climate policy can be summed up like this…

…their acquiescence to Trans National Mining interests will make climate change far far far worse, so everyone who gives a damn about the environment should be incandescent with rage!

The tens of thousands who turned up on Friday however is still pitifully shy of where the movement was in 2019 when 170 000 took to the streets.

It is still taking a long time to rebuild the youth protest movement back up to its peak in 2019 after it insanely cancelled itself for being ‘racist’ in a weird woke self mutilation back in 2021…

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School Strike 4 Climate Auckland is disbanding as an organisation.
This is under the suggestion and guidance of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) members of our group, as well as individual BIPOC activists and organisations. We are not holding any more climate strikes in the Auckland region. Our members have also separated from the national SS4C team. Going forward, we will only be using our social media to uplift BIPOC-led climate justice spaces in Auckland.

BIPOC communities are disproportionately affected by climate change, so the fight for climate justice should be led by their voices and needs, not Pākehā ones.

We are disbanding because, since 2019, SS4C AKL (as well as the wider national group, though we can’t speak on their behalf) has been a racist, white-dominated space. SS4C AKL has avoided, ignored, and tokenised BIPOC voices and demands, especially those of Pasifika and Māori individuals in the climate activism space. As well as this, the responsibility and urgent need to decolonise the organisation has been put off for far too long. SS4C also delayed paying financial reparations for the work BIPOC groups/individuals within and alongside the group have done for this organisation in the past.

This is a non-exhaustive list.

We apologise for the hurt, burnout, and trauma caused to many BIPOC individuals, including current and past members, as well as BIPOC-led groups. We also apologise for the further trauma caused by our slow action to take responsibility. We recognise that this apology can never be enough to make up for our actions on top of years of systemic and systematic oppression, racism, and the silencing of those who are the most affected by climate change. This apology is just one of our steps in taking accountability for our actions.

Our disbandment is well overdue.

We acknowledge that our attitude has been racist and dismissive of the voices that have rightly spoken out against us and we apologise deeply for the pain we have caused. In saying this, we also need to acknowledge that racism is a big problem within the SS4C NZ team as well, but that we have made this decision independently from them.
We recommend you all redirect your support, resources and involvement to BIPOC activists, spaces and causes, especially those that are led by Pasifika and Māori people.

This includes groups such as 4TK ( 4TK), Pacific Climate Warriors ( Pacific Climate Warriors – Auckland ), Para Kore Ki Tāmaki ( PARA KORE KI TĀMAKI), Protect Mataharehare ( Protect Mataharehare ), Protect Pūtiki ( Protect Pūtiki), Save Canal Road Native Trees ( Save Canal Road Native Trees ), Te Ara Whātu ( Te Ara Whatu).

If you are a BIPOC-led climate/social justice organisation or a BIPOC climate/social justice activist, please let us know if/how we can help by messaging our Instagram, Facebook, or emailing We will uplift your kaupapa and Mahi through this platform, or any other means available to us.

The climate justice space must be led by BIPOC groups and others who are disproportionately affected by climate change. In Aotearoa, this especially means Māori and Pasifika groups.

We fully discourage any future and current Pākehā-led groups from occupying the space we leave behind.

School Strike 4 Climate Auckland


…I love that at the end they threaten any group from stepping into this space. They enjoy all the nuance of a Maoist purge.

The Woke have this amazing record of taking over popular protest movements in NZ and then killing off the populism aspect for pure temple politics, but we can’t allow the cannibalism of intersectionist activists with ‘I’ and ‘Me’ pronouns to justify its collapse!

The truth is that we can’t rely ion the bloody kids to solve Climate Change!

Sure, they are led like ideological lambs to ideological slaughter by intersectionist clowns who only manage to alienate the movement, but climate change is OUR problem as citizens who keep electing Governments that champion the interests of the polluters.

We can not expect the kids to save us from a problem we keep electing!

This isn’t on the kids, it’s on us!

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    • He is indisputably a dick. What those not majorly concerned with politics are rapidly finding out is that he is also a vindictive nasty type.

      Mr Seymour has extensive training via Atlas in brutal neo liberalism-the methodology of Hayek, Friedman, the Chicago Boys, Pinochet, Thatcher, Reagan, Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson.

      School Climate strikers don’t need “teachers dirty looks” and class room boredom–they are the bright ones that have got the message already!

      • They are able to enact policy that fails to deliver public goods.

        Were they competent they would know this, and do something else.

        Borrowing money to pay out their donors is Suharto level corruption – it should meet with an equally uncivilized punishment.

      • No definitely this government as well. They appoint a minister for mental health, then take some of his tools away, but do not actually tell Doocey who says it’s not happening but it is. Why is the media not talking about that much at all? That has to be the most embarrassing thing that’s happened in quite some time but the media supposedly favours Labour? Utter bullshit.

        • Wheel – absolute spot on. Gary is a toxic right wing troll who emerges from his anaerobic swamp from time to time to dribble out his pitiful two or three word unintelligent spittle, which defines what he is.

  1. Seymour is a knob. In an interview he pointed out that Monday was a holiday. Was he suggesting that the kids should turn up protesting when none of the MPs were actually at Parliament? Yeah that’s a good idea, not.

    Those kids are probably learning quite a lot about what a sham democracy is.

  2. The ‘schools for climate change’s marches are a day off from the classroom for the students!
    Let’s see the numbers attending these ‘protests’ if they were held on a school holiday, or one of many ‘teachers rest’ days.
    The numbers attending would be a fraction of the numbers as they would have to have the conviction and will to attend….but because it’s a normal school day they are bussed to the event.
    And I see others hijacking the event too…Minto’s free Palestine mob turned up and were not shouting about climate change, but protesting about the war in Gaza lol

  3. Robot-man doesn’t understand the learning experience that those school children had yesterday.
    He threatened them and they will continue to defy him. That’s all that really concerns him, people being brave enough to defy him.
    Luckily, he has no children himself. They would pretty quickly realize he speaks with forked-tongue and their respect for him would disappear. It would not be a happy household with a dictatorial old father thinking everyone must obey him to the letter.

    It’s about all of us and that includes this govt., trying to mitigate the effects of climate change.
    Even if it isn’t as a result of human activities as they like to claim, it’s still happening, and it will still be very uncomfortable for the human race and every living thing on Earth.
    Therefore, knowing some ways in which we can steady the effects, it makes sense that we should try.
    We shouldn’t rush headlong into worse effects, as this govt. seems keen to do.
    They think they, because of their wealth, will be able to escape the effects of CC. They are deluded, money is all they see.
    As a country we need to decrease our debt while trying to hold the climate steady, adapting as we can.

    • Yep.
      Workers should be in factories sweating, farm labourers should be under the sun toiling, office wallahs should be clicking their heels to the boss’s orders.
      Not protesting.
      Bob’s world would be very, very orderly.

    • Interesting that you should assume that the students are being “used”. You people always seem to think that ordinary people are somehow incapable of forming an opinion and taking action on their own. It’s the typical – union members being “led by the nose” by their leaders. It’s bullshit. I was at several union meetings where the rank-and-file were urging the leaders to be a bit more fucking active. Still, whatever gives you comfort.

        • Did you read a different comment to the one in this article? GS has clearly said that ordinary people which includes students are capable of forming their own opinions, you appear to be the only one brainwashed into thinking that anything different from what your leader tells you must be wrong.

    • Agreed, the children should be at school. And politicians like David Seymour should be doing something to avert a global catastrophe. But because the politicians have abdicated their responsibility the school children see a need to step up.

    • Oh Bob , you never fail to deliver your stupidity. Just one of those children have more intellect than you’ll ever have. They are out there doing it, you hide behind your veil of sarcastic comments.

  4. Would be interesting to have a skilled investigator like Nicky Hager look into the apparent self destruction of the previous School Climate Strike Movement. It looks like professional agent provocateurs along with the types Martyn describes to me.

    Yes, fighting back on Climate Disaster is up to all of us. Even multi property owning boomers may start to get it now that the Insurance Industry is pulling the pin and making many areas virtually uninsurable. Infrastructure is crumbling because there is not sufficient rating bases in provincial areas in particular.

      • Two line Bob, the intellectual giant of TDB shares his wisdom.

        It should be considered that Mr Hager has not been proved wrong yet, and in fact has had substantial payouts from both the NZ Plods and Defence Dept. on various matters when they tried to shut him down and illegally search his premises and confiscate his IT equipment.

        Hager is a skilled operative as the “Hollow Men”, and “Dirty Politics” showed, he moves around like one of Smileys People leaving barely a trace and has some pretty deep contacts.

      • Oddly enough Bob he always seems to be very much right. Who has sued him? Well no one because they don’t have a leg to stand on. I can just see you slagging off Woodward and Bernstein in front of your little autographed picture with Richard Nixon.

        • I’m famous on the TDB,in fact I have a large fan base which is growing by the day.NSC you are my most loyal fan, accordingly I appoint you Secretary of the Bob the first fan club.

  5. These children are to be applauded for their passion but need to understand the solution is not as simple as they are being lead to believe. They will get picked up by their parents in cars then back to warm dry homes which they want to deny others.
    In Chch they invaded the council office typing up police and council staff.

    • No, it’s not simple Trevor and you are right, they need to be very careful how they behave on these protests.
      However, in the absence of leadership from govt. on the issue of climate change, someone needs to kickstart some action and draw attention to our lack of leadership.
      There is a lot they don’t understand about the problem and being picked up, as you say, and taken home by car to their nice warm homes is contributing to the problem.

      That said, I still think their awareness and unwillingness to be intimidated by David Seymour’s pompous approach is a good thing.
      They will have learnt plenty yesterday. Those who attended will be the ones who make the most of their educational opportunities, wherever they occur, at school or elsewhere. They are the ones who will make a difference in the future.
      Seymour doesn’t want a well-educated populous, he wants little robots which do as they are told.

    • Its you lot that are denying people warm dry home by getting rid of tenant protections and allowing rents and house prices to skyrocket. So don’t pull that shit on me.

      • Can no one see that the peices and the price of goods to build a house in New Zealand is obscene to keep a few rich billionaire pricks afloat. Add to that the expense of land prices and it is a no do prospect.

        How come China can build complete CKD houses for $7999.00 US dollars and yes they are 3 bedrooms and cosy. You don’t need builders, just a container swinglift for a 40ft container and you and your mates can just unfold it. Own a piece of cheap land provided by the government say $5000 for a 1/8 acre and keep the local councils out of it.

        Cosy but at least you own your own roof over your head and no crippling morgages to pay to outlaw banks.

    • No it’s not simple Trevor, but going in the opposite direction is not going to make it easier. It’s the classic doom and gloom, it’s all too hard, or you can listen to that s.o.b Hogwash talk about us being the most efficient carbon farmers in the world. Pretty interesting when the topic was methane!

      To borrow from Bob the Firsts guidance maybe farming would be easier if you are actually on the farm rather than driving around the city streets bizarrely calling everyone communists. Bitching and moaning when you haven’t paid a cent. The people making it hard for farmers are right wing corporate bankers, not imaginary Cossacks.

  6. How about we can’t actually rely on NZ to tackle climate change….totally futile protest or were they outside the Chinese and Indian embassies?

  7. In 50 years time, when extreme climate change is “normal”, and the descendants of Seymour, Peters and Luxon, and all the other climate change deniers, look up the records of the wankers from this generation who did nothing, they’ll have their revenge. They’ll dig them up and throw their remains into the sea. If they’re related or have the same name, they’ll probably change it. The current deniers will go down in future history as criminals to be despised and reviled, and future lessons as people not to copy.

  8. “I love that at the end they threaten any group from stepping into this space. They enjoy all the nuance of a Maoist purge.”
    I think you might be making the mistake of believing the words rather than the message. If the ‘School Strike for Climate’ is really self organized, why is the NZCTU- which has done nothing to fight back against the neoliberalism of the ‘Labour’ Party (in name only) sending out mass emails backing them?

    Many of their professed goals are, no doubt, laudable. The dissolution of a group that could have formed a nucleus of revolutionary cells against the genocidal neoliberal beasts of Na/Act/LiNO is not.

  9. You’re right @ MB. It shouldn’t be up to the kids. Adults created the problem, wittingly or unwittingly they’re all complicit. More to the point the adults have dragged their feet on finding a solution, if there is indded one other than a paradigm shift in energy production and use. Net zero is an accounting illusion. But in the absence of a paradigm shift I guess the adults need to keep to their promises. What adults can do further is to put in place a school curriculum that critically examines the issues. Critically being the key word. It may well be happening but the school curriculum has not traditionally engaged with the critical. By critical is meant looking at the issue from all angles. Pro and cons. An informed and science based view of the science, taking into account the sociological, the economics, the ecological, the political. And starting in primary school. Surely there’s some clever educators out there, at both the policy and classroom levels, who are up to the task. It may well pass over the heads of many kids – but at the very least the adults in the room should give each and every one the opportunity to develop a critical yet balanced perspective and ultimately have a truely informed view. Not least because the kids of today are the adults of tomorrow. And adults make the right decisions, right?

    • Well said.
      The last thing we need is Mr. Seymour’s Americanized view of science being taught in schools. It’ll be the creation story next.
      Science education needs to be built on solidly year after year at school. How many classrooms still have a current and compelling, Nature Study table?
      I suspect Seymour, aided and abetted by Luxon, will not push science. They do not want a well-educated, critically thinking population. They want people who are susceptible to suggestion and easily swayed.

  10. No we can’t rely in kids to tackle climate change. Especially kids that don’t ride their bikes to school or even just walk to save the planet. Isn’t that the message Chloe should be giving them?

    • Suddenly Seymour has competition from another complete Dick. One of these muppets that insists that you can’t burn any carbon if you say we need change. Strokers like you probably bagged Bob Geldof for having a meal before Live Aid.

    • Suddenly Seymour has competition from another complete Dick. One of these muppets that insists that you can’t burn any carbon if you say we need change. Strokers like you probably bagged Bob Geldof for having a meal before Live Aid.

    • Oh Bob you get sillier by the day, as secretary I’ve got your dementia ward booked. Private hospital of course with all your right wing dosh.
      Coward, John Key abandoning a sinking ship.

      • I’m not sure the ship was sinking when Key bailed (recall the Nats got more votes than LINO in 2017), but abandon ship he certainly did, and for reasons that were never well explained. But Jacinda Ardern definitely DID abandon a sinking ship, after her popularity crashed.

        • Jacinda is now a show business celebrity flying first class,staying in 5 star Hotels,enjoying the company of the rich and famous.
          Meanwhile hungry homeless children?

  11. We seem to be relying on the kids. Everyone else is corrupted by obligations, willing to send their kids and grandkids into the furnace, let alone themselves, for mortgages etc. The fun/horror.

  12. Don’t worry Bob, Jacindia will have a phltantropic trust that will distribute large swathes of her and Clarke’s vast wealth to the needy and poor.

  13. I doubt it Marco she has demonstrated where her priorities are and it’s not for those in need.
    Ships and rats.


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