Luxon thanks essential workers at Easter while giving them biggest after-inflation cut to their pay this century


A tale of two Tweets:



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National are giving the very minimum wage workers Luxon is thanking the biggest after-inflation cut to their pay this century.

This as the new hard right racist climate deny8ing beneficiary bashing Government send people for food packages to agencies that aren;t even funded by the Government!

Government agencies referring people in need to unfunded foodbank The Kindness Collective

A foodbank says Government agencies like police and health agencies have been asking people needing support to get it from them – despite not being funded.

The Kindness Collective spent $42,000 on groceries in just one month to support thousands of struggling Kiwis.

Last week they helped 2256 people receive essentials.

The Kindness Collective chief executive and founder Sarah Page told AM the number of those needing help changes each week, but there’s been “a really massive spike in need” in the past year.

“We’re funded by the generosity of the community,” she said, adding that individuals and businesses like The Warehouse and Tegel keep them running.

“We don’t receive a dollar of Government funding and we’re supporting multiple Government agencies every day.

“We’re receiving referrals every single day from the New Zealand Police, or Te Whatu Ora (Health New Zealand), different hospitals, health boards, Oranga Tamariki (The Ministry for Children), Corrections even, Kāinga Ora – lots of social services.”

…as this Government attacks workers rights, renter rights, Māori rights, Environmental  rights and cuts disability funding by $2300 per year, pushes 13000 kids into poverty and take food from the mouths of hungry children to fund a $2.9billion tax break for the richest landlords and an unaffordable $16billion tax cut, they make sure there are jobs for their mates…

…nothing sums things up better than Christopher Bishop getting his hatchet team cray fish to ‘celebrate’…

…Jobs and crayfish for them!

Austerity for us!

This is NuZilind now.

This is what we have become because we were angry Jacinda saved 20 000 lives.

We have all the cultural maturity of a can of day old coke.


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      • My god Grant, yes for the love of god I hope so because look at the grip of Luthers handshake. We have to hope like hell that was photoshopped or is this just Luthers idea of male dominance.

      • yep why would those nurses be thanking him for .They got 40% increases under last government and now the skin head gang leader wants it back ,so look out ladies this time next year you wont be smiling at him .

      • Grant He does what his media advisor tells him to. This is the celib culture mentality; the hand shakers look like immigrants, here hoping it’ll be better than what they left behind. Nauseating shameless bastard.

  1. For over a year, on the comments section of this site, I have been warning that this would happen. And still people like the traitor Anker, still voted for them, even though they resent every single cent paid to these workers.

    Under Labour, workers in this country got the biggest improvement to pay in the past 30 years. Year after year, they got payrises, holidays, sick leave and more protections than you could shake a stick at.

    • Hey but look on the bright side Millsy. All those old dears can “navigate their government” because they don’t have any of those Māori names. Also smoking will be less expensive so, shit everyone’s a winner.

    • Brilliant post by millsy only a complete idiot would call it nonsense…my income went up $19,000 under Labour!
      So bullshit Bob is fucking clueless…..again!

      • Good for you getting a pay rise but Labour’s run away rise in the minimum wage with no I crease in productivity is one of reasons inflation is so bad and businesses who use these workers are folding..

        • Do you mean the one’s that were constantly on the news every single day backed by Mike Hosking and Ryan Bridge during and after Covid lockdowns asking for more and more financial support from the Government,(i.e. the taxpayer), and then, whining for an early opening of the borders to allow cheap labour into the country for them to tap into, despite the inevitable rise in death rates.

          If productivity didn’t increase from those business’s after all the help they had, then either the product, or service, that they were selling wasn’t desirable enough anymore, or, the business was being poorly managed.

          Clearly there is a certain personality type out there that believes that Covid made absolutely no difference to how a country would normally have been run, and, required no ‘exceptional circumstances’ decision making to be made overnight, to avert a real major disaster…i.e. 10’s of 1000’s dead and the vast majority of businesses, and banks, going to the wall.

          They also seem to believe that Covid only happened to New Zealand, ‘Cindy’ was ‘the devil incarnate’, and that no other country have experienced these same problems or worse …much much worse.

          These people are sooooo unworldly it’s hard to put a name to them, but what they do clearly suffer from is SDAID…Severe Delusional and Ignorance Disorder !!

        • Listen to you Trevor. Supposedly people who get paid awful wages got paid more so everything has gone wrong. The people who probably spend the bulk of their pay on rent have driven up the price of everything. Utter bollocks.

        • No sympathy for those businesses Trevor, they obviously weren’t viable if they weren’t able to pay a living wage. “Runaway rise in the minimum wage”, histrionics on your behalf.

        • Gosh Bob more platitudes, thank you old boy for more of your unintelligent one liners. You are clearly Business illiterate.

          • the causes of inflation are purely ideological, wage increases are a theory with no proof…whereas price gouging is self evident

  2. Sadly many only remember mandates and the few who saw there liberty threatened. When in fact border closures and Mandates saved thousands
    As wage subsidies etc saved many businesses.
    Minimum wage increases and much more all forgotten . Now we have massive cuts that hurt the vulnerable and the heartless
    Right just marches on.

  3. Yes Millsy Labour did well in those pay rises u mention f workers. Tick. BUT they are out of govt because they refuse to listen to the electroate on a variety of policy failure’s.

    • Those policied benefited society as a whole and were good for well being, whereas all you cared about is your investment portfolio.

    • Is this lot listening to the electorate?
      Do they have any policy that isn’t just repealing what Labour did and being cruel to the poorest and most vulnerable, to save money for tax-cuts for those who don’t need handouts.
      They aren’t very aspirational. Luxon loves to hit the high spots, photo ops shaking hands, but he’s got no real policy or leadership talents. Too busy ingratiating himself and kowtowing to Seymour and Winston.

  4. Luxon and ACt’s Seymour are the Looters of NZ’s wealth and wellbeing. He’s a shallow money grubbing parasite supported by other parasites. Cry for New Zealand if you have a soul.

  5. #BHN We’d be back to surplus immediately if National wasn’t giving tax breaks to landlords
    The government is short of revenue of $2.8b a year over the next 5 years, while they are giving $2.9b in tax cuts to landlords, so we could be in surplus today, if National wasn’t giving tax cuts.

    So the landlords are supported by the publically funded accommodation supplement plus We the Public pay their interest bill on their capital gains get rich on the backs of the renter sheep project. We the public are getting done here
    big time. Public money to enrich privatised wealth.

    • Forgot to add when the house is sold no CGT levied. The banks make out with the interest they collect.

  6. I’d like to know how many retail businesses owners voted for this rancid government, why cause they have bit the hand that’s feeds them loss of business due to loss of jobs.

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