If Destiny Church truly feared child abuse, wouldn’t they be attacking Churches rather than Drag Story Time Libraries?



Destiny Church paints over Gisborne’s rainbow crossing

    • Destiny Church members painted over Gisborne’s rainbow crossing on Monday evening because a drag queen story-time event was being held on Tuesday.
    • Gisborne Mayor Rehette Stoltz condemned their action, said the rainbow crossing would be reinstated, and the event was going ahead.
    • The group’s actions have been referred to police.


If Destiny Church are concerned about the sexual molestation of children, shouldn’t they be attacking the Church rather than rainbow pedestrian crossing?

My daughter has been to Drag Story Time at her local library when she was a kid because it’s good for kids to be tolerant of others which is what Drag Story Time is all about.

That the religious local MAGA redneck fuckwit brigade would attack tolerance rather than the actual sexual molestation rife throughout organised religion would be hilarious if it weren’t so fucked up.

Look, you can certainly disagree with the  manner in which the woke Trans activist glee club have gone about alienating massive chunks of the Left vote with their corrosive identity politics bullshit, but beyond rolling your eyes at their needless militancy and woke dogma purity rings, we do want to live in a society tolerant of others and of difference.

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Drag Queens reading to your children won’t turn them gay FFS.

Statistically however, the Church will sexually molest your children and then hide it!

I may disagree with Trans tactics but I don’t wish them harm and believe they should get the same agency that we all enjoy in a Society, because that’s the promise of a liberal progressive democracy – we are all given the same agency and rights and respect for the individual.

I appreciate the entire debate has become irrevocably toxic and a lot of that has to do with the Woke Cancel Culture, but their dumb and hysterical tactics (while politically alienating) don’t eliminate the right for them to gain the same agency all citizens are promised in a Democracy.

Painting over rainbow pedestrian crossing to protest reading children stories at the local library is book burning in its fascism.

Also, is this helping?

…cause it kinda sounds like a triumphant support of Christian Fanatics doing this doesn’t it?

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    • By Maori, for Maori.
      By Christian, for Christian.
      If Brian Tamaki wants to sort out child abuse issues.
      And Christian community Gloriavale, needs child abuse issues sorted out.
      Send Brian into Gloriavale, to get that sorted.
      Walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk.
      Give a hand up, instead of just punching down.
      Live Christian values, instead of just preaching them.

  1. Come on Martyn, don’t use actual evidence to make your case. It’s very out of fashion these days. The Luxon and Willis show proves you can stand there and bleat about the books/economy and people will just take it as fact. Forget all the reduction in bond yields, the sovereign credit ratings, and same fiscal operating parameters. That’s all irrelevant. Just like that list that has the Christian leaders well ahead on the scoreboard.

  2. Why do these men, need an audience of children , when they are acting out their fetish?, should be the question

    • I suggest you find a country under sharia law.There are no Queens on display there .That would suit your vision of a good society.

      • The man who wrote the comment about destiny church firstly needs to cleans his language up ! And secondly we don’t need a rainbow crossing we just need to stop judging others for being different but they don’t need any more encouragement either . Destiny church should be able to express there views so let them be

        • Express their views in a physical way? I suggest they “man up”.

          Ala, I will even go as far to say most of destiny church male members are still on parole and need to be very careful what they say and do.

        • The large amounts of rate payer money which the Wellington City Council has spent on painting and upgrading rainbow pedestrian crossings is disgraceful. Signalling that they’re not anti LGBTQ, when there was never any question that they were, has spread to other profligate councils who need to do the job they’re elected to do and stop wasting money on their own vanities. Cops driving rainbow cars is a bit idiotic too, and the whole trajectory here, with businesses having to sign up identifying with quite a small group of people, may be an extension of the Albert Park mentality.

    • @Once were Jugoslavs – so by analogy, are you saying that men who dress up in Santa uniforms near to Christmas and have little children sitting on their knees at the shopping malls need an audience of children to act out their fetishes? If you are, maybe you should re-evaluate your own moral coding.

      • But Father Christmas is a bloke dressed as a bloke, and he does nice things, like bringing toys and treats to good children, and performing quite astonishing feats, including riding through the sky on a sleigh, and squeezing down chimneys.

        Shame to think that any Santa’s were acting out fetishes. The big department stores often employed the same grandfatherly figure year after year, without any suggestions of this sort being made.

        • @ Gentle Annie – exactly. That’s my point. It is clear that OWJ has missed the point I was trying to make. He was categorising transgenders who read books to children in an open setting where parents are likely to be close by as men acting out their fetishes, which is absolutely ridiculous. However, I totally respect his right to respond as he wishes to my comment.

        • A fat man with a beard who promises to give kids presents if they are good. Its that’s not grooming, I don’t know what is.

      • youngsuffrajet. Santa is a colonialist construct and maybe he should be cancelled. What’s more, he’s a one of the white cisgender males Marama says are responsible for all the violence everywhere, so perhaps he should be doubly cancelled.

        Trans is OK because according to Elizabeth Kerekere, gender diversity was widespread among Maori in New Zealand before colonialism came and put a stop to it. Missionaries. Hmm. Now it’s Kerekere’s kinfolk stifling activity which was a pre-colonialist norm, so I don’t know if they know what they’re doing, because I don’t.

        • Your handle is the central character of a children’s story that depicts what effectively is a prince forcing himself on a women. So I dont think you have any right to start flinging anything round.

  3. Painting pedestrian crossings is actually quite funny, and makes a point. But remember it was Hannah Tamaki, who along with Winston Peters, was the only politician with the gumption to address the insidious transgender ideology which is now part of the school curriculum.

    It has little to do with being tolerant of difference, but messes up children’s minds, and in some cases, bodies, unnecessarily prematurely sexualising them, disturbing them, and potentially criminalising parents who query non-scientific posturing being forced upon kids.

    By law, kids have to go to school, but storytelling at libraries or elsewhere is a matter of choice. A teacher telling a boy that just because he has a penis doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a boy, is mean, to say the least, and telling children that they can choose their own gender, is unrealistic crap. There’s a difference between blokes in frocks entertaining, and what the Education Department does.

  4. Thanks Martyn. That list speaks volumes.

    I have known a lot of rainbow people in my time and never have I considered them a threat to either myself or our children. Just great caring human beings living colourful lives their own way.

    • mary-a. Yes, rainbow is pretty mainstream and has long been so. It’s the transgender extremists, and extremists is the key word here, which unfortunately seems to have unfairly caused a backlash against the gay and lesbian community among certain people.

    • covid is pa. You are, of course, correct in condemning people who make death threats against others. Presumably the police are aware of this. Brian needs to read the Sermon on the Mount which teaches “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and start doing it. Brian’s brand of religion is decidedly odd, but there’s more money to be made from religion than there is as a sex worker on Karangahape Rd, or begging in cold doorways.

  5. They are showing children that people come in all shapes and sizes with different opinions and attitudes to life .A good lesson to learn if they come up against those with closed minds and attitudes.

  6. Is that not a serious abuse of council and public property, where are the hard on crime, farm fence rattlers beseeching the police minister, regarding this blatant abuse of the peoples property. Come to that what about the mass headhunters funeral the other day, where gang patches worn in public in front of a mass police presence, he!h joe 90, how many patches did you receive.

  7. given that the crossing are meaningless tokenism they are public property and the bill for reinstatement sent to tamaki personally and the appropriate action taken if it’s unpaid

    this was a POLITICAL act….why does destiny have tax exemption it’s clearly not a charity but a political organisation

  8. As a parent why would you trust men in dressing up in gowns? Priests. Drag Queens. Is there a difference? Priest’s children’s bible class. Drag Queen’s story time. Is there a difference? Recruitment schemes. If it quacks like a duck…

    • All I know is that in M*A*S*H Klinger dressed up as a women to try to convince the authorities that he was crazy.

      So what’s changed.

    • we used to get DRAGGED to the panto every year as kids and it never made me want to suck cock
      most uk comedians frock up at the drop of a hat….again no stirrings in the pants

  9. I don’t think young children need drag queens to tell them stories.

    So whose needs are being served here, and why?

    Since the shameful imposition of trans nonscience into our laws, the time for naive tolerance of rainbow agendas is at an end. Tell stories in drag to your own children, if you must, and leave the public out of it.

  10. I have no info but given it’s authoritarian structures(which encourage child abuse) how much goes on within the destiny church….I dunno just asking

  11. Some contributions on the unfolding situation:
    -Aggrieved drag queens are suing Tamaki over homophobic innuendoes
    -The Gisborne crossing vandalism was an infringement of Section 11 of the Summary Offences Act 1981, namely the one to do with vandalism
    -If Destiny Church adherents actually damage property so that it causes harm to people, then Section 269 of the Crimes Act 1961 will apply, which refers to aggravated vandalism. That carries a seven year sentence.
    -Destiny Church might be doing this as an attention grabbing stunt. At present, their website lists branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Gisborne, Christchurch, Nelson, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington, Whangarei and Whakatane. However, they’ve closed branches in Porirua, Dunedin and Whanganui. Others in Opotiki, Kaitaia, Taumaranui and Hawkes Bay have also either closed or been merged. So, is membership on a dive and is that why Emperor Brian is throwing tanties?
    -The last time the Christian Right pulled something like this was Operation Rescue, the ill-fated imported US style invasion of abortion clinics, which spluttered to a halt when the courts upheld the applicability of the Trespass Act 1981. Eventually, the NZ anti-abortionists finally realised how much damage it was doing to them and it ended ignominiously. … Those who do not learn from history are fated to repeat it…?


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