Mungo no understand – I thought Kainga Ora Tenants were responsible for every single neighbour dispute


Mungo no understand???

I was led to believe from the hate bots and NZ mainstream media that every neighbour dispute involved unruly state tenants – where are they in this story?

Neighbours’ dispute leads to shipping containers blocking sea views

    • Neighbours have placed shipping containers, car bodies and tarpaulins that block elderly couple’s view of the sea.
    • Judge found that the neighbours acted maliciously but are within their rights.
    • The longstanding hostile dispute shows no sign of easing.

National are attacking state tenants because they know their voters despise them, this isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

Unruly neighbours fighting between themselves is not unique to Social Housing, Kiwis hating their neighbours and starting a low level civil war against them is part of our DNA as a colonised culture and is a far wider issue than just with state tenants.


Is it infuriating that desperate and damaged people are ungrateful?

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Sure is!

Is it angering that anti-social behaviour and damage to state houses costs us all?


Should we capitulate to our anger and punish these people?

Of course not!

Throwing damaged people out onto the street and expecting family who are already holding on by their fingernails to be able to pick up the extra strain will only generate a tsunami of domestic violence and homelessness that will metastasise into social harm far more crippling than current neighbour disputes!

We are fucking adults here, punitive counter productive bullshit masquerading a social policy is for muppets who need the endorphin hit they receive when they think of people they hate suffering.

State Tenants needs wrap around services that are not being funded, they require extra resource and help to navigate very complex and fucked up situations!

The solution is 50 000 new state houses! Not throwing desperate and damaged people onto the street in some wanker Puritan knee jerk move against the ‘undeserving’.

Having National who are giving the richest landlords a $2.9billion tax break lecture state tenants about their obligations is nothing short of class war propaganda!

We are a better people than this! Our values have mutated in just 100 days of this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government!


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  1. When I had the misfortune to live in Whangārei for several years, I discovered it is one of the most socio economically and racially segregated towns. A 37 state house development in Maunu suburb on an old MoE site, was resisted fiercely by local middle class and lifestyle block owners. 242 submissions against, 6 for including mine. MP Cigaretti immediately sided with white property owners rather than the sizeable homelss population needing housing. Anyway an Independent Commissioner shocked them all and ruled in favour, the build is now completed and no problems from the new tenants. Most of the surrounding homes were sold by white flighters and the new owners, South Africans and slightly poorer whites love the wide street and trees.

    The point of my ramble is that this country has indeed changed to a definite “Tale of Two Cities” MAGA Groundswell and anti vaxxers vs new gens, provinces verses cities. State houses pre ’84 had no shame attached, then came mass redundancies, market rents and property as a cash cow rather than mere accomodation or a family resource. So dirty filthy state tenants are now in the out group, demonised by those boomers with multiple properties themselves.

    This is neo liberalism in action where individualism rather than collective values rule. The ruling class just love disunity among the working class. But if the current vandals are not allowed to totally wreak havoc… 2026 will be the chance for TPM, Greens and a sheepish “New Labour” to present a united Parliamentary option and make some big changes including mass public housing builds. Every selfish boomer funeral assists with this goal–though that has to be qualified as elder poverty particularly for women is a real thing now.

    • You are right. We shouldn’t accept the Clintonite, anti-worker maxim that half of the working people are a “basket of deplorables”, who are all “the enemy”. That 50% does not control any meaningful share of the economy; they are also the exploited, not the exploiters.

      The biggest problem for local organised labour is overcoming the non-stop propaganda from the monopoly press barons. When combined with censorship and the extreme “dumbing down” of reporting, the result is a pervasive inferiority complex amongst the workers. They really believe that the high levels of economic advancement and standard of living enjoyed in the 1950’s is “impossible”, and that the country in general will remain backward forever — a sentiment held by workers in the U.S. and the U.K. as recently as 2014.

  2. The Rentier Parasitical economy: Take but do not give = Profit
    Droves of working poor living in cars due to housing shortage in Northland
    Working families who can’t afford to pay rent even on two incomes are increasingly among those forced to live in tents and cars, Northland housing advocates say.

    Monika Welch, who provides food for struggling families, said it was mainly solo mums who needed help when she started her charity Finkk (‘Families in Need Kerikeri’) just over 10 years ago.

    • Well National did run on a policy of charities taking over some of the states responsibilities. Whether they want to or not appparantly. Just another way we will all be impressed by Liz’s, sorry Nicola’s, well thought out and ingenious tax cut plan about to be revealed to the amazement of us all. Bound to be a moment of underwhelming hilarity.

  3. Under this government our country is fucked and will takes years to fix as it did last time and cause too many NZers are politically thick and selfish.

    • The thick lost at the last election when Kiwis realised how incompetent the Labour Government really was.(Still is.)

      • And yet again we have the willfully stupid and bigoted tory “rump” lecturing us on competence… Thank you for reminding me, and the hordes of NZ’s “best and brightest” leaving in order to be able to have a life that reflects their abilities…
        All we have now in this junkyard of a country is the utter mediocrities that spend far too much time blowing smoke up each others arses..
        No wonder the place has disappeared from view from the rest of the world.. They are sickened by what the so called “superior class” have done to it..
        No doubt you are one of those proud to know that the rest of the world has come to the view that NZ has become a fascist country, and no longer want to live here, or visit it…
        The second I can get the money together to go back to the real world, I’m outta here, and with me will be the thousands of other kiwis with ambitions, and the talent to realise them…

      • unraveling 75 years of gangsterism will take more than the last Labour Government to unwind. Hold on to your street corner, Bob.

  4. AO/NZ overall reminds me of the novel ‘Lord of The Flies’ by William Golding but with just a few more flies.
    If we don’t act soon to wrest our country back from the hyper riche and the banks things will go from worse to horrifying.
    Mandate voting then insist upon a royal commission of inquiry to go up and into every useless, lazy kiwi-as billionaire and millionaire immediately.

    • AO/NZ overall reminds me of the novel ‘Lord of The Flies’ by William Golding but with just a few more flies.

      Bloody horses are getting it bad lately. Bloody natives too. Needs a good worming strategy.

  5. wannabe gangsters. bling and getting wasted. what a future to look forward too. someone needs to take them aside … and wrap a 7 day detox re-program around them at one of Rimmers new country clubs – lol. I just happen to be good at this and will charge the tax payer at private financing rates with a 3 year maintenance budget where I will do nothing and give it back to you worn out with bogged over repairs with plenty of angry people that can’t afford shelter or transport and will have to eek out food and feel excluded. what a cuck society we live in. bend over and take it biarrch.


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