So Government are threatening to throw hundreds (maybe thousands) of children onto the street???

It would make National look more intellectually spastic than usual if they were throwing children out onto the street supposedly to save children from being thrown out into the street.  

National Party Health Policy

After promising to bash the bejesus out of unruly state tenants, not one member of the Government were able to tell us how many kids did that mean they were going to make homeless.

They were VERY silent on that point because the whole bullshit justification for doing this is to make room for ‘deserving’ homeless with children.

It would make National look more intellectually spastic than usual if they were throwing children out onto the street supposedly to save children from being thrown out into the street.

Well the numbers are in and we are taking hundreds if not thousands of Children National will kick out onto the street in an intellectually spastic attempt to justify not throwing children out onto the street…

Revealed: How many households with children could be affected by Kāinga Ora crackdown

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How many children will be impacted?

After 6pm Newshub was sent the numbers from the Housing Minister’s office.

    • In 2023, approximately 43 percent of households with a serious concern made against them had children living in the homes
    • And of the 448 tenants who owed more than $10,000 in rent, 64 percent of them had children living in the home

…Jesus wept this is counter productive!

So almost half of those with complaints have children and over half with arrears have children!

So we will throw hundreds, if not thousands of kids onto the streets and make them homeless???

And how the fuck do you think that will play out?

You are being tricked into hating the poor and the desperate while this Government hands over $2.9billion in tax breaks for the wealthiest landlords!

Nothing sums up the smug, condescending, born to rule arrogance and sophistry of this Government quite like this…

…austerity for us.

Crayfish for them.

This is what NZ voters wanted because Jacinda had the temerity to save 20 000 lives with her Covid response.

We are a tiny small bitter people with a low horizon imagination, fixated to cow udders, rugby and undiagnosed alcoholism. A juvenile settler culture with all the maturity of a can of day old Coke Cola.

You deserve to have your fears and manufactured anger manipulated by dark money for counter productive economic settings.

Your bigotry has been exploited by corporations and vested interests that laugh as they orchestrate their gains over you.

I pity New Zealand and where its ignorance has taken it.

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  1. As someone who has suffered from unruly neighbours, and not being able to do a hell of a lot about it for various reasons including threats and an indifferent landlord, it would be really nice if you put some thought into, and had some sympathy for the other victims in these cases.

    • The Tories (and the press) are asking the wrong question, in order to mislead. Why was this problem virtually unheard of before Reaganomics came to town (and the Rust Belt and mass unemployment were deliberately introduced)?

      There used to be specialised public hospitals for addicts, and then the corporate lobbyists succeeded in getting them shuttered. There used to be large, modern, public mental asylums — and then the lobbyists threw around enough campaign contributions, so that nearly all of those were closed down as well.

      Cases of lunacy etc. have dramatically increased to crisis levels ever since — due to unknown environmental causes — and thus the number of mental beds per capita needs to be higher now than it was in the 1970’s. And as any prison governor will tell you, the drug trade really only took off in the 1980’s — so the number of rehab beds needs to be massively higher than had existed in the ’70’s.

  2. There is no other way to describe the Natzo/Act plan here than being a renewed “War on the poor”.

    Not one person should be hungry or homeless in Aotearoa NZ, but capitalism and the greedy guts middle class and bourgeois provincials hog the resources.

    So, the ruling class can expect a lot more ‘Freybergs’!

    • There’s no surprise in MB saying, ” I pity New Zealand and where its ignorance has taken it.”


      * ” From our mana whenua with their long connection to our land and sea ” ….
      we are going to irreparably scar the #F out of your whenua and wai.

      * ” Botany has its challenges. East Auckland is already bigger than Dunedin and Tauranga, yet it is chronically under-served by public services “….
      so I’ll cut those public services and your trains.

      * ” She ( mother) taught me to walk across the room, to engage with people different from me, to see both sides of an issue and, in doing so, to broaden my horizons “…….
      so I went to Te Puke and made sure that a minority of elderly had their rights upheld not to be offended or confused by road signs. I can’t say ‘ mana whenua ‘ but I can say hippopotamus.

      * ” I see Jesus showing compassion, tolerance and care for others. He doesn’t judge, discriminate or reject people. He loves unconditionally ” …..
      Except KO families and hungry kids at school. We can also rely on saving money from a group of people living 7 years less than others.

      * ” The world is a better place for Christians like William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and ” ….
      I am like them too, Willis is Mother Teresa and Judith pure as the snow will be the Attorney General to make it so.

      * ” I believe no religion should dictate to the state and no politician should use the political platform they have to force their beliefs on others”  … but Israel and Winnie can because Winnie ” saw it in Nazi Germany ” .

      * ” My first job after leaving university was at the global multi-national, Unilever – a huge company that is bigger than many countries ” …..
      but do NOT look into any ethical issues- pollution and toxins, animal testing, factory farming, animal rights, human rights, workers’ rights, irresponsible marketing, political activities, anti-social finance, and tax conduct.

      * ” Over my career I have come to believe more and more strongly that successful businesses have a critical responsibility to engage on the economic, social and environmental issues a country faces ” …..
      that’s why carbon emissions don’t need abating and foreign Corporates need to dismantle treaties and ban councils from Significant Natural Areas provisions so we can pillage our Conservation land .

      * ” We need to build a BOLD plan with real actions to harness the opportunities and to ensure that large parts of our society are not left behind”  …
      as our poor, long suffering landlords are.
      What I’m saying to you too, very clearly is … the disabled should not have autonomy on their spending and 90 day sackings are bold innovations!

      * ” Investing in world-class infrastructure that effectively connects, transports and develops information and ideas, people and products, is critical to New Zealand’s creation of wealth ” ….
      so we will dump those super ferries, let rail fail and make more potholes with super trucks congesting and buggaring roads.

      * ” Automation technologies, which span advanced robotics, machine learning and AI, will unleash unimaginable change in our society and our working lives ” …..
      but we will invest sweet FA and cut $400 million from the likes of the “Science City” project. Our future relies on investment in more police to gather gang regalia and taking information technology off kids at school.

      * ” I believe in tackling inequality and working to find that balance between encouraging and rewarding hard work and innovation, while always ensuring there is social mobility and a safety net ” …..
      I will cherry pick charities to bludge off to fulfill the State’s role to bottom feeders and breeders. I will make people socially mobile until they have nowhere to live.

      * ” The choices we all have, whether at the kitchen table or the boardroom table, are never made in isolation “….
      but I do not have a clue, nor seek consultation from sector experts because I don’t give a #  about consequences down the chain like HOMELESS kids. And I will  make deer and Thar herds of national significance and protect them instead for hunters.

      * ” We can do better, be more prosperous, and more ambitious – if we think strategically, solve problems, deliver results and get things done ” ….
      strategically by re- introducing more powerful firearms and enact a grudge on Matariki as a Public Holiday. People need to have pseudoephedrine and smoke more ciggies too for prosperity.

      What I am saying to you is obsfucation, not innovation solves crisis (crisis – Luxon’s own over- used electioneering word ) and selling one’s soul to attain personal power through a CoC is what Jesus wanted.

      Now , excuse me while I pop off to listen to my voices for the next 100 day plan.

  3. These are the sort of things that happen when leadership is bereft of Alphas, replaced with second division betas, masquerading their way through little pondsville with a jilted swagger the doner class affords them.

    To be truly worthy of the title, like lions, gorillas and even your common nz sheep are, you have to stand up for all the sisters and the babies first and foremost, and failure to do so automatically removes you from the job of alpha.

  4. The media should ask themselves how many children who are neighbors of these ferals will no longer be afraid of the trouble tenants.
    No longer afraid of party night next door, no longer afraid of verbal abuse simply for being outdoors, no longer afraid of the big men in gang patches…

    • And you thinking this government’s idea will solve your problems, @Ada, is naive to the max. Dumb and short-sighted.

      • Justine, those are not my problems, and I have no expectation that any government will solve my problems.

        Why do Progressivwes immediately make their arguments personal? And use insults?

        • You’re right @Ada: they are not your problems; they are OURS. We both live in this country and both feel engaged enough to put time and energy into reading and responding on TDB. What happens in New Zealand happens to all of us.
          Not sure what you mean by ‘progressives’ in this context and not sure you’re referring to me, whom you don’t know at all.
          And about ‘using insults’: it’s very insulting to refer to fellow New Zealanders as ‘ferals’ . That is your wording, not mine.
          Labeling the government’s plan ‘dumb and short-sighted’ (my words) is saying it nicely.

    • Why the bias and harsh treatment on KO tenants that punishes kids ?

      From a long driveway down to the property,  I have 12 boundary neighbours.

      One of them spends his nights hammering and using powertools.
      Another group booze and party all the time.
      Two psychotic dogs bark endlessly at different neighbours.
      One family continuously swap out ownership of loud cars and big motorbikes to go undetected for their ‘Tupperware’ courier business night and day. Banging car doors and loud exhaust pipes as product is loaded.
      One stoner neighbour two houses over scream and fight, slam doors most nights.

      And one really anti social pakeha bloke, in the year of a dry summer, hidden behind our treeline , took our fenceline down to make it easy to dump his rubbish on our property then took a can of petrol and set fire to it !

      NONE of the neighbours are Māori , big gang guys, or KO client houses.

    • The media are trying to ask questions Ada, however they are hitting brickwall tactics by National and stonewall abusive tactics by Winston.
      One question I’d like answered is why has this government fast tracked through urgency their projects and in many situations no select committee process?
      Without due process, we resemble Putins Russia.

  5. While in an ideal world we would think of children as sweet & innocent from my observations children tend to inherit habits from their parents so they could be part of the problem. While some media, politicians & those commenting live in a world with no shades of grey I imagine that enough difference exists between the various harmful situations to make any one-size-fits-all rule potentially worse in some cases. Our justice system relies on a ‘fair’ trial so any evictions need to allow all sides to be heard before any decisions are made.

  6. The 2.9 billion would have built 600 more houses to house the people in the motels and on the wait list .The tax landlords pay should have been diverted to a fund for building new homes just like RUC and excise tax for roads .

    • Building those houses would have to overcome the RMA-empowered NIMBYs’ objections, and those of their local councillors, unfortunately.

      Not impossible, but takes much longer and greater costs.

      • Housing people is not the government’s job It’s property developers job. If they can’t work with in the rules then they don’t deserve huge tax breaks.

        • Sam you are wrong. The government is the only body with the money to house and help this group of people who are residents of state housing . wWhile the majority are fine people who are down on their luck some need help in getting their lives back on track.
          Developer deal with normal people that run their own lives withoutgovernment help .All they need is the provision of quality health,education, and police.

          • Yeah but the government literally isn’t housing people right now. Sure I’d like a proper housing policy but we don’t have one and are unlikely to have one. Job falls to the private sector.

          • And it is proven already the disrespect this government has for its health ministry and NZ police.

  7. If these children have parents that behave so badly they get kicked out of a home then they should be taken from the parents . Failure to do this is allowing child abuse to continue through neglect.
    The children should be fostered out until the parents can prove they can do the role themselves.

  8. These are people that shouldn’t have children in their care in the first place.

    It seems we need to build orphanages and prisons en masse.

  9. Why isn’t any (WINZ paid) rent credited directly to the landlord, as it would avoid the problem of arrears in the first place? Since Ruthanomics in the 1980’s, when the Government deliberately cut benefits below the minimum level experts considered was needed to live, the poor have been punished for their poverty. It should therefore come as no surprise that the poor fall into more and more debt. National and co make it worse, each term, while Labour rarely gets benefits back to the previous level.
    To lump under-supported poor with unruly tenants is unfair, but sadly not unexpected from the Coalition of Cuts.

    • NickNZ, your comment about Ruthanomics is not said often and loud enough. Neoliberalism is responsible for all of todays social ills and the fact benefits were cut by a National government that have led to such an underclass we have today, is of no surprise. So whilst the right are happy to punish the poor for bad behavior, they neglect their own bad behavior in supporting such abusive right wing policies.

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