MEDIAWATCH: Broadcasting Minister Melissa Flee ducking media interviews


Wait – WHAT?

The Broadcasting Minister gets to decide to censor herself from media scrutiny as the media empire collapses because her interview will be ‘boring’???

Media minister Melissa Lee says interviews would have been ‘boring’

The media and communications minister is defending pulling out of pre-booked interviews about her portfolio, saying they would have been “boring” for the interviewers.

Last week, Melissa Lee cancelled interviews with NZME’s Media Insider and RNZ’s Mediawatch, despite initially agreeing to do them.

It is a tumultuous time for media, with the proposed shutting of Newshub and cancellation of news and current affairs shows at TVNZ, as well as the unclear fate of legislation to make social media giants pay for the news they use.

Lee is set to take a paper to Cabinet soon, setting out her plans for the portfolio. She has been consulting with coalition partners before she takes the paper to Cabinet committee.

On Tuesday, she said given the confidentiality of the process, there was nothing more she could say in the one-on-one interviews.

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“I have actually talked about what my plans are, but not in detail. And I think talking about the same thing over and over, just seemed, like, you know…”

Lee said she received advice from the prime minister’s office, but the decision to pull out was ultimately hers.

…oh what a load of bullshit!

The PMs Office told her to pull the plug on any media interviews because she’s a fucking hopeless Minister with no Broadcasting policy!

THAT’S why they don’t want her doing media interviews!

The Minister doesn’t get to decide her interview is boring to defend the reason she has gone into hiding!

National don’t have a Broadcasting Policy because they despise the media and fear anything not on ZB!

Democracy dies in darkness and all Melissa Flee is doing is turning out the light.

National want less scrutiny of their policy hate and cruelty, they don’t want more and are happy to see the Fourth Estate implode so they can get to stay in power unchallenged.

Every day under this Government we goose step towards casual fascism.


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  1. The most useless female MP since Pullya Benefit, Louise Upstone and Trickola Willis.

    • Interesting you say Paula Bennett. Both are happy with pulling up the ladder.
      So Melissa will presumably be happy with no more Asia Downunder type programming – unless of course it’s funded by wealthy philanthropists pushing their agenda.

  2. Remember when that nat mp said one Chinese was worth two Indians?
    With Lee as a benchmark, begs the question, how shit would they have been?

  3. “Every day under this Government we goose-step towards casual fascism”.

    We cannot say you didn’t warn us last year MB, prior to the election.

    Ah well, as Chris Bishop says, if we don’t like what they’re doing we can throw them out in three years” – yeah right, IF we’re still a true and functioning democracy and not one bought by rich, right-wing supporters and lobbyists.

  4. Is this connected with that old saying about Chinese Whispers? Don’t know where that started.

  5. Apparently, Ms Lee has problems with the concepts of transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, that’s par for the course with the current regime, however.

  6. “we goose step towards casual fascism.” I hate to say this mate, but the rest of the world is coming to the conclusion that NZ is already there. Indeed, when one looks at what the history of the national party, the first National party Prime Minister was a card carrying member of the NZ Fascist party…
    Is there anyone here, with an IQ over room temperature, and any grasp of history that doesn’t know this already? Who else but a rank fascist would stoop to arming farmhands and siccing them on unionists, to the point of murder?
    This is what we have willingly endorsed, so calling us fascists is not even an insult… It’s what we have proudly turned to as our default setting..
    I got trapped here by the lockdown, and am getting desperate to get away again, but even with my experience in the shipbuilding, heavy infrastructure/mining as a boilermaker/welder, and my having run painting crews/my own business here, am being passed over for a cheaper model… (It seems I am looked at as a potential “trouble maker” due to my extensive knowledge).. As “backward” as WA is thought of being, it is still light years ahead of NZ on nearly every single measure of what makes a decent and healthy society tick… The smell of putrification is becoming pervasive here, and it won’t be long now before we see the “middle management toady” wearing a gas mask during his public forays into “photo op land”..

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