MEDIAWATCH: The media feeding frenzy over Golriz demeans us all and is extraordinarily hypocritical


I think the media feeding frenzy over a fallen Golriz is ugly.

It demeans us all.

The cruel joy so many on the Right feel they can vomit up on her is a dark side of our psyche now.

This Government has gifted a $2.9Billion tax break to real estate pimps while taking from hungry children.

Denigrating Golriz is apparently more important.

It’s also bewilderingly hypocritical…


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…I hope the Court is merciful and Golriz can get the help she needs and that she take time to come back stronger.

Kia Kaha.

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  1. It’s ugly, but it’s also pretty unusual for well-heeled people to go out shop-lifting. The cameras surrounding the court appearance were voyeurism at its grubbiest, and unnecessary when everybody knows what she looks like.

    A Prime Minster feeding false hope to renters that their rent will come down, ranks worse. Refusing to feed children is worser. Hating on the police while mumbling ‘good faith’ cliches is downright bizarre.
    The media did look like a lynch mob here, but that’s the way that dumbos function, unfortunately.

    • “Worser”. Your english grammar is as bad as Nationals mathematics.

      National campaigned on making offshore online casino operators pay gaming duty of 12 percent on gross betting revenue.
      A Regulatory Impact Statement released by IRD predicted it would actually bring about $145m in total not $719m as predicted by National.

      • I know…I done it deliberate…poetic license…which is more than can be said for the Nat’s dodgy maths, but perhaps Sir Bill English is doing them again.

  2. Alternatively, the Luxon regime, and its regime media, is just extremely dedicated to protecting both capitalism and noncing.

  3. I’d be more concerned , the judge hasn’t recused herself from the case, since she and the defendant, know each other quite well, having worked together before. But we know how you like to get the ” facts ” out there, ay Martyn, without any bias

  4. I hope she can get the help she needs. Mental health is not selective and can lead you in strange paths. .Unless you have been there you cannot understand .I am not a Green supporter but this is personal not political.

  5. She is accused of stealing a 600+ dollar shirt. No shirt’s worth that much. Reminds me of the way the cops used to wildly exaggerate the value of drugs in someone’s possession when they caught them. Just to make it seem worse.

    • Not necessarily so. The price of one particular cardigan surprised me, but a local retailer said it was not much for cashmere; bags and decent leather handbags in particular are very pricey. Top label clothing can be astronomically priced, even if it originates from the same source as cheaper goods and is just as poorly finished off. I expect that’s why certain sorts of people like sporting brands with visible logos, just like gang insignia. Paula B once boasted to a Nat gathering about the cost of her shoes, about $700 I think.

      • Exactery.
        Maybe a bit of exaggeration there @GW, but they’re all into it.
        Sadly, the whole thing has ‘funny’ aspects to it.
        It’d not surprise me If GG was having a go at self-appointed sophustikaydid entrepreneurial, gorgeous specimens desperately trying to show the plebians the way. It must be SUCH a struggle for them.
        I’ve told all the cost accountants around me that seem to be in abundant supply lately that I don’t have the emotional capital to feel sorry for the retailers – there are better causes to attempt to rescue even if i had a mind to do so.
        That bloody handbag looks familiar too. I’ve seen a rellie who has one just like it.
        I suspect it might either go in the recycling before too long, or given to a slave

    • You still don’t understand capitalism. A product is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. If someone is prepared to pay $600, then it’s worth $600.

      Personally I buy my clothes 2nd hand from an OP Shop.

      “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap” – famous Steve Tyler (Aerosmith) quote

      • Be careful @ BG or the fashionistas will be desperately trying to find ways of bringing back ‘grunge’. The way things are going, that’ll happen anyway, and naturally. But it could be a big threat to the gorgeous people.

      • guerilla surgeon said “worth that much” not “cost that much”. People place different values of worth on a range of objects that often have no relationship to the cost of producing that object. Personally, I don’t think that a $600 shirt would make me any happier than a $100 shirt although I understand that others would feel differently. Unless the shirt is made of precious metals then the raw material for the shirt is probably not that different so you are mostly paying for the brand name & supply chain margins.

  6. She was a Member of Parliament as well as the Green’s justice spokesperson while at the same time shoplifting very expensive clothes she did not need – no shit there is interest.
    Imagine there would also be interest in Paul Goldsmith as Minister of Justice ‘taxing’ the dairy down the road of M&M’s.

  7. It’s her done in politics for stealing a few frocks, which is odd, considering the acting PM tried to steal 52k off the taxpayer

  8. Golriz may have PTSD from her early years, and had a meltdown of some kind in addition. Hopefully she will not be jailed for lifting overpriced bourgeois threads, and will get a light sentence and some suitable health care.

    The media are dancing on her situation where many others barely get noticed–such as the Natzo Barbara Kuriger animal cruelty case which involved her actively harassing officials as well.

    It matters not that Ms Ghahraman knows the Judge, go to many senior figures in NZ and who knows who is easy to discover and there are lots of cross overs in a small country. How about Shane Jones with his massive conflict of interest caught between the Mining and Fishing industries? No, this is a clear misogynist, racist, anti Green attack.

  9. What more worse shoplifting that didn’t hurt anyone physically and can be remedied through compensation or physically harming an individual thru sexual predatory behavior? She should get a discharge with conviction and repay the money owed because she isn’t a recidivist offender and these charges have been dealt with together through her guilty plea end of story.

  10. Exaggeration is what prosecution use against defendants they’ll throw 6 or 7 charges against an individual using scary language to depict the defendant in a negative light, acknowledging that a couple will stick or give the defendant an option to plea out works all the time.

  11. The unpalatable fact is that a deeply flawed system attracts equally flawed people. Politicians have different values to ordinary people. They seek attention, fame and material well being. They are fascinated by the rich and famous, and they want to be rich and famous themselves. Sometimes those aspirations take them into the realm of abnormal and anti-social behaviours. Evidently the Green Party politicians are no exception to this general rule, even if many of the party’s supporters believe that they should be and imagine that they are. Instead of ignoring or denying the obvious reality of Westminster politics Green Party voters should be asking themselves how they can become part of a more trustworthy political system.

  12. The TV media was in a bind. Either follow her as they did, and be accused, as above, of a “feeding frenzy”. Or, ignore her, and be accused of being sheltered by her left-wing buddies in TV.
    Similarly, if she’s sentenced, the courts will be accused of failing to acknowledge her PTSD. Or if she gets a sentence, the judge will be accused of being her buddy, and politicians getting preferential treatment over “ordinary” thieves.
    Solomon, where are you?

  13. Sorry but this wasn’t a one off slip something in the bag on impulse crime. Read the statement of facts. It was premeditated. She took extra padding in her bag (and an extra bag) to be discarded to make room for her stolen items. She had people with her that must have known what she was doing, sometimes multiple people. If it was any one else it would be described as a shoplifting gang. I think shes being let off quite easy really.

  14. Paul Buchanan has just posted a piece on how the justice system and media have for overtly political reasons suppressed the identity of a right-wing political figure charged much more serious criminal offending than Ms Ghahraman

    • Now now Geoff, you aren’t thinking about this like a libertarian.

      Yes, it is true that a prominent official of a certain political party did indeed get caught engaging in libertarian practices, and stands accused of abusing numerous young boys who he was in a position of responsibility for. But, in the free market for child sex that libertarians advocate for, who knows what the parents have sold the innocence of their kids for? Probably at least a little more than the value of the materials and labour (about $5) that went into the clothes that Golriz stole. But perhaps it would have been less than the retail value of the clothes- and to a libertarian, that makes it less serious.

      As someone who wouldn’t vote for that party, you might consider that a monstrous comparison. To libertarians, it’s just good free market thinking.

  15. “The cruel joy so many on the Right feel they can vomit up on her is a dark side of our psyche now.”

    Mostly bitter men who are angry that beautiful women have always rejected their advances.


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