The Political Left urgently need to hold an Opposition Summit to counter the first 100 days of this hard-right-racist-climate-denying-benneficiary-bashing Government


The need for an Opposition Summit in response to this hateful 100 day agenda is needed, it is necessary and it is now!

With Chloe elected as co leader of the Greens and with Chippy seemingly unaware as to why Labour lost, the need for an Opposition Summit as a response this woeful list of hate is needed now more than ever before.

A Labour/Green/Māori Party calling for an Opposition Summit, paid for by the Unions and with invitations to NGOs and leading Left wing thinkers to a Summit to build a unified front against the obscenity of what National/ACT and NZ First have rammed through by misusing urgency.

It’s been 100 days of social carnage!

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TDB warned you that this would be a hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government and lo and fucking behold we have some of the greatest abuses of political power seen in modern times and weird culture war revenge fantasies being rammed through by misusing Parliamentary Urgency.

It’s like Caligula became a libertarian and we’ve all been forced to attend a very selfish orgy where only Corporate Lobbyists get to orgasm.

On the good news side, the ban on phones in schools has actually been really good, so one good thing amongst 99 fucking obscenities seems like a pretty good hit rate for a Government so right wing they make Milton Friedman look like a soy boy socialist cuck.

Labour doesn’t know what the fuck it stands for, the Māori Party are too focused on virtue signalling their own seperate Government and the Greens have been busy with a co leadership vote.

We need them top sort their shirt out and actually start working together to stop this outrageously corrupt Government.


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    • Exactly @ Castro.
      Before we can resist the overtures of any enemy we must first identify the enemy. I just made that up but I think it works.
      AO/NZ’s ‘Labour’ can’t be Left. Voting isn’t mandatory and neither is work place Unionism and both of those elements are fundamental definitions of being Left. Neo-liberalism gave us ‘user pays’ which is a misnomer given the fact that the first thing the fanatical neo-liberal greed peddlers took from us was the very things we tax payers paid for. The Right simply strolled in and fucking sold our stuff and things to billionaires and millionaires. And now? We have 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with net wealth of $50 mil minimum each and four parasitic once-were Kiwi-As banks stealing our money at a net rate of $180.00 a second 24/7/365 leveraged against a bloated carcass that was once homes for people to live in. That, is not the Labour Party reflecting our best interests. That, is a National Party clone wearing a red cloak and saying all the right things while doing the very opposite of what they say, do and promise. Labour IS NOT LEFT! It is NOT for us, by us, for our comfort, security and enjoyment. Labour, is not ours, it is theirs. The terrible Blue shadow creatures who live inside our homes and hearts and exploit us and banish poor bastards who’ve nothing left to lose to live in the streets.
      THAT IS NOT LEFT. THAT IS NOT LABOUR. It’s criminals doing criminal shit while a National Party clone sits back and pays the Chipkins fuck loads of money to simply be there to further the myth that there is an opposition to National Party criminals committing crimes against us. Farmers! Help? You’re our primary industry and you’re more exploited by the logical fallacy spouting National party and its Labour clone than anyone else but at least you have power to stop this shit. Go on strike pending a royal commission of inquiry ( Quick before we’re sold to the American$.) and you’ll soon discover that the city people will be right behind you.

    • Roll out the deck chairs, chardonnay and a jumbo bag of salt and vinegars it should be a bloodbath
      Should be but wont be as being nice is simpler than being ruthless which is what is needed.

      • Oh if only you could get rid of Ruth R and her ilk producing ill thought out methods of developing and nurturing society and business. Is she a human?; no she is an economist? Am I right or am I right?

  1. Good idea Martyn. Who the hell would convene it is another matter. A class left fighting CTU could…except we do not have one apart from the Economist Rennie who has scored some good hits.

    TPM are doing pretty well really but need to keep the momentum up. Maybe you could get in touch with everyone Bomber? and the rest of us that keep informal networks going. The funny thing is such a summit would need the old dogs involved–Reid, Minto, Treen, Carolan, Kelsey, Sykes, Harawira, Smith, such is the parlous state of the left at this time.

    • The Greens should hold a summit.

      And they should noy only invite the local left big guns but also bring in some big international hitters.

      People such as Gary Stevenson, Meredith Whittaker, Yanis Varoufakis and Whitney Webb. Either via zoom or in person.

      • You won’t be seeing the Greens associating themselves with any of those nasty evil people who don’t accept CIA/Mossad narratives on everything like Whitney Webb.

    • Pretty sure those “old dogs” would be willing and able. And agreed: keep those informal networks going.
      Listening to Hipkins on RNZ this morning was a bit depressing. As is just about everything I come across from He that (thinks he) has paid His dues but has now gone down the rabbit hole.
      Look at moi, Look at moi!

  2. TDB warned you that this would be a hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government….
    By Martyn Bradbury -March 13, 2024

    Martyn, you forgot to add ‘genocide enabling’

    No more aid for UN aid agency until Peters satisfied – Luxon
    RNZ – 30 January 2024

    Is Peters satisfied yet?

  3. The Greens should hold a summit.

    And they should not only invite the local left big guns but also bring in some big international hitters.

    People such as Gary Stevenson, Meredith Whittaker, Yanis Varoufakis and Whitney Webb. Either via zoom or in person.

    • Furthermore, invites should also include SMEs, Grey Power, Iwi, health professionals and all Unions.

      With all voters welcome to come listen and ask questions. It should also be streamed live and available on demand.

  4. Now that’s a good idea. Hold a Congress (spelling out that it has no sexual connotations – which would draw attention to it from all directions) and show that you need a big number of applications accompanied by a fee, to ensure constancy, and then hire a big hall. It is important that the Left demonstrate that there are more of them in NZ/AAO than can be fitted into a stationary cupboard!

    And then have short addresses, limited written questions, breaking off into groups with the task of more relevant questions and answers on the subject, and then reconvene with limited time for each speaker. And have some categories of political thought to be referred to in large letters – say Left wing, Centrist, Right wing, Extremist Left and Right, Towards Welfare State, User Pays, or Balanced with definite initiatives to assist the young with good social assistance, loans for housing, and good employment. And a vote by the people after each speaker by hands, as to which of those categories of political approach that the question should be applied to so that the throng can see in which way their thinking is going, to reveal their direction which can be given time itself, for discussion.

    • Grey, you just went on Bowalley Road to support Israel over Gaza. Your over-detailed details often miss the woods for the trees. Palestine was conquered by Jews. Ok, it’s happened a lot , but not so much moving the original people off their land. If you’re Scots or Irish, you reject conquest out of hand. Or, humanist.

  5. The perfect time to form a genuine Workers Party and leave

    A perfect time to start a genuine Workers Party the likes that hasnt been seen for decades .

  6. Labour have no credibility. As witnessed again this morning on TV3.

    When point scoring against National re police pay, it was pointed out to Hipkins that Labour could have solved this pay issue while last in Government. Yet failed too.

    In fact, this Labour lot have shown the whole country that despite a majority and the urgent need for change, they couldn’t get what was required done. That was largely as far left as this lot was willing to go. And it was nowhere near enough.

    Moreover, as far as I’m aware, their (Labour’s) focus is still on the swing voter and not the 99%.

    Therefore, the Greens really need to start distancing themselves from Labour.

  7. No Labour are just pathetic, this idea that is propagated still that they are Left is a nonsence. The future is Te Pati Maori and the Greens

    6 Te Pati Maori
    15 The Kakariki Pati
    = 21

    And Labour have 34 – you know it is doubtful that Labour can get back in, they have nothing to offer, they are afraid of taxes and frankly Chris Hipkins is useless, Carmel should go back to being on the end of a megaphone she was good at that back in the day. They actually don’t have a lot of talent really, David Parker is the best. And of course he should be the leader and then we know we would have taxes.

    • Promising taxes would be worthwhile as a selling point, if there was also a promise to spend half of them on lower income people of working age, also those above 65% could get advantages beyond super (cancel Gold Card) if the super pensioners agreed volunteer work of 3-5 hours a week, type negotiable with government and suitability. We could get a country running and not just holding by tattered rags.

      We don’t want to get like the poor area that James McNeish wrote about in Southern Italy, think Sicily. A chap there tried to buck the inertia about doing anything for the poor who were under local ratbags’ thumbs. There was no work and no spending even on things badly needed like better roads with no stone surface, potholes etc. The unemployed men went on an anti-strike working party but the organiser was put in jail. (We can’t sit back and let NZ/AO wallow in our present mis….. add your own description.) They had a regular summer drought and winter downpours and needed a dam. But there was money to be made from selling the needy people water. Danilo Dolci took on two hunger strikes, not eating for a week and finally a dam was started, but there were so many delays that he died before completion and then it was stopped. See what I mean about the need to keep acting. (And see the claims that the scenic beauty should come first in consideration. That is a common theme in negative reactions.)
      The events surrounding the Blufi dam, near Palermo in Sicily, are a classic example of corruption.

      And more for people who want to know how difficult it is to make change. Some reading material to give tv the go-by.
      ,,,,In 1952 Dolci went to the poorest part of Sicily to begin his development work, which he saw as “grass-roots conscientizing,” or fostering groups in which everyone “becomes a midwife to everyone else working in the group.”
      Partinico, Sicily, was a place of despair and banditry, controlled by the Mafia, when he settled there. Dolci set about prompting people’s imaginations to distinguish what they wanted to develop in reality and what to reject. Change seemed impossible. He began, not by preaching, but by asking people what their basic problems were.
      In no part of the world, says Dolci, do people understand their problems deeply. He gradually asked his Sicilian neighbors if there might be some kind of leverage by which to change reality.
      People were unemployed for much of the year. The rain ran off the steep hillsides and was wasted. Could they stop that water in the winter so that in summer they could have it for irrigation? This was a profound educational experience for the people; they could change the face of the earth.,,,


    • Yes totally agree. David Parker was well and truly shafted. But he doesn’t have a lot of political personality. Willy Jackson dies

    • They(labour) have plenty of talented people they just need an opportunity and some decent policies. We have a government with very weak Ministers and a very weak leader in our luxon.

  8. Te Pati Maori is like the SNP – cannot readily partner with other parties.

    Labour is wretched trash – but National manages to be worse.

    The Greens are no longer plausibly ecological, though they may regain that ground under Chloe.

    None of them are getting my vote till they stop trying to bully me into their fauxgressive trash, and start addressing real problems like immigration, cost of living, and housing.

  9. Yes totally agree. David Parker was well and truly shafted. But he doesn’t have a lot of political personality. Willy Jackson does.

  10. That would necessarily not involve Labour. Just a tiresome load for the Left. ‘Motioning’, never doing.

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