Right Wing voter hate and donor greed is directing this Government’s agenda – what political harvest will spite and malice generate?


Gun fetishists, Tobacco lobbyists and Wealth interests dominating policy.

What political harvest will spite and malice generate?

More meth precursor drug access.

More sub machine guns.

8000 tobacco deaths for tax cuts.

13000 more children in poverty for tax cuts.

Disability benefit cut by $2300 per year for tax cuts.

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Getting us involved in a new American war.

Ramming through laws misusing urgency.

Attacking worker right, renter rights and environmental rights.

Taking free lunches away from poor children.

This is what we have become in just 4 months – if you voted for this you must own this malice and spite.

Aotearoa New Zealand is better than this Government is making us.


As much as we are collectively shocked and horrified at the brutal right wing draconian madness that is being rammed through Parliament with bugger all over sight, can I assure you all, it’s about to get waaaaaaaaay worse once the lobbyists have fleshed their election talking points into actual policy.

I do not think we are ready for this jelly.

The need to find a billion each year for wealthy landlord tax cuts will require enormous austerity.

My guess is the austerity will be too great for Winston to stomach.

There are already rumours that NZ First will be ready to go to the electorate shortly after Winston steps down as Deputy.

Watch for Winston’s response to Seymour cutting school lunches.

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  1. They already cut public transport. Of course Labour did nothing so it still hadn’t recovered from the last time.

    We need to ditch both neoliberal tag team parties.

    • Stuart, would love to Seymour and Simeon Brown go toe to toe in fight for life. They’d fall under the “lite weight” category..

      • I reckon Simeon would fight like a feral cat, complete with scratching, biting, and hissing, if ya poked him with a stick enough times.

  2. The difference between Seymour and Luxon…
    Seymour is a very strange deluded ignorant egomaniac and Luxon is a very naive strange deluded ignorant egomanic!

    Why Winston Peters got into bed with these two destructive monkies will go down as one of life’s great mysteries.

    Peters showed some promise a number of years ago around doing the right things..
    However, it’s not what you were, but where you end up that counts, and at the moment, he is on the wrong side of any form of credibility whilst aligning himself with these two hopeless clueless numpties..

    It will be interesting to see where he ends up and what his legacy ends up being.

  3. Good work @ Martyn Bradbury. Firstly, can I just write; you’re a bit of an awesome bastard.
    I was enjoying my usual morning of browsing highly profitable gunfire and deaths and the dead or the soon to be dead and starving children and chaos and mayhem when I came across this.
    ‘France 24’
    Vietnam property tycoon on trial in $12.5 billion fraud case
    Ho Chi Minh City (AFP) – A top Vietnamese property tycoon went on trial Tuesday along with dozens of others, accused of embezzling $12.5 billion in the country’s biggest ever fraud case.
    That’s what we need. We need inquiry after inquiry. We need the Crown to dig deep. I wonder? What might they find…?
    P.S. Anything winston peters says will be a lie. He’s the smoking string puppet to seymour’s neo-liberal aspirations as he, in turn, follows in Big Daddy douglas’s flat footsteps.
    14 multi-billionaires and 3118 multi-millionaires couldn’t have collected that kind of money together by diligently saving and scrimping. A lot of people have lost so’s 3132 crooks could gloat over their Central Otago Rieslings down at the yacht club or the Pelican Club.
    Perhaps the saddest thing is that they’ve managed to convince us that they are necessary to the functionality of us and our economy.

    • Now now sir, investigations of actual large-scale fraud and theft like that can only happen in nasty authoritarian communist countries. In civilized free countries, veteran fraudsters like Paula Bennett focus all resources on going after beneficiaries who got paid $10 too much.

  4. I haven’t seen Winnie da Pooh response but that would be interesting to have a general election next year and I believe the NATS are in trouble and can’t see them being re-elected IMHO

    • Bollocks….the rabble moan and groan, the fringe activists are meaningless.
      National will be in Govt for at least another term, probably two.

      The voting public like what this govt is doing and saying Stephen…not the fringe lefties and certainly not the maori activists, if anything the activists are moving votes right with their crying and throwing toys out their cot.

      • Seems tightie rightie is part of the rabble constantly on here wanking lyrical like an anti Labour activist. Well in less than three years your misery will be complete and if anything, those fringe right activists that don’t like what this govt is doing and saying will head left with their crying and throwing of toys out their cot.
        Now slither back to Whale oil you go tighty rightie, like the slimy snake you are.

        • National are Squeaky Clean. He may be right though. The madness of the Greens, with the sheer awfulness of Davidson’s streams of racist and sexist bilge, their gender bending, Chloe’s hysterical rants, Labour’s secret scriptings like te Puapua, Ardern’s opposition to free speech going right to the UNO, our capitulation of sovereignty to the powerful unelected WHO, hospital waiting lists, the degradation of the education system and its infiltration by extremist ideology, all in the wake of the covid clobbering, helped to suggest that any alternative would be better. Not so.They’re all as bad as each other.

          Reducing homelessness by whittling down the waiting lists through excluding “unsuitable” candidates is the same dodgy vicious tactic used to deny hospital health services to people in pain; kids excluding themselves from schooling is a byproduct of of a crumbling social order, and dumping the blame on parents achieves bugger all apart from enabling powerful rich people to avoid taking responsibility for their own dirty machinations.

          The dearth of responsible leadership in the traditional mainstream parties has to be a temporary phenomenon or the future is terribly bleak. Our children deserve better and need better, right now.

            • Annie. Anything on how corrupt the government is and the complete arrogance of all of their ministers, Nationals secret scriptings like repealing the smoke free legislation and tax increases on road users and petrol after promising at the election not too?

              As for your ramblings on the WHO, well to be fair you sound exactly like Marama Davidson.

      • There is definitely a move in New Zealand towards fairness and common sense which is labelled right wing.There is movement away from the stupidity which is left wing.

  5. Currently, my greatest concern with this government is not, surprisingly, specifically on your list.

    It is the government’s obvious determination to roll back any progress or means of reduction in fossil fuel consumption and to kneecap renewable energy investment.

    Their agenda is this area is utterly contemptable.

    • So this government’s efforts to fast-track RMA consents for renewable energy projects and transmission lines is actually kneecapping those projects?

      • What renewable projects? List them.

        True to previous form they’ve discouraged wind, distributed generation and consumer solar systems and promoted road construction (= congestion) and trucking over public transport and rail. They seem to loath EVs.
        Any transmission lines investment is simply catch-up on the deferred upkeep for the existing big generator corporations in order to retain their vice like grip over consumers and maintain business as usual.
        They’ve (and Key, before this lot, for satan knows what reason, pulled tax R&D incentives.

    • The coalition is doing a great job….of destroying the very fabric of our society.

      • Get used to it squeaky, another 6-9yrs of turning NZ into a place we can all be proud of, the fringe activists will be ignored….Labour took more notice of them than they should have and it cost them big time.

        • Right Wing voter hate, what you really meant is 6-9 months of turning NZ into a cesspit you can be proud of, the fringe supporters will be ignored….Labour took more notice of ALL society, National just the Right Wing voter hate and donor greed.
          Tighty rightie keep the jokes rolling in.

        • jack off, your right wing voter hate and Government burned down the fabric and the whole house in the first 100 days, with the corruptness of Putin and Kim Jong Un.
          Your fabric is stained with your continual verbal excrement.

    • Heehee, stop praying to your fairy god in the sky and just accept another 1-2 terms of National at the helm….praying for anything else is just foolish.
      Hell Labour still have the same leader they had when they had the biggest election defeat in their history….51% to 27%

      • No need to pray idiot rightie , that’s your leader job, pray he doesn’t get caught out, AGAIN. Te Puke or was that Hawaii. $52,000 for a place he owns. Fuck me he couldn’t be more corrupt! Lucky to last 1 term.
        You wank lyrical over Labours demise, yet it’s taken just 100 days to see the destruction of National occur, oh, and they did it all with typical right wing arrogance( “don’t you know who I am”) What did National manage 36%?
        Have another drag on your cancer stick and bring out the AK 47s…yea ha!

    • These NAct people are not motivated by any wish to improve targeted intervention, they want to be able to later claim:

      “See, look at all we did for “them”, this just proves “they”‘re inherently bad/useless/lazy/criminal – and we should therefore withdraw all assistance, they don’t deserve help, it’s all their fault.”

  6. The head of a publicly funded anti-extremism centre says the Government might be a “death cult” that “hates children”, leading to calls from the Act Party for her resignation.”

    It’s only “free speech” when David Seymour says it is!

    We should all be calling for HIS resignation!

      • Who determines what is extremist speech, you, the government?
        Or simply put, was her speech just the truth.

      • And to add, I bet you had no problem with Poser Parker or did you determine hers was not extremist?

  7. Dream on. They are doing exactly what they promised to do . Wierd isn’t it?
    As a result their popularity has increased

    • I wouldn’t consider anything under 40 percent to be “popular.” Generious maybe. Would have preferred Luxons popularity as prime minister to increase at this time instead. I mean you’re supposed to do all the dumb shit first and pray everyone forgets 3 years later. Trust me we ain’t forgetting. National will reach 40 over our dead bodies.

    • Yes Mathew they have, yet they are also doing things they promised not to do and more. Weird isn’t it. Give it a month or two and their popularity will decrease and then you will be wet dreaming.

      • And if the governments popularity doesn’t decrease, if it maintains a healthy lead over useless Labour, or indeed increases over next few months, then what?….what will you do Squeaky, change your name on here again and come back ‘new’ with no failure baggage, I will say one thing, you are used to doing that so how about a name of ‘Bob the first stalker’ or ‘Bob the first beat me’

        • Oh so triggered little wank fest Whale Oil lover tighty righty. I bet you moan louder than your boyfriend.
          I will say one thing, you are used to doing that so how about a name of ‘Weird I’m righty Squeaky stalker’ or ‘Squeaky beat me’

          Funny, one day you may try and rebuke the contents of my post but I guess one needs intellect for that my no 1 stalker.

          • There is no intellect required to know you are a seriously challenged person NSC,your comments reveal your stupidity.

  8. Where liberal capitalism leads to is social unrest and war. That is the only thing the hard of hearing in parlament will hear.

  9. So we agree that Labour were in the pockets of big Pharma then?

    Please explain the Therapeutic Products Bill that tried to ban natural health supplements? No no… You need a *insert Pfizer pill here* for that ailment.

    • Prove to me ” natural health supplements” aren’t harmful and actually work? No no..you need to insert alternative medicine here* for that ailment.
      Meanwhile back on Earth, BG promotes Green policy.

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