30 000 Palestinian Dead, IDF open fire on people waiting for food and NZ makes Hamas a Terrorist Organization???


On the same day that the mountain of Palestinian Dead obscenely rose to 30 000.

On the same day the IDF massacred 104 Palestinians waiting for food.

NZ makes a political decision to denounce Hamas and designate their political wing a terrorist organisation.

This is a decision most of the world has not made and is aimed at placating America than any genuine need to make this designation.

It’s saying to the Palestinians that NZ has turned its back on them and it says we have given up an independent foreign policy.

The intellectual vacuum this Government generates is shocking.

We are watching a real time ethnic cleansing war crime and this Government wants to blame the Palestinians for Israel’s grotesquely disproportionate response.

Ever since this hard right racist  climate denying beneficiary bashing Government came to power, we have been taking giant leaps away from our mana and our values.

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Condemning Hamas as the IDF commit disproportionate atrocity after disproportionate atrocity in the wake of the UN ruling against Israel is a shameful day for National, ACT, NZ First and the entire country.

We are siding with America and their uncontrollable 51st State.

The sound you hear is Lange sobbing from the grave.



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  1. Biden isn’t going to get re-elected. About 20% democrates are not voting most I would guess are Arabs. Even if democrats are able to heavily rig it by 20% they still lose. The chances of re-electing Trump is 100%.

    • There’s nothing Christian about worshiping people who say that the Prophet Jesus is boiling in s*men. Luxon is like the other fake christians- either he’s paid off, like Jerry Falwell was by the zionists who gave him suitcases of money and a Learjet, blackmailed with videos of him raping kids, their other favorite, or he’s just plain evil.

      • Uncharacteristically modest of you to be masking words and becoming an exponent for those who worship the Son of God Mohammed. There’s nothing Christian about making false accusations either. I’m surprised the Christians on this site (there are one or two I believe) haven’t pointed out the cognitive dissonance in your post.

    • Zionists holding Jerusalem is a requirement of the rapture, or something – backing Israel no matter what IS Christian principles.

      • That is based on a Jesuit version of prophecy introduced after the reformation that silly Protestant teachers adopted as they stopped believing the real truth. It has made a real mess though as it seems to be easier for people to ignore the instructions to love each other so they can judge and condemn others instead.

  2. In the current context the decision to designate the Hamas political wing as a terrorist organization is the Realm of New Zealand’s way of tacitly indicating that it does not stand for a political solution to the conflict in Palestine, that it opposes the formation of a Palestinian state, and endorses the Gaza genocide. It knows that the United States of America and the State of Israel will hear that message loud and clear, while hoping that the people of Aotearoa will not.
    New Zealand’s political and military upport for the Gaza genocide is a natural consequence of having successfully maintained a colonialist regime from the time when a New Zealand Premier, Sir Julius Vogel, openly contemplated his own war of extermination against Maori. Genocide is in the very bones of the regime. Atrocity lies at its evil heart. The regime itself must be exterminated.

      • The Usa/western backed Israel army could only carry out it’s war crimes with the supply of USA/western bombs and weapons ,,,, and western support (trade and money ),,, , cover (laundering/repeating Israel propaganda through Usa & western media),,,, and protection( by ignoring and misrepresenting international law and the ICJ deliberations) …..

        Luxon and Seymor have certainly been misleading and belligerent on behalf of Israels actions/war-crimes ,,,, and Luxon wanted to jump on board the starvation phase of Israels ethnic cleansing/collective punishment war crimes,, on the basis of a dodgy Israeli dossier with unproven allegations.

        Whereas War crime acts are being committed in a undeniable and indisputable manner by Israel ,,,
        Israel Kills 104 Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid as U.N. Expert Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza https://youtu.be/cooML3CDH_A

        Given we are signatory’s/members of the UN and have agreed to abide by International Law and rulings/decisions by the International Court of Justice,,,, then Luxon and some ministers ,,, along with equivalent counterparts in our 5eyes white english speaking countries club ,,,, could and should be in the dock alongside Israel,,,,,,,. as co-offenders.


        ” The Legal Case Against Joe Biden for Enabling Israel’s Genocide Against Gaza

        as well as a lawsuit CCR has filed against President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for the support and failure to prevent genocide in Gaza. Arguments will begin next week in federal court in California. ” https://ccrjustice.org/stop-the-genocide

        “Since October 7, Israeli forces have been blocking the entry of essential medical supplies and medicines to the Strip, bombing hospitals and other medical facilities, killing and kidnapping healthcare staff, and targeting ambulances. Even Gaza’s sole paediatric cancer ward has been attacked and destroyed by the Israeli military.”

        “Destruction of a healthcare system is indeed an act of genocide – especially in a besieged territory where over two million displaced, desperate, starving people are facing relentless, indiscriminate bombardment and sniper fire. Once the health system is destroyed, injuries cannot be treated, primary care cannot be delivered, and famine cannot be managed –”


        The designation of Hamas as terrorists is a Dirty Politics smearing diversion ,,, a distraction from what Israel is committing ,,,, at least 340 healthcare workers have been killed by Israel, and more than 160 others have been detained, according to the Ministry of Health. https://www.map.org.uk/news/archive/post/1566-map-calls-for-the-immediate-protection-of-healthcare-workers-facing-detention

        And I presume the incorrect blanket ‘collective terrorists’ label also provides cover for Israel when it either murders ‘Hamas health workers’ ,,, or imprisons and tortures them…..

        Because Hamas health workers are now terrorists right? ,,,

        Hamas health ministry figures/statistics are now terrorist propaganda and repeating them could be seen as supporting the terrorists? …..

        And the default position is you don’t negotiate with terrorists ,,,, so no ceasefire …. just ongoing ethnic cleansing …..

        Some-one should crowd fund to file court action against Luxon, Seymor and Collins ,,,,

        Co-offenders in war crimes and genocide are not fit to designate non-violent people (like health workers) as terrorists ,,,,

        Its a Dirty Politics Fraud.

      • I would put money on that massacre being an Israelinazi set-up. Those bastards use every dirty trick in the book plus some.

    • It’s not even close.
      You display your ignorance of about the Nazi concentration camps and how deliberately they were run to starve people to death – if they survived selection.

      • An intriguing comment. Children in Auschwitz were allegedly fed no less than 900 calories a day. That’s certainly not a healthy diet.

        Meanwhile, despite the fact that every human nation on earth is trying to get food aid to the people of the Gaza concentration camp, children in North Gaza are currently being subjected to a 0 calorie diet.

        If the Nazis were so bad for underfeeding people, what are the zionists who are trying to starve them to death for fun?

      • Well I am not clear why we even need comparisons. There is certainly no excuse for what Netanyahu and the IDF have been doing. Self defence? No. Proportionate response? Not even close. Lastly, how many Palestinians were running those camps in WWII? There seems to be some bullshit attempt to use Nazi treatment of the Jews as some justification for the Israeli administration’s despicable treatment of innocent people.

        • Food was provided at Auschwitz, rather than completely blocked as the zionists are doing to their child victims in Gaza.

  3. You can not justifiably label Hamas as being a terrorist group without also labelling the Israel government as one.

  4. Luxon claims $52k accommodation payment to live in own apartment


    The Prime Minister will receive a $52,000 top-up to his $471,000 salary to cover his accommodation expenses since he is not living in Premier House.

    A spokesperson for Christopher Luxon confirmed he will claim the optional accommodation payment, despite living in an apartment in Wellington that he owns mortgage-free.

    Venality is what motivates Luxon! Gaza? couldn’t even find it on a map mate!

    O yeah sanctions we’ll chuck you out on the street by cutting off your measly unemployment pittance.

  5. Ah… ( cough-cough…)
    Christopher Luxon claims $52k accommodation payment to live in own apartment
    ” On Tuesday, the Australian Associated Press reported Christopher Luxon had told visiting Australian cricketers that he was not living in Premier House because of its condition. Photo: RNZ/Angus Dreaver
    The prime minister will receive a $52,000 top-up to his $471,000 salary to cover his accommodation expenses since he is not living in Premier House.
    A spokesperson for Christopher Luxon confirmed he will claim the optional accommodation payment, despite living in an apartment in Wellington that he owns mortgage-free.”
    I was in Wellington recently and I spent a lot of time walking around what must arguably be regarded as awesome little city. I really liked the place. The second hand shops and fantastic cafes! OMG!
    Until I saw two older homeless Maori guys getting harassed by two fat little pink cops not far from Parliament Buildings.
    Christopher Luxon? If you’re reading this? Fuck you. For all you snivelling little rich people who voted for National , ACT and NZ First?because you don’t yet have enough of far more than you need. Fuck you too. For you 600,000 people waiting on food grants with your 200,000 kids and all living in poverty… Did you vote? Did. You. Vote?

  6. I notice Mr Melbourne Mark Regev has gone all quiet recently. Leaving the BS to Daniel Hagari, Jonathan Convricus, Richard Hecht and that Peter B muppet whose surname eludes me. Gaby – can you help maybe as one of the chosen ones?

  7. There is something to be said in favour of Hamas. Unlike the New Zealand government, it has the fortitude to take a stand against an occupying power. It has the courage to face overwhelming odds, to fight and die for its own people. It has also served them well in the administration of civil society. The contrast with our own colonialist rulers could not be more stark. They cower before the military and economic power of the United States of America. They bully smaller nations on the orders of their imperial masters. They have set up a corrupt narco-state ruled by tobacco and liquor companies. They have traded their peoples birthright for a mess of pottage. They are now committing genocide against the people of Palestine whose only defender is Hamas. Who are the terrorists here, and who are the corrupt of the earth?

  8. I’m at a loss. How is it that such utter horror has generated such an insipid and spineless response from the politicians of AoNZ? I have no words…


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