$2.9billion for rich megalandlord donors, no money for Police? The Capacity of State and what a fully funded Police force would look like


Police officers resoundingly reject ‘kick in the guts’ government pay offer

The New Zealand Police Association has issued a warning to the Government, saying it will be “embarrassing” if police protest over their new pay agreement.

Members of the association have unequivocally rejected the Government’s latest pay offer, eight months after their collective agreement expired.

Officers aren’t mincing their words in describing their latest pay offer according to association president Chris Cahill, with some calling it “insulting”, “demoralising”, “farcical” and an “absolute joke”.

We have for $2.9billion for a tax break to the richest landlords, but not enough to pay our cops properly?

Cahill goes onto discuss examples of police who are having to go to food banks!

When you consider the 501s target police for corruption, the pittance e we are paying our cops opens us to a corrupt police force!

I’m no fan of the cops, I am a constant critic of them, but you need a require a well resourced, well funded, well looked after Police force!

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Last year we apparently had the most Police ever…

NZ police force the ‘largest it has ever been’ – minister

With 1800 constables joining the front lines, New Zealand’s police workforce is now the largest it has ever been.

As police wing 366 of the Royal New Zealand Police College graduates today, the Labour-led Government celebrated reaching a police recruitment target the 2017 Government hoped to reach in 2020, but fell short on.

Police Minister Ginny Andersen said the Government’s 1800-officer policy follows “a decade of National Party cuts that left Police underfunded and under-resourced”.

“What we’ve achieved today is the biggest ever Government commitment to an increase in Police numbers in history, and we’re proud to stand alongside them to celebrate this historic achievement,” she said.

“Delivering on our promise means every Policing district in New Zealand is better resourced than they were five and half years ago – and there’s more we want to do yet.”

Andersen said the workforce growth to now 10,700 officers – 21% up on 2017’s total – was part of a long-term approach to address “early intervention, crime prevention, and partnering with the community”.

“With the addition of 1800 extra Police, funding announced in Budget 2023 will ensure there is one officer for every 480 New Zealanders, compared with one for every 544 New Zealanders in 2017.

…So that’s 208 Police officers per 100 000.

Compare that with 227 in England, 264 in Australia, 318 in Scotland, 349 in Germany, 422 in France, hell even Fiji at 227 has more Police per 100 000 than we do!

No one points out how many fewer Police we actually have compared to other countries!

We don’t have the capacity to create a functioning State that lives up to our expectations in a liberal progressive democracy because we won’t tax the rich to fund that infrastructure!

We need more Police Officers, we need far higher wages, we need them to have full free counselling services, longer holidays and free accomodation for new cops and rural cops.

Every Police patrol should have 2 officers.

The obligation of the Government is to regulate Capitalism so that we the people benefit from the competitive dynamics of competition!

The disgusting right myth is that NZ is an over taxed, over regulated economy when that is total bullshit!

Max Rashbrooke highlighted the horror of NZs under regulated market

The bad news is that, to investigate 200,000-300,000 terrible rentals, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has employed a frontline inspectorate numbering … 37. Each inspector will have to check somewhere between 5000 and 8000 rentals.

…there is only 37 inspectors of rental properties for 300 000 terrible rentals?

Similar poorly funded regulation is apparent in the 82 labour inspectorates who are supposed to police hundreds of thousands of migrant worker exploitations!

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals with over $50million each, why not start start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry to pay their fair share before making workers pay more tax!

Tax. The. Rich.

We have for $2.9billion for a tax break to the richest landlords, but not enough to pay our cops properly? Our Drs, Teachers, Nurses etc etc etc

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      • Sam. They had to reveal one or two potential tactics, they’re dealing with simpleton politicians. Anybody who thinks that landlords will reduce their rents because Luxon has reduced their taxes, has to be simple.

        Better that police dumb down to Luxon level than just decamp offshore. What’s more, not everybody is disposed towards uprooting their families, or becoming mercenaries in eg Iraq.

      • If the police are forced to take this issue to arbitration, then it’s probably quite important that they’re shown to have laid all their cards on the table.

  1. So no motivation for cops to hold the line come nasty demo day. Thanks for that.
    These bottom line first small business owner types are Thatchering their own demise.

    • Please explain why you say this .He is doing his job as the voice of the police rank and file members .
      I hope Mitchell can come up with a better offer as we will need the police more and more as thinks get worse for some and they strike out

      • Trevor:…’we will need the police more and more as thinks get worse for some and they strike out’

        This comment is sick @Trevor.
        You have understanding nor empathy nor compassion for all those people in our beautiful NZ for whom life is getting harder and harder.
        Your suggestion: more police to strike those people down even more.
        I can think of many reasons why we need a healthy police force and yours is not one of them.
        Do you have a heart?

        • Justine Trevor is one of the handful of persons here who has worked as a volunteer at grass roots level in the community. His wanting Mitchell to come up with a better offer is hardly sick.

          What is a bit sickening is one millionaire saying to another, that his erstwhile colleagues, struggling to maintain law and order, and live reasonable sorts of lives themselves, should be happy with crumbs.I sometimes wonder if he hates those he left behind. He won’t be the first Nat to do that.

    • Gerald Mann. On the contrary, Cahill appears to be more in touch with the realities of life than Luxon and that mumbling Police Minister from a time when the police may have been inclined to be less edifying than they seem to be now, and the living was easier.

  2. ‘Evil will prevail when good people fail to act.’ So, good people, you’re up. What are you going to do about it?
    If you have no ideas or answers then we’re all in deeper shit than we think we are. And we must remember; the natzo’s, ACT and nz fuck-yous first have been planning this since the dawn of neo-liberalism so to say they’re already one step ahead means we’ve lost count of just how many steps that is.
    There’s only one solution as far as I can see. Farmers and their down stream service industry must strike to starve the parasite natzo’s and their hangers on off our backs before we’re sold to the U$A if that’s not been done already.

  3. WE are losing skilled people to Australia as we don’t pay enough and when we pay enough- we tax too much. Second, what tax revenue is collected- we waste too much!. We need to think smarter- and that concept is totally missing in the public sector! India can build 20km of road per day, and we built 1 km at a stretch per year- and we pay through the nose for it. Japen can fill a giant sink hole in a day, NZ take a guess? We refuse to learn from the east, and spend billions trying to so same things again and again- hoping for different results.

  4. I have absolute proof the police are working with drug dealers setting up fake charges and perverting the course of justice. Waipori Falls is a massive drug operation with a corrupt body corporate used to smash people out of here with made up events, dirty cops, and the useless/corruptible justice system. Set ups on innocent people have been happening for years and years here, keeping the big dirty secret that DOC land is being farmed. The body corporate structure is used to rip your house off you cheap, and be used by the ‘business’ as drug labs in the bush. Even worse these people are in charge of our water. Check out the residents spewing up blood in the latest ODT article. We only had 7 hours of water a day in the summer, I wonder where the rest goes?? Dunedin police are working with a drug cartel, European.

  5. One more little thing. Nothing really.
    The Banks. Specifically the now four foreign owned banks. Every single element of the nano-particles of our economy that’s gone into dysfunction is either directly or indirectly as a result of banker-lobbying of our politicians who then in turn politically manipulate the terminally greedy. And the not so greedy actually. Some people are just plain, good old fashioned fucking dumb. For example, taking out massive death pledges ( AKA Mortgages.) against very average houses, where there isn’t any shortage of, I mean look around. ( AO/NZ = 29 K sq km LARGER than the UK but with only 5.2 million idiots when the UK has about 67 million. )
    I read somewhere that the four main banks earn ( Read swindle, con, bully, threaten, entice, lie and/or rort.) more from we Kiwis than from anywhere else in the world! I know! How crazy is that?
    The Press. NZ banks ‘some of the most profitable in the world.
    Ban lobbying. Mandate voting. I’m dumb as fuck and I live in the middle of nowhere and yet I’ve just out swanked the banks AND the natzo, ACTzo NZ Lastzo coagulation of sweaty little criminals in one gorgeous, dynamically handsome and huge, swinging apendedged sweep of my mighty forearms.
    The Banks are ground zero for the terrible dysfunctions that we must either directly suffer from or must bear witness too in the streets where people, thanks to the banks must live.

    • Keep up the great work Countryboy, love it when Bob the retard can’t see the intellect behind your posts.

  6. What pay do they actually get, and allowances, anmd how does it change with years served?
    Also I am concerned that firefighters are getting good pay and conditions.

    The parsimonious attitude to real servants of the people should be compared to those who serve the law, and the good rake-off they have to be paid to encourage them away from their other retirement interests, for commissions etc.


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