Latest Roy Morgan Poll highlights why Labour needs an Opposition Summit


Roy Morgan’s New Zealand Poll for February 2024 shows the new National-led Government (National, ACT & NZ First) with a majority of 55% (up 3.5% points from January) with a large lead over the Labour-Greens-Maori Party Parliamentary Opposition on 41% (down 1% point).

Support for National was down 2.5% to 35.5%, but support for ACT increased 4.5% points to 12% and support for NZ First was up 1.5% to 7.5%.

Support for Labour was down 0.5% to 21.5% while support for the Greens was unchanged at 15.5% – the equal highest level of support for the Greens for over a year since October 2022 and support for the Maori Party was down 0.5% points to 4%.

A further 4% (down 2.5% points) of electors supported a minor party outside Parliament, unchanged from January. This includes 2.5% (down 2% points) who support The Opportunities Party and a further 1.5% (down 0.5%) who support other minor parties including the New Conservatives, Democracy NZ, New Zealand Loyal, NewZeal and the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.

Labour continue to languish because they stand for nothing.

The need for an Opposition Summit in response to this hateful 100 day agenda is needed, it is necessary and it is now!

With Chloe elected as co leader of the Greens and with Chippy seemingly unaware as to why Labour lost, the need for an Opposition Summit as a response this woeful list of hate is needed now more than ever before.

A Labour/Green/Māori Party calling for an Opposition Summit, paid for by the Unions and with invitations to NGOs and leading Left wing thinkers to a Summit to build a unified front against the obscenity of what National/ACT and NZ First have rammed through by misusing urgency.

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It’s been 100 days of social carnage!

TDB warned you that this would be a hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government and lo and fucking behold we have some of the greatest abuses of political power seen in modern times and weird culture war revenge fantasies being rammed through by misusing Parliamentary Urgency.

It’s like Caligula became a libertarian and we’ve all been forced to attend a very selfish orgy where only Corporate Lobbyists get to orgasm.

On the good news side, the ban on phones in schools has actually been really good, so one good thing amongst 99 fucking obscenities seems like a pretty good hit rate for a Government so right wing they make Milton Friedman look like a soy boy socialist cuck.

Labour doesn’t know what the fuck it stands for, the Māori Party are too focused on virtue signalling their own seperate Government and the Greens have been busy with a co leadership vote.

We need them top sort their shit out and actually start working together to stop this outrageously corrupt Government.

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  1. Martyn – Serious question…who is the Leader of the Opposition? Chris Hipkins is not liked by many on the left…both the Greens and Te Pati Maori simply do not speak for most NZers

    • Im hoping Chippy remains the leader of Labour given he’s so useless.Neither the Greens or TPM want to be associated with such a person.

  2. In October 23, a Curia poll confirmed that:
    “>3:1 voters support the Treaty Principles Bill (4:1 National, 6:1 Labour)”

    That’s why there’s no Opposition.

  3. Support for National was down 2.5% to 35.5%, but support for ACT increased 4.5% points to 12% and support for NZ First was up 1.5% to 7.5%.

    WTF – I am sure this is all made up shit – but by the time we all find out it will be well too late – effen scum – bring on the war!!!

    • But Bob, if the poll had the govt crashing and the left rising like a phoenix you would be in agreement and happy?
      It’s only 3 months of a new govt, these polls are pointless, but I know the left would be overjoyed if it were reversed and showing the left bloc at 50% or more…. irrespective, it means nothing and only gives ‘we told you so’ bragging rights (till the next poll of course).

  4. Cell pH ban is good. EV pricing coming down is good. Bishop promising a test Cricket ground for Auckland is good.

    & Yes the Green party merging with Labour is good.

  5. I hate Labour, as I did from 1987 when I spoiled my vote for a lack of choice. They haven’t disproved me. That’s their problem.

    The Greens have all the policies I want and now, is it 4 electorates?

    The big prob is this is a crisis we fat majority haven’t acknowledged, except in surveys. The economy generating our fat over our hips ‘can’t’ go on. The crisis needs to be shouted or it will be too late. As Martyn knows, zero people want to hear it. Thankfully the Greens suggest an economic path for us as well. Helluva lot of shouting for reality as well is needed by the Greens. Trotter’s ‘art of the possible’ led him to NZ 1st.

  6. Labour to my historical eye is the Liberals of the early 1900s — they need to be gone. God, I hate what ‘Chippy’ and the whole party represents. Their 40 years of shit for the rich is a bad dream to me.

    Trotter took those decades of rich-rule to heart, no sweat off my brow — socialist g.granddad was 70 when the people’s cause came to power in 1935. So little sweat on his brow the old fucker carried on with his socialism 15 years on — disallowed from all official positions because of it by compromising, even then, Labour. The old prick was right and Labour was wrong.

    They sent out slimey Walter Nash to give his funeral speech at Wellington townhall in 1950. The Nashes haven’t changed. Classmate Stu didn’t know about the appalling death-rates in forestry? Oblivious. Many people dislike me for social misdemeanours, but I believe in people’s and rational rule.


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