The Daily Blog Open Mic – 29th February 2024


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All in all, TDB gives punters a very, very, very wide space to comment in but we won’t bother with out right lies or gleeful malice. We leave that to the Herald comment section.

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  1. Common food items saw a dramatic increase of more than 50 percent over the past year.

    Rice, bananas, chicken, tomatoes, eggs and oil – had increased by 56 percent locally.

    Meanwhile, a 29 percent drop in price was seen in Australia.

    • Please put link when you make such statements. I like the facts and then to read background, enlarge on the matter, when I read this site. I would have thought links would be automatic with long-term commenters? We can’t afford to be laid-back these days.

  2. People I’ve been blocked by on Twitter. On the Right, most of our Right talkers: don’t care, but it shows how little free speech really matters to them. On the Left, the US grandees, Nina Turner (criticized free uni fees v. not voter collecting and actually helping the neediest) and the great Bob Reich — I said Israel needed to go. 5 months after he’s finally made a statement calling for Israel to lay off. He wouldn’t have legitimacy in foul America if he followed me. The beauty of truth. He and Trotter politicized off from that.

    We are importing too much stuff and exporting our virtual life blood to buy it. Local recycling depot is limiting its intake, people aren’t buying stuff even when cheap, and still good and serviceable. Yet there are still shops selling house gew-gaws quite costly. They probably haven’t got a home to put it in. Or spare money.

    The op shops are still full of summer stuff near the end of the season. Prices are decided by middle class people who have money to spare. Systems have been centralised and some spider accountant sits in a central office and dictates to the locals what to do. One well-known charity is not allowed to have a free bin out the front for some reason. Perhaps the style-conscious think it makes the outfit look ‘cheap’. As people get poorer the necks on the comfortably off get stiffer. There is a real schism in NZ/AO. I don’t like what I keep seeing widely around me.


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