Why National have to mislead about School property crisis, Beneficiaries, Truancy and Gangs


National are misusing under funded School infrastructure to claim Labour left them with an funding ‘crisis’.

Why does National have to lie about a ‘crisis’?

National are misusing beneficiary numbers to paint a picture of lazy bludgers bludging when the reality is that National are manipulatively inflating those numbers without telling you the truth that they are including the disabled, solo parents and those on the solo purposes benefit!

They always bash beneficiaries when white collar crime is far larger.

Why does National have to lie about Beneficiaries?

National scream truancy is terrible and that fining parents is the solution when the reality is that many children are working 30 to 40 hours a week to help keep their families afloat during a cost of living crisis.

Why does National have to lie about truant children and propose counter productive policies?

The explosion of Gang Violence has been driven by the exporting of a professional criminal class called the 501s (which refers to the Australian legislation number it was when passed)  who were forcibly removed from Australia under duress. They recognised the softness of the domestic gangs and using South American Cartel links have imported a cheaper, purer meth while embarking upon an enormous turf war.

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Banning patches won’t do a fucking thing to that dynamic.

Why does National have to lie about a Gang patch ban and propose symbolic counter productive legislation?

National have to twist and deceive every time they say something because they need to deliver a billion each year in tax cuts to their rich mates.

National need to pretend there is a crisis in school infrastructure so that they can privatise it…

…National need to take from beneficiaries to pay for those tax cuts while demonising parents with truant kids and generating symbolic friction against gang members so you don’t notice this.

You aren’t focused on removing $2300 a year from those on disability welfare or that funding these tax cuts will push 13000 kids into poverty, you aren’t focused on any of that, you are focused on bashing parents of truant kids and gang members, people we all hate and despise.

You are having your anger manipulated by those who wish to advance their interests, not ours.

The ease with which this Government abuses power and glides on through is dangerously arrogant barely 4 months in.

It takes the Left 5 years to get this smug. National, ACT and NZ First have managed that in under 5 moths!


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  1. The amount of unsubstantiated bullshit that flows in torrents from the mouths of these muppets is frightening. What is just as frightening is people defend them. There is no defending the existence of Shane Jones or Casey Costello.

    As for our PM. Seriously? He has completely given up pretending that he represents anyone other than his mates

  2. I see Key is again on the media merry go round and doing the current PMs job, telling us some of us will have to do it hard for a few more years. That can mean only one of two things – He’s either quit ANZ to get back in the game or the boy nepo kid is about to promote a dj set somewhere or promote another handed on a plate property development.

    Ignoring irresponsible and self defeating, it would be rude NOT to fight a class war, with all the ammo they leave everywhere.

    • :). Very true. But more fool “us”, or those of us that see them as celebs in the first place. That knock-kneed little fart would see this comment as being from a “hater”.
      Sorry if your feelings are hurt, but you’re an irrelevance in my mind

  3. Whatever the cause of the school building ‘crisis’, kids need schools more than rich people need tax cuts.

    It’s obscene that once again the well-being of our children is being compromised when it should be prioritised. We owe them a duty of care, and Luxon and co know that. Many have never really recovered from the covid impact anyway, and government should be pulling out all the stops to provide well-functioning and well-resourced schools and teachers and not wasting time playing politics and further victimising them.

    The reality is that in Bill English’s low income economy, few can afford to do what he did and send his kids to private schools, and nor should they have to.

  4. So, we will be allowed semi automatics but gangs can’t wear a patch because they are violent and sell drugs, but we can give money for wars to drop bombs on women and children and turn a blind eye to all the atrocities happening in Palestine.
    We seem to be lacking morals and principals. In the meantime, Winstone and his nasty vindictive mob are making a mockery of our parliamentary systems using mobile phones when kids aren’t allowed one in class. Seems like double standards.

  5. Pat Newman a principal from up North said, ‘public schools want the same money per student as charter schools: 60k per child. We like to talk about fairness in Aotearoa well let’s start funding public schools the same as charter schools. And also, we can’t have one system for charter schools and another for public schools it is not fair.

    • Private partnership charter schools should not recieve any government money as there is no return on investment. The word private is suffice evidence.


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