Right wing ‘feelings; have replaced Left wing ‘feelings’ as policy and we are all worse off!


Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

Morris Albert’s 1974 classic ‘Feelings‘ kinda manages to sum up the current political culture.

Right now in New Zealand, you can win an argument with nothing more than ‘feelings’.

If you ‘feel’ the argument more than the other, then you win.

Crazy no?

Because objective truth, logic and rational debate are all heteronormative white cis male privileges, ‘FEELINGS’ are all that matter now and once the middle class woke activists triggered that new threshold for truth, the feral anti vaxxers and Incels and redneck racists and Groundswell astroturf protests have done exactly the same!

This is the new politics of the neoliberal subjective!

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We have too many fucking feelings and we have allowed a culture where feelings trump rational objective logic because the ‘lived experience’ of victims, racists, rednecks, Incels, feral antivaxers and woke middle class activists all replace reality, objective truth and class solidarity.

The only people who should give a fuck about your ‘feelings’ are you, your family and close friends.

Outside of that, fuck your feelings.

Your feelings ain’t my problem.

If your self-esteem is hurt by my thoughts, the clue is in the ‘self’ part of word, ‘self-esteem’.

You decide how you feel about shit, it ain’t no one else’s problem OR responsibility!

We have replaced feelings for rational debates.

We have replaced feelings for objective truth.

We have replaced feelings for wider context.

The Woke started this in 2016 with their social media Lynch mobs, the feral Right have now perfected it.

Everything we are seeing right now from this far right racist Government is ‘feelings’ based, not evidence based!

This Government is passing conspiracy theories into social policy because deranged antivaxxers ‘feel’ angry about a vaccination.

This Government will cut public funding to Community Sports if they have a Trans player because their angry anti-Trans voters ‘feel’ angry!

This Government is bashing beneficiaries, prisoners, renters, Māori, the environment and workers because the right wing voters ‘feel’ angry no matter how counterproductive those culture war revenge fantasies are!

FFS – we are seriously going to go against all the science and just raise the speed limits on roads because people feel angry at not being able to rush home!

Fuck! Your! Feelings!

The Right have perfected the Woke’s outrage olympics and all politics is now your ‘feelings’!

This is the new politics of the neoliberal subjective.

The greatest danger posed by Idenity Politics is if white males start seeing themselves as a victim as well, which is exactly what the woke managed to achieve.

If we on the Left will be dictated to by our feelings, then the fucking Right will gleefully play that game too!

Can the Left move from Pure Temple politics towards Broadchurch Class Solidarity, because if we can’t, the most hard right racist Government ever elected will remain in power.

The new politics of the neoliberal subjective have robbed us of a unity based on rational logic and argument and replaced it with the sandcastles of feelings.

I’m not interested in your feelings, I am interested in your thinkings!

New Zealand Aotearoa deserves a State that helps the people and builds the nation, not one that tears everything down and punishes those their voters despise!

We should base policy on evidence, not fucking feelings!

We allow this hard right racist Government to hurt gangs, then the prisoners, then the trans, then Maori, then beneficiaries, then renters, then workers, then the environment and then you!

There is a whiff of casual fascism here Comrades – 2024 is the time to pick sides – there can be no more fence sitting, but we have to reach that place with thinkings, not feelings!


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  1. “Dark kiwis”–seemingly are approx 40% of the voting population– non darks that live in the 21st century should urgently consider becoming politically involved and active in their communities, workplaces and organisations.

    Join a union, vote, speak up, hang a banner on your fence, join an existing group or start a new one!

    • Imagine if farmers United then went on strike? No tractors driving slowly, no Stupid Lives Matter posters. Instead? No food. No money. How about that Farmers? Or are you too ” Duuuh… Rugby! Them Mowries! Proud to vote national mate. An’ they want all the water. Fuckin’ townies think they know everything.
      Farmers? I hate to be the one to tell you this but it’s never been fashionable anywhere to show your stupidity by championing ignorance.


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