Paula Bennett would be the worst Mayor Auckland ever had


Auckland mayoral race: Paula Bennett confirms she is eyeing mayoralty, Desley Simpson in mix of possible challengers to Wayne Brown

Former Deputy Prime Minister and proud Westie Paula Bennett has confirmed she is considering a tilt at the Auckland mayoralty next year.

“I’m kind of keeping my powder dry, sure people are talking about it but I’m just saying ‘I don’t know’,” said Bennett, who retired from national politics at the 2020 general electionand since worked in an advisory role at Bayleys Real Estate in Auckland.

Paula Bennett would be the worst Mayor Auckland ever had!

Where as the Boomer King Wayne Brown just wants to privatise everything, Paula will privatise AND pimp it out to her property speculator mates as well!

Wayne Brown wants to injure Auckland, Paula would injure and offend the City.

Paula is a Real Estate Pimp who loves developers, she would open the city up to a level of exploitation that would make Wayne look socialist.

Paula’s legacy is one of political puppetry and malice.

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Her draconian attacks on welfare recipients was only possible because she herself had been a solo mother.

Paula was the ultimate political poacher turned game keeper.

She could push welfare eugenics because she could always cite her own experience as some sort of justification.

She released personal information to shame beneficiary critics and put into place a sanction regime that saw thousands go hungry.

Her most shameful moment in politics was her championing of throwing state tenants out onto the street for meth contamination in state housing.

Ignoring the scientific evidence and refusing to implement Housing NZs own policy. Paula sought headlines attacking state tenants whose houses tested positive, and enabled the needless spending of $120million to decontaminate houses that didn’t pose a health risk.

She threw thousands of beneficiaries onto the streets in the middle of a housing crisis.

Her ruthlessness masquerading as ‘I know best’ damaged NZs poor, she didn’t alleviate it.

She should not be allowed anywhere near the Auckland Mayoralty!



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  1. I love how Paula pretends her terrible taste in men as a young woman (who received more support from her parents and immediate family after letting her boss at the bar bust in her than many married couples do from theirs) makes her an emphatic expert on how much support the government should provide for those who are actually in vulnerable situations.

    I guess the DPB is actually quite generous if it’s just going on girl’s nights when your dad’s paying your food and board.

    What a lovely lady.

  2. Martyn
    Totally agree with you! She would be a huge disaster but not for the reasons you list. She would simply get fuck all done, unlike Wayne Brown, who at least tries to get stuff sorted. Wayne will win again.

    • Yes, James. It’s such a terrible idea it could happen in this increasingly mad world. I wonder who’s behind it.

    • She would be shit, as she was an MP and real estate agent and solo mum. But yeah let her run and add it to her being a complete failure.

  3. Pregnant as a teenager to her boyfriend who had ‘tenuous ties’ young Paula took a benefit despite working at a Truck Stop and having a live in fellow. She also had a State House. She studied and lived by exploiting the Taxpayer ATM which she continued as a self serving, inept politician who barely worked. Fortunately she moved off ‘Welfare’ and entered the Private sector entering the Greed Estate Industry. Now she seeks public office again. Perhaps it is time she repaid the benefit she received, possibly erroneously. Paula exploited the system during a time of government naivete. She only wants the Mayoralty so she can swan around the lobby of the Grand Millenium in her grey organza ensemble.

  4. Know your enemy.
    The Guardian.
    More women may be psychopaths than previously thought, says expert
    Psychopaths are generally considered to lack empathy and guilt, exhibit antisocial behaviour, lie frequently and be ruthless, narcissistic and manipulative.
    “Psychopaths are after money, power and control,” said Dr Clive Boddy, from Anglia Ruskin University, who is an expert on psychopaths in the corporate world.
    You have been warned.

  5. Aucklanders do it to themselves unfortunately with the low voter turnout–38% is the highest in recent years–not helped as Martyn has pointed out by the scarcity of polling booths. Ditto the degraded postal system, and lack of respect for local Govt. by central Govt. who dump on them instead of funding. The rating base is just not there for many Councils to pay for infrastructure, but neo liberalism just goes into denial or PPP mode.

    Nasty ladder puller and dobber Paula would obviously be another dud, and make Brownie look almost ok.

  6. A horrible chameleon like creature is Bennett.
    Ex truck stop waitress and tattoo club stalwart in Taupo who rose to become a Natz M.P.
    A ‘westie chick’ in garish leopard skin prints who ‘never deliberately mislead DSW’ to her ultimate reinvention as a real housewife of the North Shore ,complete with tummy tuck.
    If only she could address her bulging ego with a similar solution….NZ would be a better…place.

  7. As a Wellingtonian weary of Aucklanders dumping on Wellington, I laughed at the thought of horrible Paula B becoming their mayor. Then I laughed some more. I’m still laughing.

  8. Pull the ladder up Paula Bennett will be an utter disaster as a Mayor she was a disaster as a politician when licking the boots of the mega wealthy at the neglect of the ordinary New Zealander remember the P house contamination disaster that saw 1000s having to become homeless because of that policy?

  9. She can fuck of she’s already had her turn kicking people in the guts people need to show their contempt for her and not vote for her. Her boss Key had to get her a job in real estate.

  10. Pull-the benefit has already done enough damage people need to show her the contempt she deserves she can fuck off.

  11. She’s tried tv, not wonderful, certainly not a crowd puller. She’s tried real estate.
    Brown has barely warmed up the seat and she’s undermining him.

    PB makes out she’s a good old Westie. Please get it into your heads finally. SHE IS NOT A WESTIE.
    She did not grow up in West Auckland.
    She used that idea as a political ploy to appeal to her then constituents. Google it.
    Wearing animal print does not a westie make.
    Is that honest?

    She used what was available for beneficiaries at the time and then decided they didn’t need that kind of generosity. She’d got by…with a lot of help from her family who were not poverty stricken.
    We have to stop voting for cruelty.

      • One can be successful without pulling others down Bob.
        That’s something the right despises.

        She’s an excellent example of the sort we don’t need as mayor.

  12. are alien lizard shape shifters allowed to stand for public office in nz

    and yes she was a dole bludger and the the benefit fraud on dpb was just a part of her income

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