Our latest bombing of the Houthis and if we gave Ukraine $26million, shouldn’t we give the same amount to the Palestinians???


Oh, we’ve bombed the poorest country in the Middle Eat as part of the ‘rules based order’ again…

US and UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

The Pentagon says US and UK fighter planes have carried out strikes on 18 Houthi sites in Yemen – the fourth such joint operation by the allies.

The US says Saturday’s strikes were directed against storage facilities, drones, air defence systems, radars and a helicopter of the militant movement.

The UK says the allies acted to “further degrade” Houthi capabilities.

There have been sustained attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis on shipping in the important Red Sea trade route.

The Houthis – who control large swathes of Yemen including the capital Sanaa – have been targeting vessels they say are linked to Israel and the West in response to the continuing Israel-Gaza war.

Global supply chains are now facing severe disruption and rising costs as a result of some of the biggest shipping companies diverting journeys away from the Red Sea – one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

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The strikes were carried out “with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and New Zealand”, the statement added.

…hasn’t our role in bombing Yemen suddenly become effortlessly cloaked with zero oversight?

REMEMBER: Most military analysts are telling us that bombing the Houthi is totally counter productive and will only empower them!

REMEMBER: The only reason the Houthi have expanded this attack on shipping lanes is because Israel is committing a real time ethnic cleansing war crime!

REMEMBER: NZDF personnel are target selecting for these attacks, so our finger IS on the trigger, we are enabling the strikes, we can’t pretend we are not directly responsible for any collateral damage.

Uncle Winston and Aunty Crusher have sold our Independent Foreign Policy for 3 American magic beans.

They glow in the dark.

That sound you can hear is Winston and Judith digging up Lange’s corpse and taking selfies as they whistle the Star Bangles Stripes to him!

Who had ‘Get into an American War in the first 100 days’ on their New Government Bingo card?

Because Luxon is so feckless and weak, the Hawks are selling our mana and honour to the Military Industrial Complex!

I do not want NZ controlled by China AND I do not want it controlled by America either!

Aren’t you all shocked with the speed of us getting ready for war?

Aren’t you all shocked at the speed of all of this?

Shouldn’t we be terribly concerned that two Hawks are running things?

Winston loves America almost as much as he loves himself and we have a Minister of Defence whose nickname is ‘Crusher’!

How the Christ we have managed to get sucked into the vortex in barely 3 months of this Government should alarm everyone.

By the way, if we gave the Ukraine $26million to fight Putin’s war crimes…

Government announces nearly $26 million of support for Ukraine as war enters third year

…shouldn’t we give the same amount to the Palestinians to fight Israel’s War Crimes???

If we are bombing the poorest county in the Middle East for the ‘rules based order’ and we are giving those suffering war crimes $26million, why are we so timed and feckless on Israel?

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  1. The Ansar Allah govt of Yemen have witness war in their country since 2015 perpetrated by the west and its allies in the region. They also suffered an unreported genocide with food blockade that starved millions of Yemenis mostly woman & children. The west MSM has been complicit covering up pertinent news worthy events like the US soldier setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in the US yelling
    “Free Palestine”


  2. I’ve wrapped myself in tin foil and I’m standing on the top of a hill with my thumb out. My sign reads ‘ Anywhere but here’. The problem will be that any intergalactic travel will be avoiding us like the stellar plague that we are. Look at us? We’re not much more than a rabble of brawling mongrels shitting where we eat.

  3. So we just let the Houthis bomb ships with our stuff we’re exporting to earn foreign exchange for the stuff we need? I don’t think so.
    And as for Israel: remember Auschwitz.

    • So we just allow Israel and the USA to bomb, maim, slaughter whomever they wish, whenever they want to, while we squat smugly way down under in the grey-green sea, with eyes wide shut to the ongoing horror and insanity into which our world has been plunged?
      What do we export that anyone anywhere else truly can’t do without – milk powder and kiwifruit?
      Ron Unz is a decidedly dissident Jew of considerable wealth and strong academic background. He publishes a variety of views, including those he disagrees with.
      His article on Gaza, Jewish Power and the Holocaust is long and
      carefully written, as are all his articles. Most people in these latter
      days would reel with astonishment if they ever managed to actually read
      through one of Ron Unz’s articles. An unusual man indeed.
      He believes in people having their say so the comments are lightly
      moderated and rather the reverse of sedate.
      Read this one if you dare.


      While you are at it you may as well read what Geoffrey Sachs has to say about the CIA.


    • Bwahahaha award of the day so far goes to…

      Look up WWII Warsaw Ghetto–a captive population of Jews in a tiny area systematically starved and brutalised–exactly what the Israeli butchers are doing to Palestinians right now.

      The Zionists care little indeed about Auschwitz it seems.

      • Violently occupy their land ….
        Violently dispossess them of their land and homes …
        Corral them into small barricaded area ….
        Blockade and siege them ….
        Shell, bomb and shoot them ….
        Starve and liquidate/eradicate them ….

        … But it seems we can only compare the war-sore Gaza ghetto to the Warsaw ghetto is when the Zionist/Netenyahu ‘final solution’ has been achieved…..

        The new version of Holocaust denial works on behalf of Zionist Israel ….

  4. If the ‘Taxpayers Union’ was actually concerned with decreasing spending on international aid, as opposed to just being psychotic zionist shills, then giving weapons and training to the heroes of the Palestinian resistance would be a no-brainer even to them.

    The zionists call their periodic outbursts of genocidal violence against the legitimate population of the land they squat on, ‘mowing the grass’. When the zionists are done murdering and raping and torturing, we end up picking up the tab. The zionist psychopaths have destroyed upwards of 70% of civilian homes and water facilities, hospitals, etc, in the Gaza concentration camp. Even if you ignore the human lives that the zionist murderers have taken, it’s inefficient to have to pay to rebuild the civilian infrastructure.

    A far better solution would be simply building up the Palestinian resistance with surface to air missiles and improved artillery and anti-tank missiles, to the point where an attack by the diaper-wearing murderers of the ‘israeli’ occupational forces would result in hundreds of casualties each day, more than the cowards and their internal censorship can handle. The Palestinians are heroes for defending their people from these monsters. They just need the weapons to make the beasts who prey upon them pay for their crimes.

  5. ‘By the way, if we gave the Ukraine $26million to fight Putin’s war crimes…

    …shouldn’t we give the same amount to the Palestinians to fight Israel’s War Crimes???”

    If we help a fellow democracy fight an imperialist invasion of their country by a right-wing dictatorship, shouldn’t we also help an Islamist terrorist group that aims to eradicate the Middle East’s Jews? Er, no. No, we shouldn’t. If anything, we should help Israel destroy them.

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