ACT’s patch hypocrisy + National’s wardrobe policing + NZ First’s terrorism insanity = our new counter productive gang policy



One of the tragedies of our political system is that dumbfuck ideas get mooted and there seem to be no adults left to denounce the dumbfuck ideas before we ram them through Parliament.

The Gang Patch Ban is a nonsense idea that will not lower the violent crime it claims it will impact.

The reason gang crime has exploded is because we’ve had this unique unseen before situation where a professional criminal class have been forcibly removed by Australia to a country they have no connections with.

The ‘501s’ as they are known bring with them a level of uber violence and sophistication well beyond the domestic gangs.

They also bring with them South American Cartel links that provide them with a. cheaper more pure meth.

The spike in gang violence is being generated by the 501 syndicates who are standing over domestic gangs and stealing Meth market share with cheaper, purer South American Cartel Meth.

NONE of that dynamic will be impacted buy this stupid fucking gang patch ban and dispersal rules.

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Australian Biker Gangs are completely different from the domestic legacy gangs here in NZ who are deeply entrenched in communities. Dispersal notices and none association rulings will be immediately challenged in Court and get thrown out because they will be physically incapable of enforcement when you are talking family members.

Holding up draconian Australian laws (which are currently being challenged) and pretend they will work here is infantile.

We need a focus on the 501s who are generating the turf war, not some unenforceable gang patch ban that will automatically start conflict.

The gang members can’t voluntarily hand their patch over ever, so will need to be beaten into unconsciousness by the Police before the Patch can be taken.

As for the farcical situation of going into a Gang funeral to seize gang patches, the idiocy required to think that situation is a smart policing is book burning level in its ignorance.

As for the $5000 fine – Gang members don’t pay fines now, so how will this end?

As the ‘freedom’ party, ACT should be ashamed of themselves for allowing State over reach like the Wardrobe Police!

National will use this new dispersion law against environmentalists who glue themselves to roads.

NZ First want to designate the gangs as domestic terror groups so that paramilitary force can be used against the civilian population.

These laws will not do a thing to stop organised crime and yet we all have to pretend they will.

The most likely outcome is that this level of State harassment will generate radicalism in the communities you are trying to police and you will end up radicalising a whole group of criminals into becoming domestic terrorists.

You are a fool if you think this bullshit nonsense is going to make you safer.



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  1. Well according to according to the nut jobs that comment on MSN, it works in Australia. But as someone with a bit of sense put it.

    ‘Out of control’: Sydney police battle escalating gang war with five people shot in five days”

    yeah … right

  2. Labour’s gun buyback & registry were dumb laws that made no one safer, so National certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid ideas. Fortunately, Labour’s stupid laws are heading for the trash can, where they belong.

    • Our laws don’t make you guilty through association. Wearing a patch doesn’t instantly make you a criminal…..yet.

      I have no issue with cracking down on gangs, but going after what they wear seems counterproductive. Some of these guys will look just as intimidating in a pair of stubbies and a singlet.

      • But to get a patch, you have to commit crimes, don’t you? You don’t get one for picking up litter in your community, do you?

  3. Patches only mean something to the people who wear them – makes no difference if they stomp your head in wearing a clown suit or a gang patch. Banning patches isn’t going after the gangs, its for the benefit of the same benefit bashing crowd of two cell life forms sipping tea in epsom with a look of smug superiority on their face. Then i bet they go to work, totally unaware their own nice white audi suit and tie organisation has mob informants within it, and that they do their jobs more effectively than them. End the gangs or dont but dont piss around get a clue. Use some of that supposed black ops counter intelligence smarts, not what great aunt ethel thinks would be effective.

  4. Let me get this off my chest! Maori commit more crimes against maori and gangs play an integral part of that victimization. The selling of P in the Maori communities has caused irreparable harm and gangs have a certain control of that illicit drug not to mention violent attacks that have in some occasion taken the lives of Maori people. IMO the gangs need to be made aware of their behavior that mostly impacting the communities that they belong too has to change.

    Has this govt got their policy right? I don’t think so but something IMO drastic needs to be happen to turn this victimization around as of yet I don’t have the answer so appeal for answers to this social calamity.

  5. Get ready for a shoot-out and our police leaving for Auz. Will our government be like Israel and not care about the children, women and other whanau members.

  6. Martyn – The Gang patch law is to make it hard for Gangs to operate within wider society…that is good…if it places gang members in harder positions…then good job.


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