Having now read the ombudsman report into Oranga Tamariki, I am of the opinion we have a government department at a point of self-destruction. 

The report discusses children in care, and also touches on our failing youth justice system. 

I have previously blogged on Oranga Tamarik and its failings, something that concerns me greatly as our tamariki are the future of New Zealand, hopefully with a positive future ahead of them all, but also something that we adults can be proud of having had a part of creating. 

We all remember Karen Chhour, now Minister of Children, last year slamming the then Minister of OT for such failings and campaigning that if elected she would create change. 

Karen, I say this to you, “You have only been the minister of children for 4 months, and one of the best things you could do right now is listen and act. Do not listen to the current executive of Oranga Tamariki, they have had years to sort the problems and simply have failed. You say you have faith in the current executive, and they are on board with the direction you want to go”. It is now that your leadership is on display to the whole of Aotearoa.  

I note Ombudsman Peter Boshier clearly said he was “rather tired of being told that things are being worked on It’s time to see some action”. Powerful and very true words and I sincerely hope that Peters report doesn’t end up being a dust gather piece of paper as have many other sensible reports in the past. 


  1. “rather tired of being told that things are being worked on It’s time to see some action” – how often do we hear that from Government Department heads.
    It’s time we heard from those working at the sharp end, but unfortunately, they are not allowed to speak.
    It’s time for the public to be informed what the Minister’s instructions to executive are; put bluntly, it’s time for the BS to stop.


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