MEDIAWATCH: Winston goes all Trump on latest media disclosure they don’t want to promote his lies



Oh Bullshit Winston!

Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me old fox!

If you listen to the podcast, the context is the media leaders didn’t want to carry Winston’s lies that the entire media were bribed!

Winston lied about the entire media being bribed because he gains his 6% from the Conspiracy Theory Swamp Kingdom and he is playing to this new redneck banjo twanging cross burning anti vaxx fringe now.

Winston is complaining about media bosses not wanting to cover his lies.

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The fucking audacity of this old bugger!

The podcast did a good job of highlighting the deep cynicism about mainstream media now with trust falling to 42%. It has a corrosive impact on our Democracy and leaves the Fourth Estate Guard Dog barking to voters who no longer believe in canines.

Editorial values in the newsroom have been dumped for clickbait which lifts the frisson. We have no space to debate because the oxygen is taken up by extremists wanting the most emotionally engaging material.

Welcome to the new dystopia that Winston is not only feeding but embodies.


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  1. It sums this country up that we have people who vote for this old wanker. He and that dickhead con artist Shane Jones need to sod off.

  2. ” They may be in my team but I do not like them there so I would agree with you that they should sod off ”

    NO ! you and your NACT mates are stuck with him and you knew that Luxon had no where near enough support to form a government without him even before the vote. The Nasties couldn’t even get to 40 %.

    You have three years to enjoy it or until Winston pulls the plug.

      • Oh!!!!! really we are going backwards so fast to the 1990 – 93 era NZ will be on its knee’s by the time this lots finished.

        13,000 more kids in poverty .

        35,000- more unemployed at least.

        They cant even afford a decent ferry service and infrastructure .

        Thew sooner this lot of clowns goes the better.

    • 100%

      Journalists in tears because now they have to do their job and have forgotten how to because they nixed the process so badly is the paper chickens coming home to roost. I paraphrase Lucky the Chimp Luxon, “YOU PEOPLE ARENT DOING ENOUGH TO GET SUPPORT.”

    • A very weak argument Trevor, one could say the same about the previous National govt that cut funding to police,health and education.So if Labour were do nothing, National are cut everything.

    • A very weak argument Trevor, one could say the same about the previous National govt that cut funding to police,health and education.So if Labour were do nothing, National are cut everything.

      • Nothing left under National except poverty and deprivation, that cannot be denied.
        Labour will be required to clean up Nationals mess in a few years time, of that there is no doubt.

  3. The problem is not with editors’ independent decisions whether or not to publish allegations of corruption. The serious threat to democracy and the open society comes when editors get together to decide “whether we should all just stick together and decide not to report ..” whatever facts they may find unpalatable. It is not just about Winston Peters. The Orwellian “Media Freedom Committee” meets regularly to decide what shall not be reported in the New Zealand media. A free press, on the other hand, requires individual editors and journalists who will report the facts without fear or favor, and most importantly editors and journalists that do not form cartels or syndicates which have no purpose but to suppress the truth. This is not just a media conspiracy against Winston Peters. Primarily it is a media conspiracy against the New Zealand public.

  4. The media in NZ got these clowns elected because they went on a hate Jacinda rampage .They could have done more stoyies on the lies being spouted by nact and the ferrals lies ,but chose to support those lies instead .As for the 50 mill bribe ,not once did the media raise the fact that Steve Joyce gave 40 million to radio works when he was broad casting minister .He did that because he had cooked the books of that business before he sold it then felt guilty when it was going tits up because it was a dog and it would have been a bad look for him and Keys government .The media can whinge all they like but they got these scum elected so it is their fault that the whole country now gets fucked over

    • “The media in NZ got these clowns elected because they went on a hate Jacinda rampage .”

      Yes, NZ media periodically collectively change colour in a flash, like a school of reef fish when changing direction (thanks to David Lange for the metaphor).

    • The media in NZ are mostly tribal left, and they fawned over Ardern, ignoring her many shortcomings. It wasn’t the media who turned in Ardern, it was kiwis who got sick of the jabber with no delivery.

      • Nonsense, you were clearly not alive during the Key years. They fawned all over Key and ignoring any misgivings he had alongside the appalling 9 year dictatorship. The NZ Media are a business and are pro right wing governments. Tell me that the NZ Herald, Newstalk ZB, The Platform etc aren’t tribal right Liberty?

  5. People live in the past. They voted for a Winston from the past and Winston is still battling a media from the past

    And isn’t newsroom an independent company? If so Peters can go screw himself if they don’t choose to report him.

    • If you live in a society in which the managers of information sources can all assemble together and decide what the public will or will not be told, as you do, then you are living under a totalitarian system, as you are. Mark Jennings has made it clear that these are not decisions to be left to individual journalists, editors or publishers. They are decisions made by a publishers cartel. So you are really saying that a cartel of publishers can determine what is published in New Zealand and the New Zealand public “can go screw themselves” along with Winston Peters.

      • I think if Winston Peters wants to use his platform to abuse private companies and journalists, scream that they are corrupt without offering up proof and generally pander to his increasingly insane voting base, then he is nothing more then a charlatan that is desperately clutching at his baubles of power – and yeah he can go screw himself.

        State owned media sure. Report all the news (ha ha ha I kill myself). Private media companies? Nope. Their company their choice. Unless you’re saying the state should mandate what they have to report on.

        The choice is in Peters hands. He continues to attack the media just to get sound bites and they will fight back.

        There is a reason why the more level headed and intelligent members of NZ first moved on a long time ago.

        I blame Christopher Luxon for many things, and one of the biggest is not having the balls to rule out working with Peters. Even Hipkins realised that was a good idea (not that he had much choice in the matter). Luxon has saddled us with this bullshit for the next 3 years.

        • Winston Peters does tell a few lies. An honest fourth estate would report his lies (he is after all the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Realm of New Zealand) and then rebut them. However the regime’s media is not honest. It will publish some of Peters’ lies as though they were the truth, and it will suppress other of his comments on those occasions when he speaks the truth. Whatever suits its own agenda and the broader interests of the regime.
          It is a fallacy to see Winston Peters and his supporters as the one big problem in a colonialist system which is taking political amorality and stupidity to unprecedented levels. The rot has penetrated the entire system. No party and no institution is unaffected.
          And in case you are not aware, the state, through the SIS, does already mandate what the media can and cannot report on.

        • Yes funny how all these right wing nut job bloggers, Trev excluded, are now lauding Peter’s yet when he went with Labour was castigated and labelled a traitor.
          Right wing people are so fickle and have poor thought processes.

  6. I got a bribe from a property developer to rezone some land.
    I signed a contract to do it from my position as council planner
    I did it then someone accused me of corruption.
    I was charged but my defense in court was ” it wasn’t a bribe, I was going to rezone the land anyway ”
    Yeah right !

  7. Watching Winston stand in for the PM this week at QT, he seemed quite befuddled; his sentences often hardly making sense, prone to malapropisms, and looking and sounding like a Biden or Trump.
    As we ask of the USA in their selection of presidential candidates, cannot they find among their 250 million people, any better than the fast-aging – and so often showing it – Trump and Biden?
    We could ask ourselves the same question: can we not find anyone better than the demented Peters and his toadying side-kick, loud-mouth Jones? Both are very much yesterday’s men.
    We can, surely, do better than this, A/NZ.


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