Whistleblowers, Antivaxx lunatic Barry Young and Dr Incremental Max Rashbrooke

Cooked and Fried

Whistleblowing demands intelligence and value, that’s why a cooker arsehole like Barry Young IS NOT a whistleblower and deserves no whistleblower protections. He is a deluded AntiVaxxer whose actual data leak proves the vaccination was actually great for NZ!

He misreads the very data he is trying to claim proves he’s right!

If people of insight and oversight can see the looming social carnage this hard right racist climate denying Government is manufacturing, they have an obligation to speak out!

Dr Incremental, Max Rashbrooke attacks public sector leakers when it’s the best thing the Public Service have managed in 6 years!

This Government is taking from the poor to give to the rich, now they may have won the election, but democracy demands more value than bare knuckle majoritarianism and people of conscience of an obligation to expose and whistleblow against the extremes of this malicious Government!

We need more whistleblowers like this…

Alleged tobacco tax document leaker ‘no longer working’ at Ministry of Health

…we need less whistleblowers like Barry Young and we need way less of Dr Incremental Max Rashbrooke.

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This Government have already cloaked the Consultants identities are are currently ramming through legislation misusing urgency to implement right wing fantasies that will damage the public service.

Dr Incremental’s finger wagging is an impotence none of us needs.



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  1. Barry Young is a simple man who has revealed the truth for the public benefit. A truth our so called government is determined to suppress with the assistance of TDB.

    • Another description would be that he’s complete egotist. Trained in law and database admin and who now claims to be an expert in everything.
      But what’s worse is public service vetting processes are now seriously suspect. Alarm bells should have been ringing a while back.
      Unfortunately he’s probably been granted citizenship

    • He’s a believer in conspiracy theories, fantasy and lies. He’s corrupt, and yes, evil. He deserves the full consequences.

      A truth those so called fake citizens would do well to come back to reality.

      • Evil? Not even close.
        Control. Coercion. Domination. Genocide.
        “The state is a necessary evil.”
        Transparency on state actions and data is essential. Because they are self-serving liars.
        The “public safety” angle is up there with “national security” “commercial sensitivity” as hiding fuck ups and frauds in power.

        • Conspiracy theorists are a danger to society they should never be allowed bail.
          Lock them up and throw the key away.
          It is a shame we not longer have the death penalty on our statutes. That is the only appropriate sentence for the heinous crime of harbouring an opinion.

    • If B Young is simple, he would be better to help change from the sidelines. The whole system is woven into a matrix which requires nous to find the way through, and changing situations create changing openings and partnerships. No-one can be sure of being 100% right and any action may be interpreted from 2-6 different angles. Not for the simple.

      • You’re a bit of a worry sometimes @ Grey. What you propose is a really ‘NICE’ solution, and I’m all for being nice. We’re in a different era. It may have worked 10, or even 15 years ago.
        Not so much now. Being nice to someone like Barry the Great would be like being nice to Donny Orange, or others such as Sue Grey or Sovereign Sheriffs, or possibly even (as I was just discussing with Andrew Kingston), one of the sages that frequent this venue.
        I’ve hd the misfortune to come across the wanker a while back – not directly, but through what was once a mate/acquaintance who has well and truly gone down the rabbit hole.
        Seriously average in his ‘trained disciplines (law and DBA), but with an attitude and desperate to show he’s a spert in evrything including the wonders of the world.
        If people want to worship wankers and false Gods – that’s on them.
        There’s a lot of it about

    • He leaked the private details of patients, not the correspondence of an MP who is colluding with lobbyists to change laws that effect an entire society, ya stupid mole.

    • Leaking people’s personal information is bad, actually.

      No surprise that someone who openly boasts about working with Larry Ellison’s dogs**t database is a nutter.

      • The matter is before the court.

        Surely leaking confidential personal information is not a serious crime. If it was then many public service managers and CE’s would be preparing for their future careers in prisons.

        Employment disputes only end up in court when the parties do not agree on the facts or the settlement that is on the table.

  2. I think this sounds like an example of a disconnected person – cause technology; too long connected with small screens taking the place of real life images of people and chat person to person. We need to increase our opportunities for conversation, doing things together, mass
    exercises for climate change. Come together right now, over me is a line in some song. This chap’s face has a paranoid look and he is wearing what registers negatively with me – a black tshirt. Sort of pared down human being to the minimal.

    • “I think this sounds like an example of a disconnected person – cause technology”
      A tiny eeeensie teeensie weeensie bit @ Grey. The major disconnect cause is His over sized ego. There’s a lot of it about. Is there a loverly little island in your area we could shove Him and His mates on where you could visit by launch once in a while to attempt a rescue of His soul?
      And would it be too much of a cost on your emotional capital? It sure as shit would be on mine even if I put up all my purple crystals I inherited from a commune down your way a few decades ago.
      No no @ Grey……. NEXT


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