MEDIAWATCH: AM Show Classist Trash Propaganda


The AM Show are shitting on beneficiaries and championing Luxon’s outrageous State of the Nation Speech where he promised punitive sanctions against beneficiaries.

Firstly – Luxon is a 7 property owning Hawaiian holidaying multimillionaire who is lecturing poor people about welfare. Where the fuck does he get off?

Secondly – He is pushing 13 000 children into poverty and taking $2300 per year off the disabled to fucking fund tax cuts for his rich landlord mates! FFS – bashing beneficiaries as the solution is jaw dropping in its audacity.

Thirdly – The AM Show claims thousands under 25 on the benefit without acknowledging many of those kids are former wards of the State who have been thrown out of our underfunded system and left to fend for themselves so smearing them all as bludgers is utterly unacceptable!

Normally this bennie bashing would just be garden variety talkback bigotry but at a time when this new hard right racist climate denying Government are taking from the poor to give to their rich landlord mates it’s active classist trash propaganda.

It’s funny how quick the beneficiaries are blamed for everything by 3 middle class people who have no clue how damaging poverty can be.

Ugly broadcasting.


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  1. Luxon seems to have forgotten that the Reserve Bank governor has admitted interest rate hikes needed to beat inflation would mean higher unemployment.

    What Luxon could do to help bring down inflation (thus interest rates) is do what Robertson failed to do, tax the rich.

  2. I have worked with ‘the unemployed’in the past. They are not the arseholes that Luxon craps on about to his rightwing rich delusionists.The vast majority want work and don’t want to be on a benefit.He is a liar.

    • Rodel. It’s hard to know quite what he’s up to here. Sociopath English might be doing his thinking for him, but positioning himself as saving taxpayer money is likely no more than a dodgy vote gathering exercise. The vast majority do want to work. WINZ once had pro-active work brokers, who seem to have been dumped for no good reason. He, or that awful woman need to say why.

  3. I had quite a lot to do with poor people in the unemployed before I retired. You could count the number of people who were bludging off the system on the fingers of one hand. And apart from a couple of criminals, they weren’t exactly living the high life. Most people won’t work if only for a sense of self-worth and dignity. But if you look at the nutters who comment on MSN, the country has hundreds of thousands of people whose sole aim is to watch TV all day while lying on the couch and sucking the government teat.

  4. Nu Zilind is now in economic stagflation, unemployment will be in double digit percent within eighteen months. Mr. Luxon knows this perfectly well. So keep barking Mr. Luxon doggy, Mister we won’t need any more staff at WINZ, Mister storyteller. Keep pitting one part of the population against the other to distract everyone while your do nothing government does nothing. Again.


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