Why would we trust NZ cops using tasers without cameras?


Concerns new police Tasers are missing vital component

New Tasers are being rolled out to our police force nationwide, but there are growing concerns the technology is missing a vital part — the camera.

The Southern District is the first in line to be trained with the Taser 10, which will replace the Taser X2 currently being used by police.

The Taser 10 is capable of firing 10 shots at a range of 13m. It’s also completely waterproof.

“We’re asking our officers to go forward and deal with things that others are running away from, and they need the right tools and this is the right tool,” Police Assistant Commissioner Mike Johnson told 1News.

The new Tasers will cost $30 million to replace the Taser X2, which has been in use by the police force since 2010.

“It has exactly the same effect — the voltage is slightly less, in fact. That said, more reliable and the distance is really critical when our staff are making decisions,” Johnson said.

But the current model has one crucial feature which the Taser 10 does not — a camera.

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The parameters of how cops can use tasers are very clear, it can’t be used for disobedience to comply, there has to be a very real threat. The problem is our cops draw tasers for the most petty of reasons. The dropping of physical standards has led to smaller cops who are more reliant on tasers and force instruments for compliance.

Winston and Luxon are demanding Mark Mitchell drop standards of police recruits to gain the number they promised the electorate meaning more thug force, less police force and tasers without cameras are the perfect cloak for this more robust style of policing.

Why on earth would we accept more powerful tasers without cameras?

Who trusts the cops with that level of naivety?


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  1. In fairness, it’s _slightly_ less concerning than the existing practice of cops just straight shooting people with the G17 or AR, without cameras.

    Or brutalizing an elderly man with pepper spray for the ‘crime’ of filming them assaulting peaceful protesters.

    But we do have the right to ask for reasonable minimum standards. Either new police hiring should be conducted on the basis of Robert Peel’s Policing Principles of 150 years ago- when every potential recruit was about 4 inches shorter than today’s pool, on account of growing up without food and suchlike- so they are more likely to be able to handle themselves without resorting to extreme escalations, or body cameras should be mandated.

  2. Also, in comment on “we’re asking our officers to go forward and deal with things that others are running away from”.

    Twice in the past year, I’ve confronted uh, ‘young persons’ actively engaged in trying to steal cars, causing hundreds of dollars in damage to people who I haven’t met in my life.

    Now I never felt under threat, and I certainly would not have been justified in using any force against the perps involved. I contacted police in both those cases, and in one, they showed up. They didn’t do anything about these little bastards, they certainly didn’t ‘deal with’ it.

    I don’t blame individual cops for this, but if the Police management and union leadership really cared about ‘dealing’ with things, they should be calling out the fact that a) nothing is being done to address the dire social situations these little pricks are growing up in b) even after these kids are being systematically ruined for life, the police have no way to intervene to try and put them back on the right path.

  3. Better tazers are a great move but I would agree the cameras are necessary to protect both parties . most police are good people doing a great job but they have a lot of power which can be a used poorly in a few instants

  4. Until I saw the pepper spraying at Lyttelton I hadn’t realised that cameras on cops do not go together as a matter of principal. Every cop should be wearing cameras all the time so that their filthy use of tasers and pepper spray are properly recorded.

    My concern is also around people with mental health issues and if I remember rightly at the small meetings trying to get tasers not to be allowed on protests (there weren’t for some years and without consultation this rule was changed) was the issue of those having a mental health meltdown. In the past one could call the mental health crises team but I think now this has all gone the way of the taser!

  5. NZ Police retains a bent, macho, racist culture. They cannot be trusted with much at all really. From stitch ups to excessive force and falsifying evidence in Court they have a disappointing record.

    They used to have to deal with mental health callouts (unqualified for), the Natzos are stopping even that now, and much of their other work–car crashes, lost trampers etc. could be done by paramedics, Civil Defence and Tow Truck operators when it comes down to it.

    The blue bellies are quick on the scene if an employer calls them to a union picket, but may or may not investigate your car break in. Martyn is right about the changed criteria, I have seen some tiny cops around and they will want to be packing something lethal to make up for their gum chewing arrogance and lack of talking skills.

    Taser was meant to be a lethal force substitute in some cases, but in reality it is used for compliance and punishment, just like pepper spray. Even cameras would be a minor win, but where would the vids go? to a US data bank for editing no doubt.


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