Chris Luxon and his Amazing Technicolor dream skin-suit


I love the Amazing Technicolor dream skin-suit that every Government apologist attempts to wrap Luxon in.

Every month there’s a new narrative coat wrapped around the Emperor which quickly gets dumped the moment it gets seen through.

The right wing apologists for Luxon first claimed he wasn’t a politician so that’s why he was so useless and had to keep u-turning on things he’d said 24 hours earlier.

Then the apologists attempted to sell him as the great deal maker, which looked farcical after ACT and NZ First screwed National over.

Then they tried to pretend he was moderate and not extreme despite:

  • Attacking Worker Rights
  • Attacking Renter Rights
  • Taking $555million form the poorest families
  • Vandalising Public transport
  • Starting a race baiting war on Māori while attempting to legislate away the Treaty.
  • Stopping cameras on fishing fleets.
  • Robbing Climate Change funds and road safety funds for tax cuts to rich people.
  • Allowing 8000 tobacco deaths for tax cuts WHILE GETTING US INTO A COUNTER PRODUCTIVE AMERICAN WAR!!!!

NOW as the shear lie of National not being extremist sinks beneath the surface, it’s Luxon the super strategist chess player Svengali who is playing us all into thinking he’s a weak willed moron when really he is super clever and tricking us.


The right Wing are so in shock at how feckless Luxon is, the apologists are manufacturing him into a Machiavellian mastermind.

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At the moment he is talking out both sides of his mouth regarding the Treaty Principle’s Referendum.

He tells Māori one thing and the Press Gallery another.

Even if we are to believe him, he’s saying he’ll allow the race baiting to occur minus any real chance of it happening.

That’s worse than not having a good faith debate!

He has allowed us to be sucked into the American vortex in the Red Sea and he looked terrified at Waitangi.

He’s a virgin at an orgy.

The truth is Luxon was a middle manager CEO who ran a mens deodorant company and had the cushy NZ owned Air NZ and has zero political values beyond loving God.

He is being played by David Seymour and Winston Peters

The Right refuse to accept this and so we get this never ending wardrobe change of a narrative structure trying to explain Luxon to voters.

If there wasn’t so much at stake, it would be sadly funny.


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  1. Stopping cameras on fishing boats is bad and relates to Shane Jones connections all the other points are only how you see things not how I see them.
    I except you are probably better informed than me so in an argument you may be right and can convince me I am wrong .

    • Shane Jones is a dodgy bastard. The fishing industry, at least in Auckland and North seems to have too many dodgy corrupt types. He needs to go now.

      As for seeing things Trevor, I am not sure how else you would see the climate piece. These guys are ideological wankers pure and simple but we get all this “woke” labelling thrown at the left. Nowadays woke seems to mean anything that’s not acting like a total arsehole towards other people or anything sustainable. They cancel things but they don’t have alternatives. They are useless and we should embarrassed that these dickheads are in charge. Labours ineptness pales in comparison to these tossers. Act and NZF might be the worst of the three, but National as a party have lost it as badly as Labour have.

      • I always like your replies as they are reasoned and not personnal as some are. That is why I read this blog rather than those of the right which could easily just be an echo chamber .This way you see what other think and you can ponder on your own thoughts.
        Re Shane Jones he is an unpleasant slimball and I hate the fact he is my team so to speak.Still Luxon did warn us about voting NZF.

      • Yes, Wheel I see some of our Local councils are broke and have no money to pay for three waters. Now Councils have to inflict pain on their rate payers. Our councils only have themselves to blame.

      • Doing a fabulous job…being a robot, agree Trev?

        Parts of Prime Minister Christopher Luxon’s Waitangi speech have been copied word for word from his previous speech in 2023, sparking online criticism of his originality.

        A TikTok user pointed out the similarities in a video labelled: “When you copy last year’s school assignment and hope no one notices”.

        One commenter described it as “rinse and repeat” while another accused Luxon of not putting in too much effort for Waitangi.

        • Yes, it is self evident that it is actually a hamster wheel Luxy the loser is trapped in.. The same one that operates in your own mind(on a smaller scale, obviously) as you continue your feeble attempts to portray utter reactionary stupidity as “intelligent discourse”….
          Seriously, the rest of the world is already well aware of the rank stupidity, selfishness, immaturity, and ridiculous hubris that is the foundation of “political debate” in NZ.. Don’t you cabbage heads have any self awareness at all?
          Not enough to have NZ reduced to an international joke? Not enough that credible commentators around the world are labelling NZ as a fascist country? Or will it take the total destruction of what NZ was becoming, purely for the benefit of those already ridiculously wealthy, before the reality even starts to become recognizable to those, so called intellectuals infesting NZs universities, and information network/fourth estate…
          When are NZers going to ask, seriously, why it is that the “best & brightest” are leaving in droves, never to come back… Are you capable of that depth of consideration, or am I speaking to a drone?

  2. And let’s not forget his government’s stance on Gaza. In his speech at Waitangi he said “we [the government] believe in the rule of law.” Perhaps it should have been – ” we believe in the rule of war.”

    • @ Y. Exactly.
      It’s been said that the definition of madness is to do the same thing while expecting different results.
      @ MB writes ” He’s a virgin at an orgy.” Virgins at orgies are not virgins for long whereas terminal fools remain, by definition, terminally stupid.
      Luxon’s stupidity can be identified by his wanting to be the head management at National Co Ltd, a dead duck sinking, a malignant organisation doomed by its very internals, to be the victim of its own inbreeding. 88 years ago National Co Ltd was born of a coagulation of grog swillers and lazy bar flies with the smell whores and easy money rising from their moustaches who’d a listened to their own tremendous opinions of each other to set forth and fuck everyone and everything everywhere over for as much money as they could and that, is exactly what they did and stupidly try to keep doing so in an age of information able to be obtained at literally the speed of light into every lounge, kitchen, ear, eye and arsehole immediately 24/7/365. Luxon, is the head of the Natzo Co Ltd dinosaur sinking into the tar pit. My fear is he’ll drag us down with him and his dreams and fantasies of being a Germanic dictator that some love and some others fear while the main body of the population can’t fucking believe their eyes and ears. A dumpy cock dragging everyone down with his hopes and dreams of being a King of kinds as he’s circled by confederates who pretend they’re his mates.
      Remember. Today’s politics isn’t about how to maintain a standard of living to enable us to sail into an unknowable future. It’s about how to hide what the dirty bastards have been doing to us for 88 fucking years now.
      The [change] we so desperately and urgently need isn’t going to come from our perverse and corrupted political management. It’s only going to come from us, the public. We ‘Normals’. We ‘Above Grounders’ the ‘Pink and Cleaners’. ( I think that’s from Raymond Briggs). We, are the politic. Not them. They’re merely management and fuck are they shit at it.
      My list.
      Defending workers rights. To add to that, Farmers and Maori must unite to protect themselves for the good of everyone who needs to eat and have a place to stand on AO/NZ.
      Capping rentals and removing tax privileges from ‘developers’ who are nothing much more that modern slavers.
      Tax ( Then investigate and asset strip as required.) the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires each with $50 million net and the entire profits from the four now foreign owned banks then ban them from ‘trading’ here in perpetuum.
      With those same taxes, we revitalise public transport and make rail and bus travel free to use with an emphasis on hydro powered electric rail. We had the infrastructure in place and all paid for but was destroyed in preference for the profits of private interests.
      As with all our resources, fishing must come with the cost of responsibility. Are privateers scouring our oceans to build fiefdoms and mansions or are they harvesting sustainably with an emphasis on local consumers. I have a house in a Port town and I never see a fish come off the boats. It’s processed, packed and frozen onboard then trucked off to fuck knows where and we’re left with Sea Lord and Sanford crumbed fush for about $1767475757523745273542537636472634.00 a kg.
      Rich people. Investigate, investigate, investigate. How do they get so absurdly rich on a small country with a voting population of three million who’s primary industry is agrarian? 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires each with $50 million net and four now foreign owned banks stealing your $180.00 a second 24/7/365? How? Prove it fuckers?
      If you can’t prove that you work very, very, very hard for that kind of hourly rate then that money isn’t yours. So who’s is it? Where did they get those multiples of billions from? The hyper riche need to explain themselves to us, it’s that simple. If they don’t, won’t or can’t. Then lets set OUR IRD on them? That’s what they’re there for after all. Not to whine about the $-fiver missing from the dole payment.
      Make tobacco all but free to purchase then shut the fuck up about it. Sorted.
      Re American war’s and aggression? Crop dust battle fronts with good E then drop ice creams instead of bombs. Equally sorted.
      There. I’ve done my bit as an AO/NZ citizen and as a human being.

  3. As mentioned in Bomber’s piece yesterday (on the abandonment of youngest generation), these neoliberals are essentially defeatists: proponents of ‘managed decline’, a term coined by Lord Sir Geoffrey Howe during the Thatcher administration. The associated propaganda seems to have produced a kind of national inferiority complex in places like N.Z. and Eastern Europe, and even a kind of anti-patriotism.

    But one must also remember that this spiral into backwardness is actually considered to be a triumph by people like English, Thatcher, Blair etc. The intent of neoliberal internationalisation — dubbed ‘globalism’ by Kissinger, also called ‘controlled disintegration’ by Fred Hirsch and Paul Volker — was always to lower wages, transfer the wealth upward, and then smash national sovereignty (in order to prevent angry workers and farmers from rolling back any changes).

  4. I always like your replies as they are reasoned and not personnal as some are. That is why I read this blog rather than those of the right which could easily just be an echo chamber .This way you see what other think and you can ponder on your own thoughts.
    Re Shane Jones he is an unpleasant slimball and I hate the fact he is my team so to speak.Still Luxon did warn us about voting NZF.


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