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  1. Does this indicate that formal education for males is a waste of time for trying to prepare them for living in a civilised advanced society?
    …Twenty-one social media accounts found to have sent abuse to match officials or players involved in the Rugby World Cup have been verified as originating from New Zealand.
    World Rugby in partnership with its research data analyst, is working with authorities in Australia, France, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to help prosecute those responsible.
    One individual in Australia had been charged for online abuse.
    According to the report, 6 percent of accounts that were abusive and had their location verified were from New Zealand…

    Ut would be informative to know the breakdown of abuse from the various countries; NZ was 6% with 21 senders. Where did the other 94% come from?

  2. From nz Geographic The Weekender – a snippet of real life with feeling:

    …This isn’t what happened with Cyclone Gabrielle. The devastation was immense. The clean-up was practically non-existent when it came to people’s homes. Until a bunch of volunteers turned up, organised themselves into crews, and started tackling ruined houses.

    The volunteers came from all around the country. They knew something about being left out or dismissed. They didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the people they were helping, but that hasn’t stopped them. A year later, they’re still going.

    Sometimes this country feels as though it has been irreversibly divided, and those of us on one side of the fissure can’t hear anything the people on the other side are shouting. In this story, the fissure closes, a little.

    I wish the same thing for all of us this Waitangi Day.

    They have decided to do some stories about NZ/AO coping with tragedies with help and heart alongside. It’s very bracing. You may like to support this valuable, but affordable, NZ/AO publication –
    We intend to bring you more deeply researched longform journalism online at It’s funded by subscriptions. If you’re a subscriber, thank-you. If you’re not, please enjoy the story, and consider supporting more of this kind of work—it costs less than a dollar a week.
    Try for just $1
    Try for just $1. contains more than 2200 …

    …”All the seabirds at present, and it has been going on for a number of years, are really struggling with starvation in relation to climate change impacts so we are seeing a huge number of seabird losses in terms of deceased birds being reported but also unwell, emaciated seabirds.”

    Luecht said there was no doubt the seabird deaths and seal deaths were linked.
    “Essentially we are seeing the start of an eco-system collapse so that’s really grim news, I always really struggle with how to raise awareness without driving hopelessness, there needs to be a call to action for some policy changes within New Zealand and also regional changes like increasing marine reserves, at least in the short term.”
    Luecht said Kaikōura was in urgent need of a wildlife hospital to rehabilitate unwell animals and protect the region’s biodiversity….

  4. From comment today from Dr Bryce Edwards column roundup –
    “The woes of Wellington are man-made. Or, more precisely, they are a product of local government. To understand this, you only need to stroll around the capital. You will struggle to walk for more than five minutes without running into a puddle, even on dry and sunny days. That is because leaks are everywhere in the city. Some are small, others create impromptu fountains, and most take weeks, if not months, to repair. While one is being fixed, another two or three typically crop up elsewhere.”

    Whoever said that Wellington’s faults are those of government cause is mouthing the same old pap. It is a different pap needed – local government is harassed by central government, central government is harassed by opening its arms too wide to big busines and pressing it to its bosom, and big business has all the higher points of perspective in the country looking over our heads.

    Together they all prey on the people in a way deleterious to us all – even those who think they are hot stuff (I think the ‘d’ word is right but I’m just a lazy NZ/AO so scorn me and take no notice.) That’s what we-all down here are used to.

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