NZ First’s Qanon conspiracy against WHO will make us a global joke

Q Zealand under the NZ First Conspiracy Theory Kingdom

International warning over Govt’s ‘rare’ stance on WHO

The Government’s decision to reject minor amendments to global health rules just days after taking office risked undermining international work towards a new pandemic treaty, foreign diplomats told New Zealand health officials.

NZ First is a banjo twanging, anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying, redneck cross burning conspiracy theory party and the cavalcade of political circus freak ideas Winston’s reliance on these lunatics generates are jaw dropping in their gleeful bigotry and wilful ignorance.

Winston’s need to appeal to the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom via Reality Check Radio, The Platform and Facebook page groups who believe crystals can cure cancer means he is reliant on Qanon social policy.

He’s turned New Zealand into Q Zealand.

Election 2023: New Zealand First’s 47 most interesting (and bizarre) policies

NZ First Foreign Policy    

Require a national interest test to stop us being dictated to by the United Nations and agencies like the World Health Organization   

TDB Recommends

Defund any public participation in the World Economic Forum and related bodies, where their deliberations intend the removal of independent democratic decision making by sovereign nations   

NZ First want to pull out of WHO because up in Northland, the yokels formed late night discussion meetings at secret locations to fearfully tell one another that WHO colluded with a Satanist child molesting cabal to manufacture Covid and release it for a shadowy globalist agenda that revolves around basic infrastructure and social planning goals of living 15 minutes  away from where you work.

As utterly insane as this is, the Northland yokels (after holding their late night information meetings) launched vigorous grass root attempts to push these weirdo conspiracy theories.

One impact of this was Democracy NZs policy:

“Cancel agreements with the World Health Organisation and unelected private entities which undermine national self-determination”

Seeing as NZ is a founding member of the World Health Organisation, we are talking hundreds of pieces of public health legislation that has saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives over that time.

Basic biology and medical scientific fact gleamed and distilled from WHO best practices have probably saved hundreds of millions of lives over its creation and the idea that this is now somehow a Satanic cabal running mystical agendas is breathtaking in its idiocy.

Not to be left behind in the conspiracy stakes, Shane Jones wrote a critical attack in June of this year on the World Health Organisation, where he played to the exact same scare mongering insinuations of a shadowy global conspiracy because the conspiracy theorists of Northland were so vocal in their demands.

NZ First flirted with the conspiracy theorists and are now beholden to this new conspiracy electorate because they only scrapped over the 5% with 6%.

This is why Winston was claiming Jacinda knew about the Christchurch Terrorist because one of the favourite conspiracies in the conspiracy theory swamp is Jacinda planned the terror attack in Christchurch so she could ban guns to enable the child molesting satanic Global Cabal to take over NZ.

I know, totally batshit crazy, but that’s what these feral anti-vax lunatics believe!

NZ First isn’t interested in actually discussing health, it’s just fringe culture war talking points thrown out as chum for their batshit crazy voters.

Winston was raging about transgender bathrooms FFS!

Normally once in power, NZ First settles back into their usual crony scams with side hustles and vested interests, but because they are barely over 5%, they need to grow the conspiracy electorate, not dismiss it.

Corrupt conspiracy theory as social policy!

This is what we is now. This is who we are.

That wasn’t an election, it was a tormented grudge fuck against Labour that has spewed forth a political bile that poisons all it stains.

This is going to be the funniest, most insane, most stupid, most horrific 3 years ever.


ACT/National/NZFirst Cabinet


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  1. “funniest, most insane, most stupid, most horrific 3 years ever.”
    Except that it won’t last 3 years.
    My pick is that Winnie will trigger an implosion (while blaming ACT) around the time he has to hand over the DPM to David!

    • @Tony Veitch – I agree with you. Those who voted for this triumvirate – aka the devils fork with three prongs – will reap what they have sown (without trying to be too biblical).

      I will also be very surprised if it lasts 3 years. I see that the coalition government, or should I say the government of chaos, has already dropped in the polls:

      • Easy to label them as the gum-mint of chaos but what did we have before? The spectator govt, keeping a watch on the embers of potential fires, ready to sacrifice a few properties so as to keep to fire-fighting budget. (I’m talking metaphorically here firefighters, we love you and don’t want this to be happening to you.)

        And the replacement gum-mint to the one with a hole – what form will that take. What’s the latest tv or games monster? Something more human-looking than that but with the same destructive obsessions.

  2. Firstly, we must understand what NZ First is to understand why it does what it does.
    NZ First is the National Party in cloned MMP drag. Winston’s job as a Natzo operative, is to go yapping off in the wrong direction at the first sign of trouble taking a curious yet mindless rabble with him in toothless, gape-mouthed adoration. Thanks to Winston peters I learned the meanings of the words ‘Machiavellian’ and ‘Confederate’. Also. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock sucker motherfucker and tits. ( Thanks George Carlin)
    The National Party today, isn’t just a globule containing NZ First either. Since about 1984 The National Party with the help of that small arch-traitor roger douglas has consumed Old Labour, The Green Party, The Maori Party then shat out ACT and now, with the help of various traitors and inside-outers fearful of losing their self imposed salvage rights to the destruction of traditional, once-was sustainable farming practises which are now being replaced by a Chinese Economy dairying scam with greed on their side to school our MSM how to fuck us on the deal. Oh, and lets not forget that other scam, carbon credits. Smothering food producing land with pine trees is surely the definition of madness to most but then most don’t fully understand the insanity of greed either and it’s to those people whom I’d like to draw their attention to this:
    The Guardian.
    George Monbiot
    “Some psychologists believe our values tend to cluster around certain poles, described as “intrinsic” and “extrinsic”. People with a strong set of intrinsic values are inclined towards empathy, intimacy and self-acceptance. They tend to be open to challenge and change, interested in universal rights and equality, and protective of other people and the living world.
    People at the extrinsic end of the spectrum are more attracted to prestige, status, image, fame, power and wealth. They are strongly motivated by the prospect of individual reward and praise. They are more likely to objectify and exploit other people, to behave rudely and aggressively and to dismiss social and environmental impacts. They have little interest in cooperation or community. People with a strong set of extrinsic values are more likely to suffer from frustration, dissatisfaction, stress, anxiety, anger and compulsive behaviour” ( like tugging the hair of staff at restaurants) “

  3. There should be an urgent message sent that NZ is lost at sea. Some people from Nelson some decades ago failed to return from a secret fishing trip but no-one could find them in time to save them. It would be best to announce to the world that our nationhood has been purloined by The Boys fom the ‘Hood.

    Our compass has gone and we’re drifting into authoritarian waters. USA Coastguards, are as active as scouts from an ant colony, and they or someone will come along and sort us out and scoop us up in their small-mesh net.

  4. It was fascinating how quickly Winston moved the goalposts with Q anon. one minute he was castigating them, the next he was kissing their arses. If I had ever thought of voting for Winston, the thought vanished in that instant.

  5. Won’t make any difference. Just look at how Ardern let COVID run wild when closing the borders early and enforcing really hardcore lockdowns could have completely stopped it from spreading here, while China kept it under control very successfully until germbreeders like D.T. and Modi and Ardern let it become endemic.


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