New Poll shows Hard Right Racist Government dramatically slumps


Roy Morgan’s New Zealand Poll for December 2023 shows new Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and the National-led Government (National, ACT & NZ First) with a majority of 51.5% (down 6.5% from November) in their first month since being sworn in on November 27, 2023.

Support for National was down 1.5% to 36%, while support for ACT dropped 3% points to 9.5% and support for NZ First was down 2% points to 6%.

In December support for the defeated Labour-Greens-Maori Party Parliamentary Opposition was at 42.5%, up 6.5% points from November.

Support for Labour increased 1% point to 22% while support for the Greens surged 3% points to 15.5% – the highest support for the Greens for over a year since October 2022 and support for the Maori Party was up 2.5% points to 5%.

The slump should surprise no one, this is the worst start of any Government in modern NZ history!

Who had ‘join a US War’ and ‘tax breaks for Tobacco’ on their first 100 day bingo card?

The game afoot now is the desperate camouflaging of just how hard right and racist this Government is.

From Democracy Project to Ben Thomas to Liam Hehir, the message is that this hard right racist Government isn’t hard right and racist at all, they are in fact very moderate.

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Are they now?

The leaked memo from the Ministry of Justice highlights that the Governments agenda to start legislating a new definition of the Treaty that dumps 30 years of NZ jurisprudence on Treaty rights will cause enormous backlash…

Leaked ministry advice suggests proposed Treaty Principles Bill ‘highly contentious’

A leaked paper from the Ministry of Justice says the coalition Government’s proposed legislation to define the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi could be “highly contentious”.

Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi posted an image of one page of the document to social media early this morning, encouraging his followers to let the document “fuel … our fire”, a reference to his party’s opposition to several Māori-focused policies of the new Government.

…REMEMBER, this Government is moderate and middle of the road and it is NOT hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing anti-worker, anti-renter Party at all!

TDB was very vocal right from the beginning that a National/ACT/NZF Government would be a toxic brew of beneficiary bashing, Māori bashing, Worker bashing, Renter bashing, climate denial, Qanon culture war revenge fantasies as social policy hard right racist Government, but not even we thought they’d also pimp for Tobacco and conspiracy theories.

This is a Government directed by two right wings.

One is anti-science hate and the other is pro-science hate.

The tail wags the dog.

If only all those ‘leftists’ on Twitter who were so incremental when we were actually in power and who were mostly involved in handing the right cancel culture war ammunition were as focused on economics then as they all seem to be now

We’d probably still be in power!

We now can see the full hard right racist agenda of this Government and the obscene direction they intend to take for their political donors.

This fight against the most right Government ever elected will demand a level of resistance that crosses into civil disobedience because it will require mass civil disobedience protests to fight this Government’s hard right racist agenda.

The very soul of NZs egalitarianism is at stake here and if we don’t recruit and broaden our appeal as a movement, we will lose 2026 and the vandalism this new hard right Government passes becomes the new benchmark.

The narrative constructed by Democracy Project and the rest of the Right Wing Troll Choir is that Labour is to blame for Jacinda having the temerity to save us from 20 000 needless Covid deaths and for promoting a secret pro-Māori agenda!

Now while middle class woke cancel culture identity politics fanatics mostly based inside the Greens sure as Christ didn’t help and alienated vast chunks of voters from the Left, using their woke dogma intolerance as a justification for a raft of Culture War revenge fantasies based in conspiracy alongside a punitive and counter productive policy is no justification at all!

Yes middle class woke trans activists were alienating and identity politics drove voters away, BUT THAT DOESN’T JUSTIFY:

  • Attacking Worker Rights
  • Attacking Renter Rights
  • Taking $555million form the poorest families
  • Vandalising Public transport
  • Starting a race baiting war on Māori while attempting to legislate away the Treaty.
  • Stopping cameras on fishing fleets.
  • Robbing Climate Change funds and road safety funds for tax cuts to rich people.
  • Allowing 8000 tobacco deaths for tax cuts WHILE GETTING US INTO A COUNTER PRODUCTIVE AMERICAN WAR!!!!


The Right are arguing for majoritarianism and pretending that’s democracy! The moral worth of majoritarianism is that 51% can vote to kill the other 49% – that isn’t democracy!

A modern liberal progressive Democracy acknowledges the inequalities the tyranny of the majority can generate and actively works to counter those privileges.

What we have here as an attack on those the National Party, ACT and NZ First hate.

That’s not democracy, that’s a Government of Malice and Spite.

It’s no surprise voters are backing away from this hard right racist climate denying nightmare.

Oh and no one believes in Labour any more.

There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief

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  1. Yes we have gone from useless to a f’ing train wreck.

    This latest iteration of government is all about spite and complete bullshit (ok bullshit was in the mix prior to last election but that was amateur in comparison). That insufferable dog turd of a man Winston Peters needs to sod off and it’s now evident that he and Seymour don’t get on because they are the same person. So absolutely full of their own self importance that they actually believe some of the bs that flows from their mouths. Give me Luxon over those two any day ( that make no sense to me either but somewhere in that corporate mannequin there is light in the darkness).

  2. More of the camouflaging is starting to come off

    National campaigned on slashing spending across 24 public agencies.

    Now, Finance Minister Nicola Willis’ office has confirmed she asked “all departments” to identify savings in December, not just those listed in National’s election policy.


    National promised frontline services will not be impacted by the cuts, but Public Service Association national secretary Duane Leo said this was not possible.

  3. I don’t think the electorate has a clue how clueless clusterfuxon and his unconscionable corporate conglomerate are.

    I thought it would be a slow dawning as the scales sluggishly fell from their sleepy stupid eyes. But no!! The incompetence is so regular, and so profound, that the sleepy electorate have been shaken from their revery wanting to chew their arm off and purge what they have found themselves in bed with.
    Screaming at the top of their voices…’What have i done’!!!!!

    Their ideas are ridiculously stupid and unworkable….Expect clusterfuck after clusterfuck, and a lot more unnecessary deaths and hardship from this rag tag bunch of hapless monkeys, as they try to fit a square peg into a round hole!

  4. There is this one other small, tiny little thing. Nothing really.
    National, ACT and NZ First are the same thing and that thing is a political mechanism designed to steal then squander our export industry money because of its unique nature of production, its perishable nature re trade or it’s easy storage while shipped to mysterious, well monied foreign lands where that export product is sold to dodgy as fuck distributors who work in with the tyranny of the so called ‘producer boards’ who contrive to ramp up moaning about the difficulties of distribution, reluctant consumers and of how their favourite hooker’s just got drunk and fallen down the stairs of the five star hotel and broke their favourite anal intruder dildo strap-on while ramping down returns to the producers ( Farmers) while working against their suppliers being our farmers to keep them in poverty so they must, at all costs, give their produce away. Quite literally.
    I wonder just how many of you reading the above understand what I’ve just written?
    Labour? You’re correct @ MB. No one believes in Labour anymore. Mainly because Labour, within it’s historical context no longer exists. Roger douglas murdered it back in 1984, remember. Ask weird little chicken-lips seymour about that?

  5. This result is only the beginning, the coalition government is at olds with a number of sectors of the NZ. For example Luxon , has banned cell phones from schools unless the phones are used for educational purposes, so it’s not a ban at all, however Mahurangi College has banned cell phones, as of today.The problem with a ban is, some students, of lower social/economic families cannot afford IPads or clones, so they use cell phones. This example,which is one of many demonstrates a total disconnect of the National party to the actual situations of many NewZealand families. Coupled with Lixon belief that $60 can purchase adequate food for an individual for a week, turns out he only bought Wheatbipx and milk. The finance minister, comment ” $20 tax cut is not to be sniffed at” is just unbelievable, one might be able to buy a couple of Domino’s pizzas for $20, how condescending, her ability as a cabinet minister is abysmal, she should realize, that the electorate is not as stupid as she is.This government is incompetent and out of touch with what living in New Zealand is like. Their clumsy, ill informed tinkering is going to have consequences, that may take years to correct.

    • Many schools in Chch had already banned phones but with most of the teaching profession left leaning it is not hard to work out why they want the plan to fail. Luxon never said $60 would buy enough food information a week the comment was taken out of context . You lefties need to get over losing and stop being bitter it will not be good for u .

      • Terrible snide remark. Teachers are professional and you suggesting they want the plan to fail is typical of you righties spouting your ignorance. Truly pathetic.
        And now you are the spokesman for Luxon ( comment out of context) . You idiot.

    • Correct Joe. Another very badly thought out idea was to slice the public health sector to bits just to fund tax cuts. Te Whatu Ora NZ Health has started the 6.5% savings target set by National by simply no longer employing staff. When last in power they did the same thing resulting in huge losses to Australia and burnouts to understaffing. Labour were in repair mode for 6 years.
      So whilst those who voted National on tax cuts rejoice their $20, remember that when you can’t get into ED or struggle to visit your local GP or hospital due to staff shortages. It’s dejavu all over again with this National government.

    • Correct. Let us wait until a year in to see the direction we are going. Most of the ministers are finding their feet and there is bound to be some missteps. Luxon warned the country a coalition including Winston would be hard work but that is what the voters wanted so he has to work around to make the best of it.
      Personally I find Shane Jones hard to take but themselves the breaks .The worst of this coalition is better than the best of Labour Greens, TPM which is the alternative.

  6. Although racism and discrimination are interrelated concepts, they have different meanings.

    Racism refers to the belief that some races are superior or inferior to others and the resulting prejudice, discrimination, or mistreatment of people based on their race or ethnicity. Racism; It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including hate speech, hate crimes, institutional racism and systemic discrimination.

    Discrimination is; It means unfair or prejudiced treatment of people based on personal characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability. Discrimination; It can take many forms, including exclusion, marginalization, stereotyping, or unequal treatment.

    Although racism is a form of discrimination, not all discrimination is racist. While discrimination can occur based on any personal characteristic, racism relates specifically to race or ethnicity.

    It is important to remember that both racism and discrimination are harmful and can have serious consequences for individuals and society as a whole. It is of great importance to work towards the elimination of both types.

    Race and Racism

    Race; It is a term used to describe groups of people who share physical, cultural or geographical characteristics. While race is a valid descriptor of some differences between people, it is important to recognize that race is a social construct that has historically been used to justify discrimination, prejudice, and inequality.

    Racism is the belief that certain races are inherently superior or inferior to others and the practice of treating people differently based on their race. Racism can manifest itself in individual attitudes and behaviors as well as institutional policies and practices that disadvantage certain racial groups.

    Racism can have a profound impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. It can lead to discrimination, marginalization, and social and economic inequality. It can also contribute to the perpetuation of stereotypes, prejudices and hatred.

    It is important to acknowledge the historical and ongoing impact of racism and actively work to eliminate it at both the individual and systemic levels. This includes educating ourselves and others, challenging racist attitudes and behaviors, advocating for policies and practices that promote equality and justice, and working to build inclusive and diverse communities.

  7. ODT 16 January
    Voters appear to have warmed to the Government over the summer break, with the first poll of the new year showing National breaking the 40 per cent threshold.
    National hit 41 per cent in January, a massive jump from the 36.5 per cent it scored in the December poll.

    It’s a first for this particular poll, which began in 2021, a particularly bad period for the party. The poll comes from Curia market research, which also conducts National’s internal party polling. It is comparable with the Taxpayers’ Union-Curia poll which has been paused over summer.

    The last time a party polled above 40 in the poll was in February 2022, when Labour polled 42.3 per cent.

    Now, Labour is static on 28.4 per cent. The Greens polled 9.5 per cent, down one point. Act rose from 6.3 per cent last month to 7.8 per cent in January. NZ First polled 5.6 per cent, down from 8.1 per cent last month. Te Pāti Māori fell to 3.6 per cent from 5 per cent.


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