Winston scrambling to clean up Luxon’s Palestinian Aid fiasco



Winston has to clean up Luxon’s Palestinian Aid fiasco…

New Zealand could continue UN Gaza aid if ‘rotten apples’ dealt with – Peters

New Zealand would likely continue funding the UN agency delivering aid in Palestine if concerns about its staff were dealt with, the Foreign Affairs Minister says.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon on Tuesday confirmed New Zealand was reviewing future payments to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

…yesterday, under immense pressure from the Taxpayer’s Union and The Platform, Luxon caved in and brainfarted this…

Heading into National’s caucus meeting this morning, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Christopher Luxon confirmed New Zealand would be halting further funding for the agency until Foreign Minister Winston Peters gave the go-ahead.

“Look, I mean the allegations are incredibly serious, it’s important they are properly understood and investigated, we won’t be making any further contributions until the Foreign Minister says it’s good to do so,” Luxon said.

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“That’ll take as long as it takes.”

…Winston has had to scramble and clean up Luxon’s blunder in just another example of Luxon speaking out of both sides of his mouth telling the uydience what he thinks they want to hear.

He does it telling the press Gallery he won’t rule out supporting ACTs race war referendum and then tells Māori that he won’t.

He did it with National’s Tax Cut pretending it was $250 for everyone and he did it again today by claiming Mark Mitchell is wrong about expanding Police recruitment numbers out to 3 years when National promised 2 years.

This is another shonky example of how Luxon says one thing and then has to walk it back 24 hours later.

Meanwhile Palestinians keep getting bombard and this Government is supporting America’s latest war.


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  1. I think the UN have already fired the workers allegedly involved in the ghetto breakout. Pretty sick of Israel and it’s accomplices to use this alleged incident to stop UN aid to Palestine, people now recognized as making up the majority of the world’s starving. It’s collective punishment and inexcusable cruelty and yet another crime against humanity. I heard an analogy yesterday that it was like withholding all funding for the NHS because Lucy Letby murdered those babies. In New Zealand it would be like blaming all Australians for the Christchurch massacre – after we had slaughtered 30,000 Aussies across the ditch. Imagine if Israel were held to account for the entirety of it’s crimes in the region, the murder of civilians, the forced displacement, the starvation, the targeting of hospitals and refugee centers, the broadcasting of intent by command and soldiers. The world would have to withhold funding to the country for ever. It’s also a pathetic attempt to play politics with aid and divert attention away from the ICJ ruling. These people have not learnt a thing from their past.

  2. Mitchell was acting all arrogant when being interviewed. Luxon is in for a rough ride with some of his lot showing very arrogant, I know best tendencies. Luxon has said he has muddled up (Mitchell) the cracks are starting to form only weeks into the job and the new leader is having to make excuses for his Ministers.

  3. How else will Bibi mow the lawns. It’s crazy wanting aid to Palistine but you don’t want to use the existing infrastructure. That’s nuts. You just going to fly into Arafat International like there isn’t a war trying to end Hamas? Guys. This is to much.

  4. A little gem I found….

    If you wanted to starve and displace Palestinians you would go after the UNRWA.
    Palestinian refugees registered with the UNRWA have a *right of return* to Gaza if they’re displaced.
    Over 6 million Palestinians are registered with the UNRWA.
    If this organisation collapses… NO Palestinian will have the right to return to their homeland.
    Do you now understand why they are trying to destroy the UNRWA…?

  5. New word in the Oxford Dictionary N.Z.Edition…

    Clusterfuxon: When a person chan ges their position on any given topic and then repeatedly states that someone else has ‘misspoken’ to cover up their own lack of ability, knowledge and competence.

    • Ardenesk: pretends to be for the people and of the people, promotes kindness. Then introduces policy that divides the country by granting Maori unprecedented power, 3 Waters and Co-Governance, never campaigned on but introduced as policy. Changed all Govt departments to maori names 90% of NZ do not understand.
      Ardenesk: racial division with a smile!

      • Except that Ardenesk is a figment of your imagination, along with the other simpletons who would rather believe a lie than do anything that improves the country for all of us

  6. So if NZ is not going to send food to starving Palestinians via the United Nations we had better get the Red Cross to load up a Navy supply ship and some Hercules and send those to Palestine instead. A bit like when we used to send Navy ships to Mururoa to point out what’s wrong and what’s right in the world.


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