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  1. Ir’s interesting sitting on the sidelines of great earth faultlines. I feel like a figure in one of those clear globes that you shake and cause the weather to change as you watch.
    …Study author and GNS Science geologist Dr Russ Van Dissen said he and colleagues, from the University of Southern California and University of Sheffield, wanted to know whether the plate motion was always being accommodated in the same way across the system – or if it was being shouldered by individual faults within it, at different times.

    The answer lay within tell-tale signs of displacement in exposed river terrace surfaces.
    Contrary to long-held assumptions, they discovered it had maintained a steady boundary slip rate over the last 12,000 to 14,000 years – allowing the entire system to “keep up” with hundreds of metres of plate movement.

    More interestingly, they found the faults essentially worked together to take up this motion, with some slipping faster than others at different periods.
    “It’s like a trade-off: we might see one fault speeding up and another slowing down, but the rate of motion across the system stays the same,” Van Dissen said….

  2. Might be a silly question, but who does NZ export to, and import from?
    I’ve google ooogled ………… and …………..
    I only ask because it seems to me we’d be more reliant on the Panama Canal for the majority of export/imports and where there is reliance on the Suez, it’d be more to do with stuff we want, rather than need (aside from wheat/flower, etc)
    It’s a genuine question

    • OwT You’re a flower (flour) of the field.
      Psalm 103:14-15 KJV. For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust. As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

  3. A summation of the situation when Labour was in one of its recent confusions from Chris Trotter.
    The Hollow Party Jan.29/24
    The long-planned and impressively seamless transition from Ardern to Hipkins in January 2023 showed just how comprehensive the Troika’s victory over the party had been. No one dared stand against “Chippie”, who now attempted to execute a series of policy U-turns in the name of returning to Labour’s “bread and butter”.

    Without focus group approval, no policy – not even one promoted by the Finance and Revenue ministers working together – could count on the Leader’s support. Progressive initiatives in justice and corrections were jettisoned overnight for no better reason than the polls had pronounced them unpopular. About the only policies that remained sacrosanct were those related to the aims and objectives of identity politics. These had to remain in place – if only to reassure Labour MPs that they were still on the side of the angels. Unfortunately for Labour’s re-election chances, these were precisely the policies that a majority of the voters hated most.
    Chris Trotter


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