23 centres nationwide to protest Israeli/US genocide in Gaza and New Zealand joining the US-led war on Yemen


23 centres around New Zealand will protest this weekend against the government’s failure to call for an end to Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza (see list of events at the end of this advisory)

The protest will also focus on this week’s Luxon-government decision to join the US-led war on Yemen.

At a time when the vast majority of humanity is condemning the Israeli/US rampage in Gaza, our government is pushing against the tide to attack a group demanding an end to the genocide.

Alongside the US, we are giving the fingers to the world.

We are joining the wrong side in the most dangerous divide in world politics.

The National Party has been here before when they defended apartheid South Africa till the dying days of the racist regime. They are on a similar path with the racist, apartheid state of Israel.

National Day of Action against Port Companies

Saturday 27th January is also a national day of action aimed at port companies which service ZIM Shipping – the company bringing arms and ammunition into Israel. This action is incorporated into this week’s actions (see details on leaflet at the end of this advisory)

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Details of the protest events across the country are on our Facebook event page here (the basic details are below)

John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa




North Island

Saturday 27 January
10:00 am
Meet outside No 1 Gallery

Saturday 27 January
TBA – Check PSNA Facebook events page for details

Whangarei – Rally and Kite Flying
Saturday 27 January
10:00 am
Start at Whangārei Town Basin in front of Hundertwasser Building

Auckland – Picket the Port to ZIM Shipping
Saturday 27 January
3:00 pm
Corner of Solent Street and Tamaki Drive

Auckland – Rally and March
Sunday 28 January
3:00 pm Speeches start at 3:15 pm March at 3:45 pm
Aotea Square, Queens street

Tauranga – Picket the Port to ZIM Shipping
Saturday 27 January
11:00 am
Mirrielees Rd & Cross Rd

Hamilton – Rally
Saturday 27 January
1:00 pm
End of Wairere Drive and Naylor Street, Hillcrest

Saturday 27 January
TBA – Check PSNA Facebook events page for details

Napier – Picket the port to ZIM shipping
Saturday 27 January
11:30 am
Roundabout – Marine Parade and Tennyson Street

Hastings – Rally
Sunday 28 January
2:00 pm
Hastings Town Clock – Hastings CBD

Palmerston North
Saturday 27 January
2:30 pm (please note change of time)
The Square, Palmerston North

New Plymouth – Flags on the Bridge
Friday 26 January (Every Friday)
4:30 pm
Paynters Ave Bridge, New Plymouth

New Plymouth – Rally
Saturday 27 January
1:00 pm
The Landing, 1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth

Whanganui – Rally
Saturday 27 January
11:00 am
Riverside Market

Wellington – Rally and March for Gaza (Hosted by Justice for Palestine)
Saturday 27 January
2:00 pm
Civic Square, Wellington

South Island
Nelson – Rally
Saturday 27 January
10:30 am
1903 Square, Upper Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Saturday 27 January
11:00 am
Blenheim Railway Station

Christchurch – Picket the Port at Lyttleton
Saturday 27 January
1:00 pm
Albion Square – Lyttleton

Christchurch/Lyttleton Public Meeting
Tuesday 30 January
7:00 pm
Lyttleton Coffee Co, 29 London Street, Lyttleton

Saturday 27 January – Rally
Check out the PSNA Facebook events page on Friday for time and place

Saturday 27 January – Rally
11:00 am
Earnslaw Park, Queenstown

TBA – Check PSNA Facebook events page for details

Saturday 27 January
1:00 pm
Otago Museum Reserve to the Octagon, Dunedin

Friday 26 January
5:30 pm
Wachner place Invercargill

Leaflet for National Day of Action against our Port Companies


  1. Will there be facilities there to donate directly to Hamas and / or further terrorist organisations such as The Taliban / Isis?

    • Yes, and not only that, there will be a specialist there with all the information on how you can get that gender reassignment that you so desperately want, you’ll be able to finally come out to the world as Jane Brown.

      • Does the IDF have to slaughter women and children while they pretend to be remotely concerned about getting the hostages back? I don’t think asking that question has anything to do with “siding with the enemy”. The Israeli administration is every bit as feral as Hamas.

    • The real problem James is the terrorist state of Israel and the United States. Both terrorist States. Ever listened to Noam Chomsky the Jewish linguist, academic and public intellectual and citizen of the United States

      Let me know when you have watched that and read these books – then and only then will you understand why Hamas was elected in Palestine and if voting were held tomorrow Hamas would be re-elected.

      The ethnic cleansing of Palestine – Ilane Pappe (Jewish)
      Israel a Beachhead in the middle east – Stephen Gowans
      The Palestine Laboratory – Antony Loewenstein (Jewish)
      The Last Earth – Ramzy Baroud (Palestinian)
      The making of Hamas’s foreign policy – Daud Abdullah ( former Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain)
      The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk (deceased, middle East journalist)
      The Question of Palestine – Edward Said (Palestinian)
      The biggest prison on earth – Ilane Pappe (Jewish)
      On Palestine – Noam Chomsky (Jewish)
      Palestine a four thousand year history – Nurma Masalha (Palestinian)
      The Invention of the land of Israel – Shlomo Sand (Jewish)


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