Chloe stands for co-leadership and delivers best politics speech in a generation


Chloe has just announced she is standing as co leader in what is the best speech in a. generation.

She lashed the right wing self interest and greed with righteousness.

She is the one who can do it.

The Right should be very frightened.

So should Labour.

Her attack on Labour as a mere ‘legacy’ party is 100% true and is a warning shot across the bows of Chippy’s leadership.

On Sunday I’ll ask, The question isn’t ‘can’ Chloe be co leader, the question is ‘should’ she?

“I am a proud member of the Green Party. More than any other party we understand that there is far greater leadership out there in the community than there is in the so-called halls of power. I am here to serve my communities. Over the past three days, they have asked me to stand up and put myself forward for this role,” says Chlöe Swarbrick.

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“Conventional, incremental politics has failed to rise to the challenges we face – those intertwined climate, inequality, biodiversity and housing crises.

“What is possible in politics is only ever defined by the willingness of those in power. As Co-leader, I want to show everyone in this country the power running through their veins to choose our future. We cannot leave politics to the politicians.

“Institutions are just made up of people making decisions, and throughout my lifetime, these decisions have been often constrained by systems designed to give power and privilege to the few. But this system is man-made and it can and must be remade.

“I will be spending the next few weeks talking to members of the Green Party about my vision for the future of our movement and to ask their trust in me. If I am elected to work alongside Marama Davidson, I will grow the Green movement to achieve tangible, real-world, people-powered change – as I have since I first signed up – but now, at even greater scale.

“That means more Green members across the country, running local campaigns and implementing local solutions. It means more Greens Local Body members, Councillors and Mayors. It means more Greens MPs in Parliament and ultimately, our nation’s first Green-led Government.

“I will challenge this Government’s cruel agenda and communicate the imagination, potential, and the necessary hope to mobilise for the sustainable, inspiring and inclusive Aotearoa that I see reflected every day in our communities,”

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  1. All the best to her. Here’s hoping she can deliver where predecessors haven’t, but she will be up against it. Forces within the party may attempt to undermine her

  2. Most important thing with the leadership in the Greens is that under no circumstances can two leaders be male. That must not happen. Two female leaders sure, no problem there. Two male leaders? Sexist!!

  3. Chloe Swarbrick: “If I am elected to work alongside Marama Davidson”

    Time for the Greens to drop the co-leadership model. I get the optimism behind Swarbrick being a leader, but why make her share the stage with someone else, someone like Davidson?

  4. There were some that raised Jacinda to sainthood then rebuffed her when she failed to deliver I hope thesame does not happen to Chloe. I do not agree with her on most things but I do admire her sincerity and hope she does well and can keep tye party on track as an environmental party. My fear is her Co leader with gomdown the social warrior path and forget the environment

    • Some have raised Luxon to knighthood already and yet at best he’s like an empty jacket potato. He can only dream to reach Arderns heights. He’s struggling to reign in Costello and Mitchell let alone a pandemic. National would die for the political intellect Chloe has.

  5. Errrr…what ‘forces’??? Dark murmurings with no proof given is just bullshit.
    Chloe is fantastic, so young and lots of years ahead of her and such a force to have as a leader, she will be great.
    Chippy needs to go, he is worse than useless and signifies all that went wrong with Labour. They need a dynamic leader with personality and conviction, or at the least someone who can convey that! Chippy is a pure functionary and he can just go away and no doubt happily function in some back office. He clearly has no idea about how he failed the working people, the poor people of NZ and eating copious amounts of sausage rolls and meat pies was the worst bullshit PR in a crucial election. What the fucking fuck????? His excuse of why they lost is a joke. I just see them sit by, relieved they don’t have to govern, twiddly their thumbs, coasting by on the politicians wage. Willy Jackson is the only politician in Labour that could possibly lead it back into the playing field so move over chipmunk and get the hell out like any decent leader would after such a round defeat.

    • What do you mean, “what ‘forces'”?

      They drove out not just Sue Bradford but even Jeanette Fitzsimons. The banker James Shaw, who differed from John Key in that he wore a special tshirt on ‘Pink Shirt Day’, drove out many more. I’d love to see the Green Party returning to having some principles, like they did a couple decades ago, but will not be holding my breath.

  6. My God, what great news. Those of you at the very rotten core of neo-liberalism, you should be quivering in fear, you fucking swine. You’ve wasted and ruined 40 years of the lives of the normal Aotearoa/ New Zealander. You’ve reduced many, if not most, to poverty and hardship after stealing our taxes paid for assets and infrastructure while at the same time enabling a grasping handful of multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires to pray unpon is while feeding the rapacious greed of now foreign owned banks. Chloe Swarbrick is an immense and rare force. If she becomes co-leader, I’m joining The Green Party.
    Farmers? Yes, you. You’re more in need of The Green Party than all other other parties combined, which isn’t saying much considering all other parties are the same tainted post roger douglas neo-liberal thing. And if you think that the Green Party are the worst fucking thing you need right now, then you’d be 180 degrees down in the darkest wrong.
    Getting Chloe’s The Green Party in conjunction with uniting alongside Maori would be the dawn of a new and wondrous era for farmers.
    P.S. Deals are being mooted by neo-liberals re trade with India. Be extremely cautious! This is precisely and exactly where being united with Maori and have The Green Party as your politic would be extraordinarily clever and enlightening on an on-going basis.
    This is a new dawn. A new day. Nina Simone.

    • Very true, we learnt that from the word salad by National pre election and yet Mitchell and Costello are still talking cabbage.

  7. I genuinely wish her well. But I wish she hadn’t taken a swipe at Labour. It sounded arrogant. Chippy’s response wishing her well was much more collegial. The issue isn’t taking votes from Labour, but getting other votes from centrist voters who decided to vote NAF this election. Labour owned the government in Parliament this week. They have a Minister on the run and Grant, Chippy and others’ experience really showed. It does matter.

  8. I think it could have been better. Greta Thunberg would have gathered up the generation that will be decimated in their prime.

    The Left goes mad over every green leaf in this desert for the future.

    Too much on her, but the burden her elders wouldn’t take up.

  9. With, is it 4 constituency MPs, the Greens remind me of Labour in the day, before they thought the self-interested rich knew best. Wellington and Akld Central are intelligent and liberal middle-classers, but the Greens’ programme is for the people! I can see them clearing out lousy Labour like the latter did the Liberals.

    Martyn, we would never have to see neoliberals for the Left ever again! The prick at The Standard with his computer knowledge could fuck himself in private for once.

  10. Good luck Chloe…

    The natzo underwear sniffers and trash can riflers will be searching every social media post she ever made and all the rest of their grubby surveillance and targeting techniques.

    The key is in her comments-community organising-politics is much more than the Parliamentary form, leaving it to MPs.

    Mr Bradbury seems to be asking should she stand, (which at a guess will be more about when to stand) with his wisdom to be revealed soon. My take is
    she definitely has done the right thing. The Green Party needs some go forward not languishing. Ms Swarbrick will work well with TPM and Labour while sticking it to the three amigos.


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