Dear New Government – China would like our water now thanks


After being led into America’s new war in the Red Sea, the Chinese are just reminding the new Government that they want to take our water now thanks…

Infrastructure NZ group calls for clarity on Government’s water reform plans

Infrastructure New Zealand is pushing for water infrastructure to be taken off the financial books of councils.

The industry group has urged the government to provide clarity around its water reform programme and the replacement for the Three Waters legislation as soon as possible.

…sorry, and who is Infrastructure NZ again?

Infrastructure NZs largest interests comprise of the China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China.

In 2017, Infrastructure NZ led a delegation of 33 senior New Zealand public and private representatives to the UK. The purpose of the all expenses paid delegation was to investigate Scotland’s infrastructure innovations since devolution, especially their water system which ended up being the structural basis for 3 Waters.

Criticism of the financial structure of 3 Waters raises serious questions about the ease with which a failing water entity could be privatized.

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Under the current 3 Waters legislation, the new water entities cannot be ‘bailed’ out by their council ‘owners’, and the entities are also empowered to sell assets if they can retain the capacity to exercise their duties functions and powers. The ‘owners’ can’t prevent this, nor can the Regional Representative Group or the appointment board.

The China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China are the domestic pimps for China’s Belt and Road project so why are we allowing Chinese interests to influence our infrastructure?

If they are the financial backers and the water assets go belly up, do they become the owners?

Why wasn’t this whole structure questioned in terms of who it’s actually benefiting, NZ or China?

That they are now prodding the new Government for direction and the fact Luxon has refused to rule them out when questioned about taking Chinese money for our infrastructure, this issue will not go away, especially as American and Chinese tensions ratchet up in the Pacific.


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  1. There was an old Jasper Carrot joke much of which I forget, but the punchline has always stuck in my mind. “And now we’ve got a bunch of sharks selling us our water”.

  2. “The China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China are the domestic pimps for China’s Belt and Road project so why are we allowing Chinese interests to influence our infrastructure?”

    Money’s the same regardless of where it comes from. Money, speaks a language that mesmerizes all politicians!

    • AO, money is NOT the same no matter where it comes from; all money comes with strings attached. Oversea’s money comes with foreign ownership, e. g. our banks (excessive) profits flowing off-shore. Once the money goes off-shore it is lost to the NZ economy.
      We have become serfs in our own country working to fund foreign landlords.

      • “all money comes with strings attached”

        That’s the point, that’s the point, this is the point.

        Now, if we can only extend this sliver of insight, past this one area of politics, into understanding that the majority of our political system has strings attached, and even worse, that the entire Western world, at least, has strings attached, then, then we might finally get the big picture – politicians put the interests of money over the interests of its citizens, more often than not – far more often than not. Thus, the system is broken and yes, serf city is exactly where we are all heading if we continually fail to see the bigger picture.

  3. The biggest problem is that all of our recent governments believe in private ownership and profit from utilities. Because utilities serve basic needs as opposed to desires people must use them. That poses an opportunity for private capital to take a risk free rental from them. A real Labour government would nationalise our utilities for the benefit of all.

  4. Oh dear. Are our leaders mendacious, callous and destructive or totally simple activated by dangling a carat before their eyes?

  5. The Chinese business/political community, like everyone else where business is business, can smell the presence of dirty money which means there’s corruption present which can be exploited.
    I’m sorry but I have to come back to this.
    So, let me get this straight. We have 14 multi-billionaires, right? Also 3118 multi-millionaires with a nett wealth of $50 million each and we have four now foreign owned banks i.e. jonky’s ANZ then ASB, BNZ and Westpac standing over is to steal a reported $180.00 a second. A SECOND! in nett profits 24/7/365 and yet we have people living in poverty and in dire hardship here made worse for the fact that they live in a paradise they can never reach to enjoy themselves. They just must watch others do that from their over-crowded hovels be-deviled by poverty.
    We pay huge money to elected politicians to con us out of our money and the right for us to enjoy our lives on our beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand just so a few bankster cunts can live beyond our wildest dreams and all we have to keep us sane is the worthless hope of winning fucking lotto.
    I must ask !? Where the fuck’s the revolution? Where’s the cops, at the very least? We’re all being fucked over. We’ve being conned. Oh my God! Why have we not yet awakened? Why are there no royal commission of inquiries? Where the fuck’s the fraud squad? The SIS? The SAS? The IRD? Where the fuck are they? It’s all truly gob smacking if one were to sit down long enough to think things through. The scale of the fraud that’s bedeviling us is so vast and so deeply embedded within our legal and political infrastructure that, because it’s all so big it can’t be seen. Isn’t that simply amazing? I’m sitting here writing this and my toes are literally curling.
    I finally understand the logic espoused by dirty little roger douglas back in 1984. Roger could see and understand what the fed reserve was doing to Americans and of how successful that was so all he had to do was the same fucking thing. He then went on to destroy our conventional politics and installed a script born of greed and cunning then he simply stood back and watched the criminals move in on us, thus neo-liberalism was born. In my opinion, there needs to be a police investigation because there are certainly grounds for requesting one in my humble opinion.
    This 8 minute clip is extraordinary.
    How to be a crook. As I’ve written here many times before:
    Ever wanted to rob your fellow man? Learn the different methods you can use… and learn who is using them on YOU right now.

  6. Infrastructure NZ was also recommending volumetric water charges be explored.

    Oh look. Mayor Tory Whanau has committed to bringing water meters to Wellington.


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