To arms! To arms! Luxon lied about Treaty Principles Bill


Prime Minister Christopher Luxon not ruling out voting for Treaty Principles Bill at second reading

The Prime Minister is refusing to rule out supporting a move to change the interpretation of the Treaty.

Christopher Luxon says he will support ACT’s Treaty Principals Bill to ‘clarify’ its meaning to Select Committee stage but won’t rule out taking it further.

It comes as he prepares to head to Rātana Pā on Wednesday.

To date Luxon has pretended that National won’t vote ACTs race war beyond a second reading and that has been the ‘safety valve’.

Luxon will allow Māori to be desecrated by having the debate but National won’t allow it to go ‘all the way’, but we now see that ‘safety valve’ was a lie.

By refusing to rule out not voting after the second reading, National are clearly threatening to allow the whole thing through.

The fear was that the debate alone would be damaging, National are now quietly signalling they will allow the whole thing through.

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There must now be an immense civil disorder campaign or this hard right racist Government will legislate a new definition of the Treaty and force it upon Māori.

TDB warned you this hard right racist Government was not moderate, TDB warned you this would happen, TDB told you this was their long game.

The play now is pretending this new hard right racist climate denying Government isn’t hard right or racist or climate denying, and that repealing workers rights, renters rights and taking $555m from the poorest families is all very moderate and middle of the road.

Luxon has deceived NZ by pretending to only support this to the second reading, the Right are going to ram this through and it will cause enormous damage!

Stand for something or fall for everything.

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  1. Nice to see evangelicals can lie like us eternally damned folk. I guess “i am in Te Puke” was a sign of things to come. No wonder Luxon looked so rattled when announcing we were off to tangle with hooty and the blowfish. How awkward with he, Peters and Sith Lord Collins. Didn’t Goldsmith recently confirm National would not support past select committee?

  2. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that he’s a fake, a lier and will do anything to keep his government boat from rocking. He couldn’t give two fucks about Maori or the treaty. Lets not forget he is a far right nutso Christian and you have to be able to follow extreme dogma without a critical or evaluative thought intruding to belong to such a group.

  3. Luxon and the crackers don’t give a flying f%ck about Treaty principles, they just want to get their grubby little hands on minerals and WATER and flog it off to their mates just like the Tories in England

  4. All you get from Luxon is platitudes, and that was before he had to bow to his two coalition ‘partners’ and his party’s finnancial backers.

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