Luxon shockingly commits NZDF to America’s new Red Sea War


Jesus fucking wept!

On the very day America and the UK strike the Houthi again, Luxon has dragged NZ into America’s latest war by sending NZDF staff…

NZ to deploy 6 NZDF staff to Red Sea, PM announces

The Prime Minister has announced a six-member Defence Force team will be deployed to the Middle East as regional tensions continue to escalate over Houthi attacks on shipping routes in the Red Sea.

…it is hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy that we are bombing Yemen for the ‘Rules based order’ yet are allowing Israel to commit an immediate ethnic cleansing war crime!

Let’s be very clear, the Houthi are attacking shipping lanes BECAUSE Israel is committing a real time ethnic cleansing war crime!

If we want to safe guard the sea lanes, we should be demanding an immediate Israeli cease fire!

Instead we are enabling and supporting and now sending NZDF staff to bomb Yemen!

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This despite all the analysis saying this is the wring thing to do and will only empower the Houthi.

Look NZ, I appreciate you are all still all on holiday time and the C Teams are manning the newsrooms and there is Golriz to shame for shoplifting, but FFS you stupid sleepy hobbits, we are getting sucked into a fucking war that none of us agreed to here and we are getting sucked into it because Luxon is an incredibly weak Prime Minister who can’t control Winston to the Left of him and David the Right of him!

We are not a fucking tool for America’s Military Industrial Complex! We should be demanding peace and an immediate ceasefire by Israel, we should not be enflaming this.


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  1. We need to protect international shipping lanes and support our allies, the United States and the United Kingdom, as they carry out strikes against the Houthis, who are the enemies of freedom!

    • With friends like the US who needs enemies?
      It is irrefutable that Israel & the US with their continued support in the Gaza conflict is the cause of the problem in the Red Sea yet you think the solution is to increase the war to other nations? The US version of freedom which you are happy to endorse is just another version of the ‘freedom to do as you are told’, sure they have a few more loopholes than Islamic states (which I don’t support either) but that is mostly so that big business can keep their profits high & nothing to do with the wellbeing of the majority of their citizens.
      There is only one way to get true freedom to do what you want & that is by looking to the Cross which will change us to enable us to love each other.

  2. From the linked article:
    “He [Peters] added the Government’s response “should not be conflated with its position on the Israel-Gaza conflict.””

    Yeah, right.

  3. Anything to change the news cycle Martyn. He must be praying that people look at this issue rather than focus on his coalition partners and Shane Reti losing it.

  4. There is no need the USA could stop dumping shit loads of weapons into the ethnic cleansing war in Gazza and the Houthi will fuck off back to where ever .But Luxon and the two tin hatters have no fucking idea

  5. Send all the NZDF in Martyn & when they come back in coffins, the bald fuck Luxon can explain to their grieving Familles why their loved ones died? To help Israel & America commit genocide & war crimes in Gaza!

  6. I’m well the fuck awake thanks. I was well awake beginning with forty years ago when fucking douglas fucked us to death then sold our carcass to the Wall Street world banking business which ties us in with the above shit. It’s no longer wake the fuck up, it’s more like do the fuck something about it quick!
    NZDF! Don’t go! We don’t want forever cross hairs on our heads because of a dumb deodorant salesman.
    You morons who voted for natzo-luxon and his two tweedles? This is on you, you fucking greedy morons.

  7. Attacking someone thousands of miles away from NZ isn’t defence, it’s simply invading one of the poorest country’s in the world brave enough to take a stand against genocide. Where in our charter does it say we should blow the limbs off children then starve them to death? And then murder those protesting this atrocity?

  8. Welcome to geo politics, NZ cant just let the whole world do shit and ignore, betchya you will be crying for our allies if China come down this way…..HTFU, NZ has international commitments and can’t be a pariah and sit and do fuck all when they can actually help.

    • You can still do that and have the decency to call the Israeli administration arseholes. It’s pretty clear a growing number in Israel think the same thing.

  9. Let’s be very clear, the Houthi are attacking shipping lanes BECAUSE Israel is committing a real time ethnic cleansing war crime!

    Or is it really that Iran is financing Houthi separatists to commit terrorist acts because that’s what Iran does. It doesn’t care about innocent Palestinians any more than Hamas does.

  10. Baldrick brown nosing Uncle Sam via 5 Eyes. This small yet significant military involvement will be noticed in all sorts of places. What will offset the damage to Aotearoa NZ is the active Palestine Solidarity Network headed by John Minto and other veteran and new recruit activists.

    A truly revolting spectacle, Genocide Joe bankrolls the slaughter in Gaza, then attacks Yemenis with the courage to say “stop…”

  11. Pleased to see Labour and Greens comments on this. “shades of Iraq”. I thought the press conference yesterday was terrible ; Luxon having to defer to Judith Collins with that interminable smirk, and dear old Winston, who looked grumpy as fuck. No one should underestimate the significance of this seemingly small deployment. We are indeed back to shades of Iraq, where at least in those times our government refused to line up with US and UK. Put your marching shoes on – that’s if you haven’t stopped. As for Luxon insisting no-one should conflate this deployment to the Red Sea with Gaza. I mean, what?????

  12. This Gaza Genocide conflict could end within one day & America could end it but they won’t? Israel is totally dependent on the US for everything & if America would cut off the money spigot & arms shipments to Israel & tell Israel to stop their genocide & commence a ceasefire in Gaza OR ELSE, no more US support, this conflict ends quickly! But Netanyahu knows he has US Politicians & the US Govt by the balls, that’s why he contemptuously defies Biden request to end this quickly, because America is Israel’s bitch, the tail that wags the dog, US Politicians especially Biden, are all paid off by the Israel Lobby of AIPAC! If the US could rein in the Israel’s despicable & murderous holocaust of Palestinian people in Gaza, Yemen would stop the Red Sea attacks & all the attacks on the illegally occupying US Military Bases in Iraq & Syria would be toned down & perhaps stopped but the Biden Administration has no reverse gear, all they know is escalation & applying the TINA (There is no Alternative) Strategy of bomb the shit out of the Sand people because that always works, RIGHT? This is why America is becoming despised around the World, it doesn’t do Diplomacy anymore, they see every Geopolitical problem as a nail that must be hit down by the US Military Hammer & they are losing, this is a losing Strategy & we can see the same mess the US created in Ukraine by not seeking Peace agreements & this is what’s happening in the Middle East? America is on the wrong side of History & so is NZ by hitching its wagon to this stupidly named Operation Prosperity Guardian, this fucken stupid ass yank name for their ludicrous warmongering activities in the Red Sea! America is like a headless chook, running around in all directions, it’s a dying, collapsing US Empire that’s in Terminal & irreversible decline & the entire West will fall with it! Oh & for the record Luxon, International Shipping isn’t being stopped in the Red Sea, only Israeli & US ships are being prevented & stopped UNTIL such a Time as a Ceasefire is achieved in Gaza!

  13. I think attacking shipping was a poor choice for the Houthis, who have already a great wealth of enemies.

    One might have hoped a mature NZ government could have come up with a more nuanced response – but that would have required a grown-up like Jacinda or Chloe, not a flaccid penis in a business suit.


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