PSNA asks for assurance New Zealand will not join the US-instigated “Operation Prosperity Guardian” in the Red Sea


PSNA has written to Foreign Minister Winston Peters this morning seeking an assurance New Zealand is not taking part in the US-instigated “Operation Prosperity Guardian” in the Rea Sea.

The PSNA approach comes after US claims that 20 countries have now joined this “coalition of the willing” but many countries have “declined to be publicly named, in a sign of political sensitivities of the operation…”

The purpose of the coalition is to provide naval patrols for commercial shipping in the Red Sea which has come under attack from Houthi forces in Yemen which are pressuring for an end to Israel’s genocidal rampage in Gaza.

Four of the other five-eyes countries (US, UK, Australia and Canada) are providing support. Australia for example is providing 11 military personnel but there is no word of New Zealand involvement to date.

“New Zealand must pressure the terrible twins – the US and Israel – to end their war on Palestinian civilians” says PSNA National Chair John Minto. “Demanding a ceasefire in Gaza is the best way to protect both Palestinians under relentless Israeli bombardment as well as international shipping.”

“This coalition is in place specifically to allow Israel to continue its rampage in Gaza – the opposite of what New Zealanders want”.

Meanwhile Israel is taking advantage of western distraction with Christmas to intensify attacks on Palestinians. Christmas weekend took a deadly toll on Gaza, with 250 Palestinians killed, including 70 who died in a strike at a refugee camp.

For 11 weeks New Zealand has maintained a morally-repugnant silence to this wholesale slaughter of innocents in Gaza.

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  1. John – Still supporting the terrorists I see…that’s the Houthi terrorists, not Hamas terrorists this time.

        • Try reading all the article “Meanwhile Israel is taking advantage of western distraction with Christmas to intensify attacks on Palestinians. Christmas weekend took a deadly toll on Gaza, with 250 Palestinians killed, including 70 who died in a strike at a refugee camp.

          For 11 weeks New Zealand has maintained a morally-repugnant silence to this wholesale slaughter of innocents in Gaza.”
          before deciding what John is saying.

        • So they are both a pack of wankers then Nathan. The continuing ‘it’s ok to slaughter women and children because this other group are bad’ just gets old. Since when do you set your own standards by measuring against an extremely low bar?

        • Neihana, Houthis is the BS name the west use for their nefarious geo-strategic plan which came undone because they ousted an unpopular unelected regime backed by US and its regional allies. The democratically elected govt is called ‘Ansar Allah’ which represents their culture & religion that are predominantly Muslim.

          Since 2014 the US and its regional allies have attacked the ‘Ansar Allah’ govt in Yemen and have committed genocide against their population causing at least 16 million “marching toward starvation”, as the country’s humanitarian crisis spiraled out of control thanks to US and its allies unlawful attacks against the Yemenis peoples.

          What you call terrorist are actually freedom fighters that resisted the previous brutal unelected regime president ‘Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi’ a puppet of the US & apartheid Israel. Times are changing and no matter how much you and your kind squeal like pigs to the slaughter apartheid Israel time is coming to end.

          Long live ‘Ansar Allah’
          Free Palestine

      • Bonnie, forget about this fool he the one that supports terrorist! He has no context to his narrative because he knows sweet fuck all about this issue which is why I continue to remind him to stick to what he’s good at? Knitting!

  2. This bollocks “Operation Prosperity Guardian” is essentially armed enforcement for Israeli associated and other international shipping–not great supporters of workers rights in any event.

    NZ will brown nose to extent they can get away with it–so it does need to be exposed what action can be, taken. This country would not have the capacity as far as I am aware to provide militarised “patrol boats” unless they hire some…but none the less providing personel or training will keep the NZ ruling class in the 5 Eyes tent.

  3. You have got to give it up to the Houthi, Yemenese. The poorest country in the world punching above it’s weight and getting the Wests attention so much so that the might of the US war machine can’t raise a coalition of idiots to beat up on the Houthi!

  4. John, attacking merchant shipping on the high seas is piracy, and must be prevented. There will never be any good outcomes from allowing attacks on shipping to occur, no matter what side of this you’re on. I for one fully support the Jewish state of Israel, only because for hundreds of not a thousand years, the Jewish people have been every ones scapegoat. We have made it clear that we don’t really want the Jews around us, except when we want to blame them for something.

    • Lol, OK Jeffrey Epstein. We humans will continue supporting our fellow humans. Funny how you don’t care about the years of America and other zionist puppets blocking food shipments to Yemen.

    • Heard of the 60 plus year US Imperialist blockade on Cuba?

      “the sensitivities” from the alleged 20 countries mentioned, include mass support for Palestinians from their own populations, cowardly western politicians are not supported by millions, BDS is going to bite Israel hard.

  5. The US is truly exposed as the paper tiger which it has become and their inability to put the ‘Ansar Allah’ govt of Northern Yemen to the sword show how tenaciously and empowered the M.E countries have become militarily. The Ansar Allah govt is supported by its population which has rejected western imperialism that has wider sentiments in the region.

    Imagine the ‘Ansar Allah’ govt with no navy, no airforce putting a superpower to shame like what Hamas are doing to apartheid Israel. The inability for the US and its allies to overthrow the elected govt of Northern Yemen (where most of the population reside) ova the last 7 years put Washington in a precarious position of weakness and wouldn’t be able to keep the Strait of Hormuz open if Iran decides to close it, and they have a capable blue water navy and missile technology that envied around the globe.

    Free Palestine

  6. If military personnel from the Realm of New Zealand join with the US led naval forces against the Yemeni allies of the Palestinian resistance, then the Realm will become an active party to the Gaza war on the side of the State of Israel.
    The Yemeni action regulating the passage of vessels in the Red Sea is justified, proportionate, and necessary to place restraints on the US/Israel attempt to exterminate the people of Gaza. If the colonialist regime was to join the US in an attempt to defeat Yemen’s humanitarian actions in the Red Sea then it would be reassert its identity as a genocidal state, and it would be incumbent upon us as tangata motu to take measures against the regime.

  7. New Zealand’s participation in the “Joint Statement” of 3 January is out of line internationally. With a few exceptions the governments subscribing to the Joint Statement are those from states with deplorable records in international affairs. There are the former imperial powers of the Netherlands and Belgium, and the current imperial powers the United Kingdom and United States, all with a history of horrific genocidal violence against colonized peoples. Then there are Germany, Italy and Japan, also former imperial states which constituted the Axis powers in the Second World War. Next the traditional vassal states, the British colonies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Bahrain which is ruled by a family of brutal despots. That leaves only Denmark, South Korea and Singapore, all three of which have a dark history of autocracy and all of which are beholden to the United States of America. From 1940 to 1943 Denmark was also an ally of Nazi Germany, and its navy effectively became part of the the the Nazi Kriegsmarine. So the Realm of New Zealand has set out upon an immoral mission, providing diplomatic and possibly naval support to the Israeli genocide in Gaza, and it has done so in some very nasty company.
    Unlike New Zealand, the vast moral majority of the world’s states and the world’s population do not subscribe to the Joint Statement.
    Then, going beyond the talk, we have action in the form of Operation Prosperity Guardian, in which, despite their words, Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Singapore or South Korea are reluctant to participate, although the quisling states of Norway, Denmark and Greece (all with a history of fascist rule in the mid-twentieth century and strong fascist movements to this day) have stepped forward to offer token support. So far the only states to commit warships are the United States and United Kingdom, although the former fascist states of Denmark and Greece have expressed a willingness to do so.
    There is no doubt that the Realm of New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Navy has a place in the fascist flash mob of Operation Prosperity Guardian (which would more truthfully be designated as “Operation Gaza Genocide”). But the people of Aotearoa do not. The RNZN is not just a threat to the people of Gaza. Naval gunboats participated in the invasion of the Waikato and the shelling of Pukorokoro in 1863 and many other actions against our people, and the colonial regime has always relied upon its navy to suppress popular movements of resistance in our country, such as during the depression between the world wars and the 1953 waterfront lockout. The RNZN is not just an enemy to the people of Gaza. It is also our enemy, and should always be regarded as such.

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