Christmas robbed in Wellsford


Things I hate at Christmas are stories of crime committed against innocent people.

I know crime committed at other times of the year is awful as well, but it seems so much nastier when it’s done at Christmas.

One story the news media who are cemented into Ponsonby won’t note was a terrible act of crime in Wellsford yesterday...

…so the cars the medical staff use were broken into but even more appalling, a mum who had to leave her car behind so she could comfort her son in an ambulance arrived back after that ordeal and had her car broken in to as well!!!

People should be able to leave their vehicles outside an emergency centre without fearing they will be broken into.

I hope the community rallies around these emergency staff and this poor solo mum.

Merry Christmas everyone.,

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  1. The above is showing the rank fruits of 40 years of roger douglas’s neo-liberalism. That moustachioed old ACT collaborator and Kiwi traitor once found hiding within Labour as finance minister for two terms brought down an otherwise promising AO/NZ. He spread his infectious diseases of greed and entitlement into what some might suggest is the very soul of our Aotearoa / New Zealand and the above is the result. A dehumanised attack on the basic principles at the core of human existence and they’ll be breeding and passing on their values and beliefs. Gee thanks roger. You and your dirty little pinch-lipped seymour and his Big Bad Daddy luxon all held together by peters’ snot, hoik and lies are going to make a lovely team heading into the extinction of all life on Earth. What’s that saying? About where good people fail to act evil prevails?
    Here’s the solution. Decriminalise all drugs, especially the alledged recreational ones.
    Conduct a commission of inquiry into the IRD then asset strip the four foreign owned banksters and return to us, via our freshened up IRD thus, our money.
    Freeze the assets then distribute as required the wealth of the multi-billionaires and the multi-millionaires until they can prove they earned their money at the minimum wage they lobbied our government to place our now working poor on, lke the ones who robbed the car above.
    Lobby for a royal commission of inquiry to see if [they] can find the multiples of many, many billions disappeared from our primary industry farmers into Auckland then follow that money to the Cook Islands etc and into shell companies and other off-shore money laundering scams and swindles. *
    If we did those things, we’d have no need to fear crime at a street level. We’d soon have no need for front door keys like we experienced in Lyttelton back in the early 1980s.
    In order to find solutions to problems as above one needs to go to the root cause and that means we need to go back in time to 1936 to when the national party formed who’s sole purpose was to hatch plans to sequester farmer earned money from between the farm gate the the northern hemisphere consumer market.
    There you go! I’ve just fixed things up. Don’t thank me later, thank me now! BTW.If you’ve got a nice pile of pressies under the plastic crassmas tree you’d better make sure your alarms and security cameras are working. I wouldn’t mind betting that crassmas will become so crime ridden the insurers will refuse cover during the festered season.
    ( Too long? Too bad.)

    • You make a lot of sense CB. Follow the money-trail.
      And where are our generous billionaires today? Those who have profited so nicely with neo-liberalism.
      Has one of them offered to put it all right for those innocent people just trying to live quietly, doing right by their families?

    • CB I wonder will the evil greedy mongrels who voted for the three lying ratbags and their cohorts care about those of us struggling to make ends meet. NO, NO, NO. As they say, we all have equal opportunities. To me those voters are as rotten as the crooks running this once wonderful country Aotearoa.NZ. So lesson to be learned – DONT BOTHER LOCKING YOUR CARS OR YOUR HOUSES, JUST GET RID OF NEO LIBERALISM.

      • I was proud to vote out a Labour Party that was not tough on crime and spent our taxes on island for ideas that were then shelfed with no apology

        • The crims here probably don’t know that your NOT TOUGH ON CRIME LABOUR govt. has gone, Trevor. They aren’t that well informed and who’s in govt. now?
          These are just low-lives with nothing better to do and they will do it, no matter who is in govt.
          Why have they nothing better to do? They have no jobs and no prospects. Unemployment was very low during Labour’s tenure, but it’s already risen.
          So, these acts of vandalism will continue. Your tough on crime NACTFIRST travesty of a govt. will not deter them. Mitchell is a big nothing.
          Fix the underlying problems Trevor. Otherwise, it’s just talk.

          • I agree there are underlying factor that need fixing and soon but already National tough on crime action has seen police act at a tangi in Whakatane for gang members so it is not just wind being puffed out.

            • The ‘fixing’ that’s happened so far isn’t cause for optimism. Most of those measures will cause more poverty and uncertainty.
              You working at a food bank, you are the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Why does the cliff have to be there? Why must the poor be made out to be the villains.
              Those who are trying to bully and deceive us are the villains.
              They aren’t on your side Trevor. You are just a cog. Saying you ‘proudly’ voted Labour out, you have fallen for their big talk.
              They didn’t fix anything last time they were in power and this time we’ve got the same old dirty politics crowd. How could they possibly be capable of doing a better job now? They are off to a terrible start for ordinary NZders. But their wealthy donors are no doubt, thrilled.

            • So why haven’t they caught the perpetrators of the above break ins Trevor?
              Quoting how well they have done whilst not acknowledging the above break ins is so typically shallow of the right. We have seen a number of murders under Nationals watch and nothing has been done!

    • Stop it Countryboy, your making to much good sense with your solutions, it’s not allowed in this little Neoliberal Proving ground/Pavlova Paradise of ours called New Zeeland?

    • I understand what you are saying and agree with some of it. However rogernomics etc isn’t to blame for criminal scum choosing to be criminal scum. I choose to work and pay way too much in taxes (as I’m not business owning elite). It’s called personal responsibility and those that don’t want to exercise some self control should…..

      • Be proud, stand tall. Remember pride comes before a fall. Nice rhyming eh. Mercy needs to be extended to the perps, but should not be strained.

        There is a secret message to some that they don’t deserve anything and then their strength is in being in a group. If the group have an outlook of being losers and living on the edge is the most exciting thing going, if one steps out of the group they may become outsiders or the others use them as a resource.

        And the welfare system I think makes them stand down with no benefit once a job finishes or there are problems. So no money no living for how long? Not an encouragement to take on a job with some boss who is a big crooked himself.

        Good upstanding citizens have heaps of judgments, empty buckets of understanding and the psychology of just managing to get by which requires experience and skill.

    • Nasty stuff Kyle. Hope you have a good Christmas and that the next year is bearable for all of us who aren’t wrapped in bank-note comforters.


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