A cowardly, anti-Palestinian parliamentary motion – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


The parliamentary motion passed today, a full two months after Israel’s slaughter of Palestinian civilians began, says:

“Express grave concern at the ongoing violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories, unequivocally condemn the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October 2023 and call for the release on all hostages, call on all parties involved in the conflict as well as all countries with influence in the region take urgent steps towards establishing a ceasefire, recognising Israel’s right to defend itself in accordance with international law, and that all civilians be protected from armed conflict, affirm that a lasting solution to the conflict will only be achieved by peaceful means and that action to revive the Middle East Peace Process is critical and that process must seek a just and lasting peace that recognises the existence and self-determination of Israelis and Palestinians. We call for the establishment of a free and independent Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution, with both nations having secure and recognised borders where all citizens have equal rights and freedoms”

Why is this motion too little, too late?

Identifying those responsible for the mass slaughter of Palestinian civilians: FAIL

Condemning the slaughter of Palestinian civilians: FAIL (but the motion did condemn the killing of Israeli civilians)

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Identifying Israel’s brutality as genocide: FAIL

Calling for the thousands of Palestinians hostages being held in Israeli prisons under detention without trial: FAIL (but the motion did call for Israeli hostages to be released)

Calling for Israel to withdraw its troops from occupied Gaza, occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank: FAIL

Calling for International Criminal Court investigation into war crimes since October 7th, including the crimes of genocide and apartheid: FAIL

Calling for equal rights for Palestinians across historic Palestine: FAIL

Calling on the government to close the Israeli embassy: FAIL

Calling for accountabilities for Israeli war crimes: FAIL

And the list goes on….



    • Fuck off Yada yada yada Ada. You fucking windbag. You nasty murderous whiny little shit. You think we don’t read. You think we don’t care. You think we’re ignorant and complacent. Yes, you do. That’s why we know you’re a bullshitting, arrogant, boring little flea who would eat his mother for power and money. It’s because you, the israeli’s, are going to make a tediously dull minded yet classic mistake. You’re underestimating your enemy. Warning. The more you lie, deceive and take advantage of the innocence and ignorance of the yet to be made aware the more you dig your own graves.
      The Guardian.
      All that must happen is that the U$A military industrial complex stops selling/supplying weapons and bombs etc to the IDF. But too big a Ka Ching for that though, aye Toy$ for boy$? Standing by while a U$A propped up invasion rages which amounts to nothing short of culling makes such huge profits out of butchered kids. You’ll see there’s no shame on you though because you don’t care while you spend the money. The shame is on us for letting you scum get away with it.
      Go you @ John Minto.

    • “You can have a ceasefire within hours if Hamas surrenders and the hostages are released.” Ada

      Ada has not been paying attention.

      The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has said his priority is eliminating Hamas wherever they are.
      In practice this can only be achieved by exterminating the people of Gaza.

      Don’t take my word for it take theirs.

      10 October 2023, 4:01 pm

      In a video statement, Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian, head of COGAT, says: “Kidnapping, abusing and murdering children, women and elderly people is not human. There is no justification for that. Hamas has turned into ISIS, and the residents of Gaza, instead of being appalled, are celebrating.
      “Human animals must be treated as such. There will be no electricity and no water [in Gaza], there will only be destruction…..”

      The only reason that there was a partial release of Israeli hostages was the pressure from mass protests in Israel on the Netanyahu administration to do a deal and agree to a prisoner swap.

      Even if Hamas released all the prisoners “in hours”, Israel’s extermination and/or expulsion of the Palestinian population of Gaza will not stop.
      Israeli officials from the Prime Minister down have made it very clear that not until they are satisfied that they have achieved their stated war aims will they stop their mass slaughter of Palestinian men women and children. Even then. the violence will not stop. When the IDF have killed as many of the Palestinian civilians and fighters and their leaders in Gaza, that they think satisfies their war aims, the IDF and the messianic armed settlers will continue their violence against Palestinian civilians in the Westbank.

      The only one who doesn’t know this is Ada.

      • I agree the fighting between IDF and Hamas would continue of the hostages were handed over, the Israeli government have already said this.

        But by basing their military underground Hamas determined that a war with Hamas would involve the destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza around them. They even asked the residents to stay after the IDF warned them to leave.

        But the fact is the military wing of Hamas and the population of Gaza and not synonymous. And if the former surrendered the power and water would be restored and the people would be able to rebuild.

    • The Israelis need to hand over thousands of Palestinians that have been kidnapped by illegal occupiers, they recently released Palestinian woman and children. Ahed Tamimi a well known Palestinian was among the hostages traded. The ‘Hannibal directive’ a protocol to murder their own civilians was employed previously by the IDF on the 7th October 2023. Its now evident that the IDF had purposely fired upon Israelis at the Carnival festival outside Gaza and the Kibbutzim attacked by Hamas.

      The Israelis don’t want to trade hostages because they’ve learned their lesson against Lebanon and Gaza swapping a few IDF prisoners for thousands of palestinian hostages. Hamas is doing what govt do to defend within its ability its people from an oppressive regime and from my POV they’re winning regrettably 10s of thousands of Palestinians murdered for collective punishment which a war-crime and illegal under international law.

      Free Palestine

  1. Not enough, too little too late, the usual cowardly kowtowing to Canberra, Washington and Tel Aviv.

    But please, a shout out for Labour’s Damien O’Connor who called the Israeli butchers slaughter “Genocide”, and for the Greens and Te Pāti Māori who have called for a ceasefire almost from the start.

  2. It looks like Parliament heeded Brian Tamaki/Destiny church’s call to support Israel …… ” Tamaki has asked foreign minister Winston Peters not to call for a ceasefire ,,,,,”.


    Imagine grievously wounding or maiming a child,,,, and then burying that child alive under rubble for him/her to die by suffocation,, or from thirst, or from their wounds,,,,,

    If you can imagine that horror then you get a glimpse of what K-K-Kahanist Israel IS DOING in Gaza.


    Imagine attacking an destroying hospitals when you have TENS OF THOUSANDS of injured and maimed people from a Terror bombing campaign ,,,,, again this gives another glimpse of what K-K-Kahanist Israel IS DOING in Gaza..

    Kahanist Israel is racism on steroids,,,, in their minds (and words) they are attacking and starving sub-human animals.

    Gaza is a War-Sore Ghetto ,,,,,,

    Israel Uber Alles ………

    • Brian Tamaki stance is sort of frustrating IMO he supports apartheid israel because it religiously aligns with his beliefs. However if he actually grasp recent historic accounts instead of the bible philosophy which can be an impediment to having an honest discussion about Jewry, and the indigenous Palestinians that BT would claim is false because Jews are a race!??? This assumptions of a religion is problematic in the discourse surrounding the Israel/Palestine one-sided conflict

      • Anne E is (in)famous for repeatedly refusing to condemn Israel providing direct support to head chopping terrorists ,,, support proven and admitted by Israeli officials here ,,, https://youtu.be/8clMNOmX_kk?t=187 ….

        Anne E bizarrely and boringly claimed it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to ask a Zionist bullshitter like herself to condemn the criminal actions of Israel ,,,.

        She obviously feels no discomfort at all at any type of murder and violence that Israel commits ,,, except for the fact support for Israel drops when people see the resullts of their work and become aware ,,
        Do Not Turn Away. #Gaza https://www.bitchute.com/video/7VAvYoERpQM/

        Ada has proven repeatedly that she is a nasty idiot and possibly as full of shit as Anne E ,,,, I do like countryboy’s reply to that dishonest moron though.

        People like Anne E and co spread Israel lies/propaganda to whitewash mass murder and war crimes ….

        Debunking Israel’s “mass rapes” atrocity propaganda https://youtu.be/pMqRK5LpGy4

        Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications ….. https://thegrayzone.com/2023/12/06/scandal-israeli-october-7-fabrications/

        “Founded by a serial rapist known as the “Haredi Jeffrey Epstein,” Israeli ultra-Orthodox rescue group ZAKA is responsible for some of the most obscene post-October 7 atrocity fabrications, from beheaded babies to “mass rape” to a fetus cut from its mother.” …..

        • Awww reason, it’s been a while but you’re still with the ad hominems and whiny little Syrian girl eh? And they say that women are the bitchy sex. You and Country Boy appear not to have got the meme. Sad.

    • Are they attacking and destroying hospitals? They have certainly asked for some of them to stop operating as hospitals (and while they do they attract civilians seeking shelter in an area that is not being bombed) as the IDF wants control of the areas they are in – to fight Hamas.

      • GENEVA (7 December 2023) – Israel has declared an ‘unrelenting war’ on the health system in Gaza, a UN expert said today, after hospitals, including one dedicated to treating children, were hit by airstrikes in recent weeks…… “At least 364 attacks on healthcare services have been recorded in the occupied Palestinian territory since 7 October 2023, resulting in at least 553 people killed and 729 injured. More than 50 health facilities and 190 ambulances have also been affected.

        Other healthcare workers have been injured, arrested, and detained, including the General Director of Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al-Shifa, who was arrested on 23 November. His whereabouts are unknown. Al-Indonesi hospital has reportedly been bombed 35 times since 28 October.

        Kahanist Israel wants to ethnically cleanse Gaza as a ‘final solution’ to their Palestinian problem ,,,, destroying the health system is part of making Gaza uninhabitable……

        SPC has all the hallmarks a ‘concern troll’ ,,,,

  3. John

    – Government supporting the only democracy state in the Middle East – PASS
    – Government calling out Terrorists – PASS
    – Government still allowing anti Israel protests on the streets of NZ – PASS
    – Government encouraging peace talks between Hamas – Israel – PASS

    • Bit worried for you, with your silence. Quite correct about everything, and we haven’t heard it from a NZ source. War crimes seem to be evident yet tosh about preventing them.

      Two minute utube from Ilan Pappe where he says what I really think. The Israel project is over. But it will get brutal. His 3 points, ‘material capacity — unity of Israelis — vital moral support of world’.

  4. They obviously can’t tell the difference between a right to defend themself & a full-scale attack that kills mostly innocent people also.

  5. The Israeli’s project is white supremacy hidden using religion. The Jewish story has been told through an european lense noticeably depicting jews as white and falsely make claims that they’re the indigenous peoples of palestine. The Palestinian are the true indigenous peoples of Palestine, they’re Christians, Muslims, Jews that have coexisted for centuries in the holy land of the monotheists religion of Abram.

    Free Palestine.

    • You really don’t know the history of Muslim conquest do you stephen.
      There never was and can never be co-existence under the dhimmi status and/or Islamic law.
      Claiming that a people who were not named “Palestinian” until 1962 are indigenous is fallacious.
      The relationship between Muslims and Christians is not the happy, benevolent association you pretend it to be.
      Muslims view Christians as unbelievers (kafir) committing the unforgiveable sin (shirk) of polytheism because of the Trinity. This is why 2 jihadis killed Father Jacques Hamel at Mass on 26 July 2016 and why Christians all over the Middle East and Africa are being slaughtered in their thousands while we all focus on the jihad that is the attempt to retake Israel for Islam. You really think Osama bin Laden was writing nonsense in his Letter to America? Go back and read it; I believe it’s currently circulating on social media. Then get back to me.

        • Currently in Frankfurt shweetie but happy to obey your command and return to NZ. Especially now Winston is back.

      • If I was like Anne E and supported Israel bombing/killing and maiming civilians including thousands of childrens then I’d wank about ‘bad muslims’ too….. in an attempt to distract from what I (Anne E) supports …. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7VAvYoERpQM/

        Aside from supporting Israels mass murder war crimes happening right now ,,,, it should be noted Anne E continues to refuse to condemn Israels support for ISIS and Al Quada terrorists,,,,, who they used to attack Syria.

        Such are the (lack of) morals of zionists like Anne E …

          • I’ve been asking Anne E repeatedly and for years to condemn Israels direct support of murderous extremist terrorists like ISIS and Al Quada ,,,,,, She never has so I’m not even going to click on her lame attempt at misdirection……

            The point of Israel supporting ( and Anne E refusing to criticize it’s support) of Muslim EXTREMISTS is very relevant,,, it’s relevant to what Anne E and Israel say about Muslims and Islam in general.

            In Syria there were Shi and Suni Muslims and Druez and Christians all living together ,,,,, Israel ( and Anne E apparently) gave direct support to intolerant extremists who do not tolerate different religions living together in peace. ……

            And that is the extremist brush that Anne E uses to tar all Muslims with ……

            It’s very cynical and dirty but thats Anne E for you ….

            Listen to the words of the Zionist extremists ,,, from their own mouths ,,,,

            This video is a must watch, must share. It compiles various recent public statements by Israeli officials that show beyond the shadow of a doubt that the intention behind the Israeli violence against the Palestinians is GENOCIDAL. https://twitter.com/docjazzmusic/status/1723568797427142861

            …. Anne E backs this shit to the hilt and will certainly not condemn it.

            eh Anne E ,,,,, and please use my Russian name you rude cynical dishonest cow.

            • But the EU supports Muslim extremists too reason (to the tune of billions of euros) and you’re not being snarky to them are you. And I replied to aom, who asked the same questions you are but in a somewhat more polite manner. You can find those conversation on the web archive which, thankfully, retains commenters posts when blog owners get a bit antsy.
              When you decide to converse in an adult manner I’ll reply in kind to you too.
              Meanwhile … For or Against it?

              • Unlike you Anne E, I’m against anyone arming, funding or supporting extremists ,,, I condemn Europe’s actions on a moral basis,,,, let alone the practical concerns of ‘Blow-back”such as the Manchester terror bombing …..

                Now for the umpteenth time do you Anne E finally come around to condemning Israel providing direct support to ISIS and Al Quada terrorists ??? …

                …. And while we are at it do you reverse your support for Israels Genocidal bombing and mass murder they are carrying out upon Gaza? ,,,,

                Genocidal intent as expressed by their Prime-minister, Govt ministers, army officials, Ambassadors and others here … https://twitter.com/docjazzmusic/status/1723568797427142861 are you STILL FOR THIS Anne E ,,, yes or no .

                • Dear Mr B Awakesky, I asked my question first. Gentlemen always let ladies go first. Please answer my question. Sincerely yours, Ms I.B.Awakesky

  6. The Israelis are getting their asses kicked by Hamas. At Least 60 Israelis were killed in one event yesterday apparently through explosions and machine guns. Hamas is the only Arab political entity that has the balls to stand up to a military that wants to wipe the indigenous Palestinian from their lands and livelihoods. The Israelis are weak one reason they only attack civilians that are unarmed like woman, children however when they come up against a more formidable opponents like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), militant groups or the Al Qassam Brigade, Hamas etc… then their invincibility BS goes out the window.

    The Indigenous populations globally are seeing the demise of apartheid Israel as a footprint to re-establishing their sovereignty over their lands and livelihoods. The Israeli project is european exceptionalism 2.0. Its european colonization in the 20th century.

    • Israel is literally surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims who have been trying to wipe them out for almost a hundred years and despite repeated attempts haven’t even come close.

      • Utter rubbish. The call for complete destruction of Israel was ended by all nations around Israel decades ago. Even the Palestinians have from the early 2000s, acknowledged Israel, calling for a two state solution. Stop telling lies.

        • “We might return to the 1967 borders by diplomacy, but we shall not return to the 1948 borders [i.e. eliminate Israel] by diplomacy. The 1948 borders- no one on earth recognizes as ours. Therefore we shall return to the 1967 borders, but we have not given up on [Israeli cities] Jerusalem and Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramle and Tel Aviv… The land of Palestine will demand the Palestinians return as Muhammad returned- as a conqueror.” (Ibrahim Mudayris, PA official at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Feb 2005.)

          “The Palestinian people accepted the Oslo Accords as a first step and not as a permanent settlement, based on the premise that the war and struggle in the land is more efficient than a struggle from a distant land (i.e. Tunisia) … the Palestinian people will continue the revolution until they achieve the goals of the ’65 revolution… (i.e., destruction of Israel)” {Abd Al-Aziz Shahin, PA Minister of Supplies, May 2000.)

          “The Oslo agreement, or any other agreement, is just a temporary procedure, or just a step towards something bigger… We distinguish the strategic, long-term goals from the political staged goals, which we are compelled to temporarily accept due to international pressure. … [Palestine] according to the higher strategy [is]: ‘from the river to the sea.’ Palestine in its entirety is an Arab land, the land of the Arab nation. (Faisal Husseini, PA Representative for Jerusalem Affairs, Jun, 2001.)

          “The entire land of Palestine is [Islamic] Waqf … It is prohibited to sell, bestow ownership or facilitate the occupation of even a millimeter of it.” (Abbas’ advisor on Islamic Affairs and the PA’s Supreme Shari’ah Judge , Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Oct 2014)

          “We will establish the Palestinian state despite the doubts of the doubters, because the Palestinian people has the solid will, the Jihadi and combative will. This people of Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic)… Allah willing, it will continue to carry out Ribat at the gates of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and at the gates of Jerusalem. The call of Monotheism, the call to prayer, will remain loud and heard in the Al-Aqsa Mosque plaza, Jerusalem, and all of Palestine, because all of Palestine is Islamic land.” (PA’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, Oct 2014.)
          Any other misunderstandings of Palestinian “lies” I can help clarify for you?

      • JB, “The only democracy in the M.E” buhahaha keep the jokes coming lol! No one told zionist to build a jewish nation on someone else’s land next-door to Arab countries which Islam is the dominant religion!! The European colonial project “Israel” is european colonization in the 20th century and needs to be dismantled. If they wanted a Jewish state than why didn’t they build it in Africa where it was first proposed or the US that venerates this zionist state?

    • Hamas could have avoided this.
      They are played like a puppet on a string.

      And the Palestinians are paying the price for the corruption of Hamas.

      A point that John chooses not so see through his tinted glasses.

      • Sure. Hamas policy undermined support for a two state peace in Israel and WB civilians and now Gaza civilians are paying the price.

        • Hamas is winning even globally with support for the Palestinians has gone through the roof. Times are changing and your venerated state time is coming to an end and a renaissance of the Indigenous Palestinians in their ancestral homeland.

        • We are in a similar position to when Nazi Germany invaded Poland and we waited for America and France get involved. Now we are waiting for America and China involve themselves with Ukraine and Taiwan. Not the same, similar. Y’all best assemble an army gronks.

          • Really, those who encouraged the German attack on Russia via Poland (American financiers) did not expect the British and French to get involved or for FDR to get around neutrality with lend lease. Or for the German leader to be so stupid to climb in the Japanese attack on the USA (manipulated by FDR sanctions).

            The Ukrainians can hold off the Russians by themselves. And China’s plan to isolate/attack Taiwan is years away.

            At least you looked up the dictionary after being called gronk. Like any Australian chain letter it is best returned to sender.

      • The UN statistics do not match the rhetoric of ethnic cleansing by Israel.

        The numbers of people harmed escalates dramatically every time Hamas escalate terrorist activity. The sad part is that it is the Palestinians that are harmed in larger numbers. But the trauma is shared equally.

        But who cares about facts and data when there is ideology……

        • Rubbish, The Deir Yassin massacre happened in 1948 that saw pregnant Palestinian woman rape and ‘split open like a roasted pork’ a termed used by the Palmach and Haganah jewish terrorist groups among other atrocities. Hamas only became known in the 1980s during the first Intifada and a political force in palestine in 2006 egged on by Hillary Clinton. Hamas is just another excuse for Israel to push its fascist ideology of hate and murder.

          Free Palestine

      • Bob the simple, people globally are supportive against the oppressive apartheid Israel. Hamas just re-awoke the situation of their peoples oppressive state and brought this to global attention on the 7th of October 2023. Hamas is winning and will win.

        Free Palestine.

  7. Gazans who knowingly and willingly voted for a terrorist organisation (Hamas) to administer Gaza in the last election in 2006 knew what they were getting into as did Hamas when it sent thousands of terrorists into Israel to rape and murder but both chose to do it anyway.

    Read the below recent report from the BBC illustrates perfectly why Israel is in Gaza right now:


    • JB, Remember Hillary Clinton & the Israelis encourage Hamas to run for political office in Gaza 2006 thinking that they weren’t going to succeed. After Hamas won the election the Israelis along with Clinton did everything possible to undermine their existence however found time to use Hamas for their own motives.

    • Na, they and those on the WB got an opportunity to reject Fatah and took it. Hamas could have allowed elections within Gaza since, as could Fatah on the WB. They both suppress dissent.

      People who voted for parties in the current Israeli government knew what they were voting for as per the WB policy – which is now at the level of an international crime.

    • Israel had the chance to defend themselves on October 7, they totally failed (evidence now available shows just how big a failure it was, probably because they were so full of themselves that they thought they were invincible) so to deflect attention from their failure they have launched a full on revenge attack and describe it as self defence so all the simple minded around the world can parrot their propaganda since they lack the ability to think for themself.
      While it was probably unlikely that any young boys growing up in Gaza would have had positive feelings about Israel before the attack and revenge war you can be sure that Israel has inspired a multitude of hate World wide which will not help their chances of living in peace.
      There is only one answer for the conflict and it does not come from this world.

  8. Pretty much all of the comments here are trite puppet like repetition of BBC and other western media input. I thought this was supposed to be a forum where people did fact checking and research. Apparently not. Come on, people, you’re better than that. Try researching the origins of Zionism and its manifestation in today’s “settler” mentality. Try researching into recent political developments in Palestinian divisions. Try researching into the Israeli political history and current deep split between the peace umbrella and the ultra right. Once you’ve done that, look again and see how stupid your comments are.

    • Meanwhile Richard perhaps you could research the origin of Islamic antisemitism and Arab pogroms (hint: they start much, much earlier than 1929 Hebron, or even the late 1880s if you really wish to pretend this dispute is all about Zionism and colonialism.)
      P.S. For Hebron try 1517.

      • Ann E, you and your hasbara BS isn’t working anymore just look at the support globally for the indigenous Palestinians. The first day of protest saw record support for the Palestinians like 500,000 in UK, 100,000 in Ireland, 90,000 in Scotland, 200,000 in the US, 90,000 in Australia etc… and these are only a handful of western countries. Move along hasbara tool as your lies and half truths aren’t effective no longer and IMO the end of a fascist Israel

        • And the population of the UK is? Ireland? Scotland? the US? Australia? A handful of useful idiots does not a “record support ” make.

  9. So

    1. We do not like what is happening
    2. Hamas started it and need to release all the hostages.

    The developing story

    3. A call for a cease-fire so civilians are safe, while giving lip service to exercise self defence – key words – within international law.

    Reading between the lines, too many civilians are dying – so stop what is going on. Or if USA vetoes resolutions at the UNSC, continue but do it within international law. Or expect international pressure to grow on the US to coerce constraint on thew WB and in the nature of Gaza operations.

    4. We need a resumption of peace talks
    5. What we want as the outcome

  10. The real problem is that the government has not focused on the most obvious point, the need for aid to be delivered.

    The Americans say another truce for aid and hostage exchange is not likely. There is a 200 truck capacity under the current arrangements – it is barely enough for those gathering at Rafah.

    To provide for those at the designated camp area by the coast would need greater supply. Possibly by sea. And with a hospital ship.

  11. Just let the US spend itself into bankruptcy. Like they did to Soviet Russia. They can do it to themselves.
    $34t and counting.No one is buying their T-Bonds and the Fed can’t because they’re full up and so is every US bank. Some have even gone bankrupt in the last 6 months.

    Btw now and 2026. Have listen to Ray Dalio over the last few months.

  12. Hamas are providing a convenient excuse & justification for Netanyahu’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza, he knows he can almost get away with it due to the incompetence & ineptitude of the weak Biden Administration & the disastrous Old Mummy POTUS Joe Biden inhabiting the Whitehouse, the US provides Israel with everything it needs to accomplish this genocide, the weapons, bombs, the funding & the intelligence, Genocide Joe Biden is complicit in every death of innocent Palestinian civilian! This conflict is all about removing Palestinians from the Gaza Region because the Israeli’s have discovered huge Oil & Gas Reserve’s off the Gaza Coast which is in the Palestinian economic zone but if you can remove the Palestinians from their Land, you can access all that Gas! Israel couldn’t give a hoot about the Israeli hostages, the Hamas fighters or even the Americans, this is all about MONEY & Resources theft, nothing more & Netanyahu is prepared to kill every Gazan & Palestinian to achieve that goal & the NZ Govt has cowered along with all the other cowardly Anglo Saxon Nations who follow America’s lead in these atrocities, we are complicit as well by our silence!

  13. Invoking article 99 of the UN constitution the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has within the last two hours addressed the Security Council and called on the Security Council to order an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.
    In his address, Guterres detailed the “unprecedented” humanitarian disaster in Gaza, the total breakdown of social order, including the supply and distribution of the essential means of life, food, water, medicine to 2 million people. Involved in the distribution of the means of life in Gaza, the UN has suffered its largest number of United Nations staff killed in the history of the UN since its founding.
    Guterres detailed the massive loss of human life, including children and civilians.

    Because of the bombing of UN food distribution shelters and the killing of UN staff Guterres reported;
    “…the effective delivery of aid no longer exists”.

    Guterres reported that the UN and its partners can not get aid to Gaza, continual bombardment and Israeli restrictions on movement prevent the UN from reaching the majority of the population of Gaza.
    Massive loss of life due famine is inevitable.

    Despite all this Guterres vowed that the UN will not withdraw from Gaza.


    “The eyes of the world and the eyes of history are watching”

  14. Read the resolution of the New Zealand Parliament carefully and you will see that it does nothing more than extend to the State of Israel the right to commit genocide in Gaza and the West Bank. There is solidarity among colonialists….

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