Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association


What Did Lockwood Smith, Ann Tolley, Hekia Parata, Trevor Mallard, And Erica Stanford All Have In Common?

They all thought they knew how to FIX FALLING STANDARDS by doing it their way!

Unfortunately, despite the profession telling them loudly that their way would increase the fall in standards, they knew better!

Pat Newman President of Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association said today, “Research shows clearly, that the greatest decider in educational achievement on average is socio economics.

Who decides what socioeconomics will be like for the people of New Zealand?

The Education System or Politicians?

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Yes, the very people who cause the problem, are also the one blaming teachers for the problem!”

“The fall in standards over the years, just happens to coincide with falling living standards for many New Zealanders,” Pat continued. “No amount of comments by people like Michael Johnston, an employee of New Zealand’s biggest right wing supposed think tank, to support his right wing mates in government, will change the truth.

What we need is less political interference in education by people whose knowledge of education is gained from selling houses (Stanford), Cow Breeding (Smith), Professional Public Servant (Parata), Hotel Owner (Tolley) and limited teaching experience. (Mallard). Instead changes should only be based upon good educational pedagogy.

Instead, they are driven by the political whim of the Minister, more as a sop to party members, than to fix falling standards!

I have been a principal since 1986 and I am totally feed up with the U Turns we have to carry out, every time there is a change in government or Minister.

Chris Luxton praises Finland’s system. Conveniently, he does not mention that Finland has had a protocol on educational direction, decided across parties and involving professionals. They don’t change direction every couple of years, at the whim of some politician whose knowledge of education usually is simply that they went to school.”