Te Whatu Ora feral antivaxxer stole NZers vaccination data

The Cooker King and Boomer Edge Lord Winston Peters

Man arrested over Te Whatu Ora vaccine data breach

Police have arrested a man accused of leaking large amounts of Te Whatu Ora vaccination data online.

The 56-year-old man has been charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

He will appear in Wellington District Court on Monday.

In a statement on Thursday, chief executive Margie Apa said the individual downloaded a large amount of vaccine-related information and published it on an overseas website.

The person had no clinical background or expert vaccine knowledge and appeared to be trying to spread misinformation, she said.

This feral lunatic anti vaxxer has stolen Health Data to try and prove one of their feral anti vaxxer bullshit quack science misinformation scams.

This feral antivaxxer lives in the same Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom that Winston now rules over. In that world the vaccination campaign was one giant conspiracy by a shadowy one world Government led by a satanic child molesting cabal!

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These fucking lunatics have been enabled, loved and cherished by NZ First, that’s why Winston claims Jacinda knew about the Christchurch terror attack before it happened, that’s why he claims the Government ‘bribed’ the media and that’s why there is now legislation against the WHO!

These feral antivaxx lunatics must be hunted down and purged from the system so that their conspiracy theory beliefs can not stain or poison reason.

With the King of Cookers now in place as Deputy Prime Minister, expect ore of this Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom madness, not less.


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    • And yet at the same time you would have us believe that you are an intelligent person capable of finding things out for himself….

      • Must be a different Andrew,Steve?

        I do find it interesting that the right wing trolls come on here and go off topic.
        This antivaxxer became feral when he stole this information and leaked it online.

    • ” Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand is a public health agency established by the New Zealand Government to replace the country’s 20 district health boards (DHBs) on 1 July 2022. Te Whatu Ora is charged with working alongside the Public Health Agency and Te Aka Whai Ora (the Māori Health Authority) to manage the provision of healthcare services in New Zealand.[2][3] Margie Apa was appointed chief executive of Te Whatu Ora in December 2021 ”
      Winston Smith did his public duty to expose the public health disaster of the experimental toxic covid jabs.
      It’s a disgrace this truth teller has been arrested.

      • What a load of shit. Winston would expose himself if it meant more votes. Please don’t tell me you think loads of people died from taking the vaccine? Massive up take in vaccination but I bet you don’t know a single person who died from being vaccinated. That doesn’t mean that there are no examples, just like any other vaccine. I have never heard of it happening in all the people I associate with, and with such massive coverage I find that hard to take seriously

        • Nice to know we can agree on something. These anti Vax people are idiots .I believe 4 people have die in NZ due to a bad reaction but in 2 cases the people did little to help themselves.
          After a heart problem I survive by taking 22 tablets each day and any of these pills has the potential to react with other medicines but it does not mean that they are not safe or bad .

    • Not wanting to be ignorant, I used Google translate to find out what it means – it says: the living eye…so it looks like a serious data breach at Specsavers!

    • Of course you know what it means. You’re just making an asinine point. Why can’t you be bothered to learn a few Maori words? After all, Maori have to learn thousands of English ones.

    • Gee Andrew, do you know what the Waitemata is? It’s that big blue wobbly thing that flows under the Harbour Bridge and past the viaduct. Try and keep up.

    • I Suggest you educate yourself, how on earth do you get on ordering anything other than fish n chips on a menu if you find reading anything other than English beyond you, your world must be very small narrow.

  1. It’s not just Winston Peters. Chris Trotter is now letting anti-vaxxers run rampant all over his blog. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Largely because, as the saying goes – “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth has put its trousers on.”

      • The difference being that I’m not offering medical advice – unlike the untrained, unqualified nutcases in the anti-vax universe. Mind you, you shouldn’t get medical advice from big Pharma either – they exist to sell drugs. Try consulting medical professionals. After all, it’s a shame to waste years of university education by going to a diesel mechanic for your medical advice isn’t it?

        • Medical professionals used to prescribe amphetamine and smoking to control weight loss; then there’s the thalidomide scandal of the 60’s and 70’s. They don’t always get it right. Latest evidence; the treatment of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients that has been in the news this week. Until HNZ actually addresses the issue of increased excess mortality and acknowledge there are people who have been harmed by the covid vaccines, then this will not go away.

          • Medical professionals generally go on the best scientific advice at the time – sometimes this is wrong. Unlike anti-vaccine nutcases who simply do what we call in the trade “making shit up.”
            Of course people have been harmed by vaccines, there are always a couple of people in every million or so who are harmed by vaccines. But far fewer than those who are harmed by the actual disease. Heaven preserve us from people who “do their own research”.

  2. Jesus! A gaggle of fools looking for a vantage point to climb up and squawk from. You would have voted for the Stooges, so isn’t that enough of an indication of just how dumb you are without your pathetic attempts at witty repartee?
    BTW. Whineston Bleaters looks like Jeffery Epstein in the graphic.

  3. How did they steal the data from from “the living web” and why isn’t that data secure with the health department, or even stats?

  4. Well maybe something good can come from this. Now that the data is out in the wild, an expert can parse it and put this whole “vaccine conspiracy” thing to rest. I never understood why vaccine data has been so protected in the first place – it’s almost impossible to find any concrete data with vax status wrt cause of death etc. Not just here, everywhere.

  5. ” These feral antivaxx lunatics must be hunted down and purged from the system so that their conspiracy theory beliefs can not stain or poison reason ”

    Your to late Bomber they already infiltrated ACT and the Winston and Shane show.

    Expect a lot more of this.

      • Easy Andy, do what the feral antivaxxers at the protest did, throw a few gas cylinders on the man made fire of the parliament playground. That should get us out of any corner.


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