Police Minister Mark Mitchell vs Police Commissioner Coster


Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says he has new Minister’s confidence – but Mark Mitchell still will not comment

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster had his first meeting with new Police Minister Mark Mitchell today, saying afterwards that he had not offered to resign and believed he had Mitchell’s confidence in the role.

In opposition, Mitchell was a critic of Coster’s style of police leadership. Thus far, neither Mitchell nor Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has expressed confidence in Coster or been willing to comment on whether they want him to remain in the role.

This is Woke Wellington Warlord Clint Smith…

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…that was during the Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn protest and represents the craziness the Wellington Middle Class Woke Maoists were prepared to go to smash the dirty filthy Nazis.

Clint was calling on the Government to suspend democracy and elect a secret police Council who would legalise violence against the protestors.

Isn’t it funny how fascist the Woke Left are prepared to go when they had their middle class privilege threatened by the smelly Lumpenproletariat.

Were there far right bad faith activists whipping up an angry mob?

There sure were, that’s why we had to fight to stop giving them a propaganda win by de-escalating this madness.

Mallard wound those protestors up for a month and the entire fiasco exploded in violence with Police using sound weapons, illegally using a fire hose, using plastic bullets, but that was preferable to the level of violence that would have had to be used earlier on.

Coster understood all this. He understood that sending in riot police to beat the bejesus out of and possibly kill protestors would have caused a backlash he refused to be held accountable for.

Andrew Coster the Police Commission of the NZ saved the middle class Wellington Woke from themselves and saved the country by not sending in the riot police.

His intelligent and compassionate and modern view of policing is producing real results…

Jarrod Gilbert: Police focus on evidence-based policing a game-changer for crime statistics

It’s very easy to be cynical around the problems of crime and the failings of the justice system – God knows that’s me at times – so spending the day watching presentations about the great work that was being done was a real palate-cleanser. But more than that, I was even more impressed by the approach. As an academic, I always appreciate moves away from reckon and towards science.

When introducing the awards day, the executive lead of the Evidence-Based Policing Centre, Mark Evans, said that it’s a great achievement to be a finalist but “there can only be one winner”. I’d argue that the winner is the New Zealand public.

…Coster’s refusal to needlessly turn the Police against the civilian population they are supposed to be protecting is one of the reason new Police Minister Mark Mitchell will want Coster gone.

The level of civil disobedience his new Governments racist agenda will inspire requires a Police Commissioner that is prepared to immediately send in the riot police, tear gas, police dogs and rubber bullets.

Coster has shown he will defend the people from the abuse of the State.

This new Hard Right Racist Government doesn’t want that in a Police Commissioner.

I am expecting Mark to make a symbolic hanging of the current Police Commissioner to stamp his authority and implant some gung-ho dickhead to undermine all the good work Police have done and to attempt some stupid symbolic crackdown that will generate counter productive results.



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      • Oh gee wizz derrell. Who’s grumpy this morning? Didn’t you take your meds this morning before you fired up your thumbs to hit the keyboard? Go back to bed and start your day again.

          • The mettle of the man will soon be known. Was he a tool or a free thinker.
            Supporting the labour ideology and then seamlessly shifting into the National gear suggests TOOL.

            • Bob the idiot, context? Your post, as usual, makes no sense when making a statement with a question mark. Dear me.

        • @ Den. Exactly. Coster is a psychotic nutcase more resembling a republican Texan gun nut and minister of police. P..C. Coster has to navigate a course past the fucking loopy bastard.

          • Careful too much corrosive acid will weaken the remaining strengths that still stand in our society. It is self-indulgent to take comment in ironic language every time you have a feeling of some sort. That’s being a smart arse, the smooth talker who knows all, with the depth of toilet paper.

            Let’s use some restraint and hold opinions close and find where some advantage can lie. Know the weaknesses, including your own, and look to see the good points that can help our society some way; a net positive there may be.

    • Den Given that Mitchell made pots and pots of money rescuing cuddly dogs in the devastated wreckage of Iraq, a cuddly two-legged Commissioner could be a welcome breeze up Bowen Street, even if not quite as lucrative.

  1. Coster appears to have a brain which clearly puts him at odds with Natural Glow Mitchell. He won’t appreciate someone who actually thinks more than five minutes ahead.

  2. Natzos…“working for the clampdown…” as ever…dirty tory bastards, they do not want a change in Police culture.

    With well organised fightbacks and community action there won’t be enough plods in the country to contain all the likely action. Don’t forget Ihumatāo, when the Auckland cops backed off their “surprise” night raid when it became obvious they did not have the operational capacity once online calls had gone out to supporters around the country.

  3. Well that is Martyn’s prediction, that Coster is effectively sacked. I reckon the prediction will be wrong. Coster will stay in the job till his 5 year term is completed. I would not be surprised if he then becomes Secretary of Justice.

    • “Coster will stay in the job till his 5 year term is completed.”
      Let’s hope so. Who was it that was instramental in his appointment btw?
      Hopefully, you’d have to agree that Mark the Mitch is just a wee bit fick at times, so you’d also have to hope the new coalition is making allowances. I’d hate to see Mark the Mitch claim victimhood cos he’s really really tuff

  4. Being anti-woke lost the left the election and played right into Winston’s hand.

    Woo the woke!

  5. I quite like Coster. I know he doesn’t wield the big stick that people want him to, and I’m thankful that he didn’t listen to that halfwit mallard during the parliament lawn protest.

    Besides whenever Clint Smith says something you pretty much want to do the opposite. Even if he told me to breathe I think I’d still hold my breath.

  6. Hope we are not heading down the track of the early 20th century where commissioner Cullen was used as a tool to crush both Rua Kanana at Maungapohatu and the Waihi miners strike , both resulting in state sanctioned murder being committed . Surely not , yea nah .

  7. I thank christ we have the sanity of Coster given we now have to put up with Rambo Mitchell.
    All of the police force should be worried, their jobs are at stake, it’s in Nationals DNA.

    • A commissioner who can manage police under labour policy and national policy speaks of flexibility bordering on schizophrenia.
      Not sure that is a great quality for your top cop.

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