Luxon is lying – why new attack on WHO is Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom madness

The Cooker King and Boomer Edge Lord Winston Peters

Christopher Luxon says Government’s World Health Organization health policy ‘has nothing to do’ with online conspiracies

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has hit back against claims the Coalition Government’s decision to lodge a reservation against adopting amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health regulations was influenced by online conspiracy theories.   

It comes after Labour leader Chris Hipkins on Thursday said the new Government appeared to be “dancing dangerously close to endorsing conspiracy theories” in several areas. Labour health spokesperson Dr Ayesha Verrall said she was concerned online “rubbish” about the WHO had made its way into the coalition agreement. 

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is lying.

The Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom NZ First now draws most off their votes from believe WHO  are part of the ‘Plandemic’ to trick us into having the vaccination!

NZ First are a banjo twanging, anti-indigenous Māori, anti-vaxx, climate denying, redneck cross burning conspiracy theory party and the cavalcade of political circus freak ideas Winston’s reliance on these lunatics generates are jaw dropping in their gleeful bigotry and wilful ignorance.

NZ First want lodge  a reservation against adopting amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health regulations because up in Northland, the yokels formed late night discussion meetings at secret locations to fearfully tell one another that WHO colluded with a Satanist child molesting Cabal to manufacture Covid and release it for a shadowy globalist agenda that revolves around basic infrastructure and social planning goals of living 15 minutes  away from where you work.

As utterly insane as this is, the Northland yokels (after holding their late night information meetings) launched vigorous grass root attempts to push these weirdo conspiracy theories.

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One impact of this was Democracy NZs policy:

“Cancel agreements with the World Health Organisation and unelected private entities which undermine national self-determination”

Seeing as NZ is a founding member of the World Health Organisation, we are talking hundreds of pieces of public health legislation that has saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives over that time.

Basic biology and medical scientific fact gleamed and distilled from WHO best practices have probably saved hundreds of millions of lives over its creation and the idea that this is now somehow a Satanic cabal running mystical agendas is breathtaking in it’s idiocy.

Not to be left behind in the conspiracy stakes, Shane Jones wrote a critical attack in June of this year on the World Health Organisation, where he played to the exact same scare mongering insinuations of a shadowy global conspiracy because the conspiracy theorists of Northland were so vocal in their demands.

NZ First flirted with the conspiracy theorists and are now beholden to this new conspiracy electorate because they only scraped over the 5% with 6%.

This is why Winston was claiming Jacinda knew about the Christchurch Terrorist because one of the favourite conspiracies in the conspiracy theory swamp is Jacinda planned the terror attack in Christchurch so she could ban guns to enable the child molesting satanic Global Cabal to take over NZ.

That’s why Winston is claim the media were ‘bribed’ by the Journalism Fund, because the Conspiracy Swamp Kingdom believes Jacinda bribed the media so as to vaccinate us all for the Satanic Child Molesting Cabal to take over.

I know, totally batshit crazy, but that’s what these feral anti-vax lunatics believe!

NZ First isn’t interested in actually discussing health, it’s just fringe culture war talking points thrown out as chum for their batshit crazy voters.

Winston was raging about transgender bathrooms FFS!

Normally once in power, NZ First settles back into their usual crony scams with side hustles and vested interests, but because they are barely over 5%, they need to grow the conspiracy electorate, not dismiss it.

Corrupt conspiracy theory as social policy!

This is what we is now. This is who we are.

That wasn’t an election, it was a tormented grudge fuck against Labour that has spewed forth a political bile that poisons all it stains.

This is going to be the funniest, most insane, most stupid, most horrific 3 years ever.


ACT/National/NZFirst Cabinet

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  1. ” This is going to be the funniest, most insane, most stupid, most horrific 3 years ever ”

    And when the four year term is passed into law it will be all of the above + an extra excruciating year when they return for a second term.

    ” Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is lying ”

    Of course he is Bomber , you know who he listened to for advice.


    • Yes..all so true… and the lies continue to be exposed as Jack Tame on Q&A showed Chris Bishop and Luxon to be lying about their “only 1 cigarette outlet in Northland” line when in actual fact the new recommendations showed 35..

      Bishop was speechless when asked to explain where he got his figures from…The lips were moving but no words were coming out…

      He’s hopeless…but we always knew that !

      Also …They are repealing a whole lot of stuff with no idea what they are going to relpace it with…hopeless…again

      There’s already buyer’s remorse being voiced loudly from a number of prominent people…

      National are just making stuff up and thinking that Winston’s threats to the media will make them ‘gun shy’ from challenging them in a forthright way…

      The lack of competence is already there for all to see… ..hopeless..

      They will not see out the full term!!

  2. Labour were so bad, so corrupt, so f’ing dishonest, that anything looked better. This government has its work cut out fixing the shit show NZ has become.

      • Labour did all the fanning very little was needed as once Jacinda jumped we all knew the writing was on the wall.
        National have a big job ahead trying to turn the Titanic before it hit the iceberg.
        I believe Luxon will do it in spit of Winston acting as an anchor chain.

        • National hit that iceberg in 2016 and so, so many on that boat jumped overboard before the boat and iceberg both sank. Jacinda was able to start to correct the damage of the previous National Titanic. Now we have a HMS Titanic National party whose policy on global warming will melt any trace of icebergs. But at least when they sink they can have one last drag on a ciggy.
          National aren’t called Crashional for no reason.

            • The rightwing media did such a hatchet job on the covid response the response you praised her for that she recieved death threats and threats to her family. Of course she left politics . She then accepted an offer where she was respected globally. Key jumped ship and went for the money at ANZ. There Trev and the truth shall set you free!

        • I keep hearing that Labour has made a mess of things but no facts, no detail at all, just massive generalisations. Typical! Full ‘o’ shit!!

    • So what are you actually referring to because you sound like Chris Luxon or Mike Hoskings. Just random throw away comments that are in some cases exaggeration at best. If it’s the economy you are referring to that’s either horse shit or Luxon and co are showing they are no better at all. They are cutting government spending some of which might have merits but likely includes things we should have. On the other hand they are giving money to their mates with the money, and don’t forecast any better return to surplus outcome than Labour did. If it’s so “bad” why do that?

  3. Shane Jones is a fat moray eel peering out at juicy opportunities he’d sell his ancestors to gobble. An ace creep who is really displaying his true mendacity as a human being, because hitherto he would’ve seemed too smart, albeit smarmy, to actually believe this WHO bullshit, so he doesn’t believe it, that is how cynical that guy is. Same can be said for the slimy Dr (Death) Shane Hikaretti. Luxon really does not give two fucks about anything except his gleeful hands on the levers of power to make a policy out of this, because he doesn’t believe it either. Winston Peters has gone completely over to the dark side and that will eventually eat him up.Willy Jackson said it is not the same Winston Peters, it looks like him but the performative self has taken over and although he pretends to care about his policy, he just cares about power and position so he can’t drop the charade even for a minute.
    A government of Orks promoting guns, germs, meth and tobacco to make money for Mordor.

  4. There is something attractive to the notion that globalist elites manufactured the CoV19 pandemic (or alternatively took advantage of it) to manipulate the masses and test out their plans for global governance on a fearful and gullible public. Big Brother is never far away, except now it’s a global threat. Taking it a step further, WHO is a leading candidate in the next pandemic.

    But really? Where do these people get their ideas from? Sure, in the current post-truth world we all need a healthy scepticism. But I suspect the disbelievers weren’t around in the 1918 flu pandemic, or have any real sense of the social and health impacts of any pandemic. Oh, yes, the economic given that’s global now. Perhaps that’s the ace conspiracy theorists hold.

    Will the CoV19 inquiry clear it all up? Hopefully. Depends on the frame of reference. But I suspect many will be writing their own conclusions.

    • As Bomber said a while ago, it’ll be an inquiry into hurt feelings, not facts.
      Therefore, pointless and expensive. But Winnie gets to preen and say, see, I get things done!
      Lone Comet, I like you description of the govt. of Orks, promoting guns, germs, meth and tobacco to make money for Mordor.
      They are all twisted, bitter, cruel shadows of normal people.
      They are smug and exude negative grumpy old men attitudes.
      As for getting the economy sorted out – if I felt they could, that would be terrific, but I don’t think they can. It’s all big talk and they have already made a gross error by not admitting their mistakes.
      Luxon’s misplaced self-confidence about his negotiating skills and patchy performance at his last job, say he’s too proud to know when to cut his losses.
      I’m not watching them strut around parliament on the news tonight.
      Pompous prats.


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