How Ram Raids and allowing tobacco deaths for tax cuts are connected


Smoking kills 67% of users, any other product that killed 67% of users wouldn’t be allowed!

The Tobacco industry sell an addictive poison and as such aren’t just a normal member of the market, they are part of Industries that require the jackboot of the State on their throats constantly so that they can receive extra tax to pay for the social damage they cause.

Gambling, Tobacco, Booze, Prostitution – we allow these products to be legal because if they were illegal it would only feed organised crime. We appreciate the social damage they  cause so the regulations are far more stringent.

The global media shock at this new Hard Right Racist Government allowing Tobacco deaths for tax cuts has damaged our global standing.

The new Hard Right Racist Government argues they are just doing this for…well, it’s not really clear why they are doing it is it?

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Funny, the Tobacco lobby spends tens of thousands on a save our dairy campaign that falsely made claims about ram raids, police funding and Labour empowering gangs and lo and behold the first decision by this new Government is to allow tobacco deaths for tax cuts!!!

Isn’t that weird coincidence?

Tobacco Lobby spends tens of thousands on social media advertising attacking Labour over ram raids, police funding and empowering gangs and the first thing thew new Right Wing Government does is remove legislation forcing these Tobacco pimps to move people from cigarettes to vapes.

If I was cynical I would suggest that this Health Policy u-turn is pay back for the tobacco Industry using ram raids, gangs and police funding crime scare mongering to get them votes.

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      • Banning cell phones from classrooms is pretty easy. One can even ban kids from smoking in a classroom or consuming alcohol or whatever….
        Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Ok fair enough so legalise or decriminalise all drugs while you are at it. There is years of evidence that banning absolutely does not work and those that want to, will. There’s growing evidence that decriminalisation at least, has better outcomes. But no, this stupid country will continue to live in dark ages just like it does on most issues.

        • So how about 5000?
          Half of all long-term smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. Around 5000 people die each year in New Zealand because of smoking or second-hand smoke exposure. That’s 13 people a day.

          I gather that’s what the previous Government was trying to do Benny, a smoke free policy for the greater good?

          • 5000 people did not purely die from smoking but also from poor diets. In the country where 1 in 3 children live in poverty, NZ has 3rd highest level of obesity in OECD countries. in Counties Manukau, 14% adults smoke and 70% adults are overweight/obese. Smoking ban was just virtue signaling.

            • As someone close to stats NZ, the figures I gave are smoke related illnesses only. How you assumed that they die from poor diet is beyond me.
              The report estimates that poor nutrition plays a role in up to 11,000 deaths each year in New Zealand.
              We have seen in the past misinformation purported to support made up facts. Your own attempt is just virtual signaling.
              Find me a health organization that agrees with you.

    • I’m a smoker. Just wish they’d ban it outright. Done. There wouldn’t be a black market for it. You can grow weed in your garden if you wanted to, would be just like the bought stuff. Not so with homegrown tobbacco, (which is perfectly legal). It’s harsh and takes a really, really long time to dry and cure properly, and then still lacks the nicotine of an actual shop bought cigarette. Most would give up and be done with it.

  1. The colonialist regime is and always has been in the business of profiting financially and politically from the sale of addictive drugs. It has now become totally brazen about it, bragging that the colonialist New Zealand Police are funded through drug sales. Under the Labour government vaping, a new forms of drug taking with particular appeal to youth, were introduced to the New Zealand public, and with it a vast new source of profit to the state and capital.
    But it is not just about money. The colonialist state understands very well that drugs are one of the cheapest and most effective way of keeping a colonized people in check.
    Some elements of the state, most notably the medical profession, have demurred, arguing on both humanitarian and financial grounds that the proliferation of drugs ultimately present a threat to the working of the state and the stability of society.
    They were largely ignored by the previous Labour government and have now been firmly over-ruled by the new National/ACT/New Zealand First government. The state, hand in hand with the drug lords, is now going full out to grow the drug trade to unprecedented levels. The Realm of New Zealand has become a narco-state.
    There is only one solution to this problem and it is not the New Zealand state, it is not parliament, and it is not the politicians. It is the people themselves. The people must close down this trade, and as means to that end ram raids and other ways of putting vape shops and drug-dealing dairies out of business are legitimate. This situation demands not just a people’s war on drugs, but also a people’s war on colonialism.

  2. Dairies are an important part of our system and are one weapon in the fight against supermarkets and climate change because if the corner dairy goes many will be forced to drive to a supermarket for milk and bread .The fact they survive due to tobacco and vape sales has to be accepted for them to continue.

    • Home delivery was a thing when I was young & while it mostly disappeared for quite a few decades it is happening again with most supermarkets & other food suppliers. Hence, you must shift your calendar from the 1990s to catch up with current conditions.
      No business has a right to survive if its economic credentials (benefit/cost including social cost) are negative and donations to a political party should not be allowed to change that equation.

    • Who are the true bottom feeders here? I reckon it’s the dairy owners who claim they can’t survive without selling poisons. They know they have a captive audience and make lots of money out of them.
      According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, bottom feeders are opportunists who seek to profit at the expense of others or from their mis-fortune.
      The best solution is for people to finally rebel against being used and stop smoking, stop filling their bodies with junk food and sugary drinks.
      Resolve to not start smoking, stake a claim for your own health.
      Don’t depend on others to do it for you.
      This will go against the grain for some, loss of freedom. Well, death and serious illness is a loss of freedom too. Not being to do or go wherever you like is a serious loss of freedom.
      Why allow money grubbing dairy owners backed up by irresponsible governments, to do that to you?
      Life might have dealt you a tough hand but why make it harder than it needs to be. Take charge of your life.

  3. So do nothing then?

    The measures of previous governments have meant smoking rates were coming down meaning more people potentially living longer and reducing some of the pressure on an overloaded health system.

    Yes we’ve screwed up over vaping but otherwise we were leading the way towards less smoking and better health.

    But now under the Coalition of Chaos we will be moving backwards. Well done them.

    And why? No clear answer from these clowns. They are a joke but no-one’s laughing.

    Hopefully we have less than three years of this Muppet Show. And no, Labour is not the solution. An effective coalition where Labour understands the new reality and works with the Greens and TPM as equal partners will give us a chance. No sign of that yet but I hope it’s happening behind the scenes. It better be.

  4. Chris Bishop, what a vile scumbag of a Human being, Politics really does attract some of the most disgusting people ever & he’s a classic example of this grifter class? Bishop’s pathway to entering the National Party is based on the American model of having Lobbyists enter into Govt then back to that Private Sector job once they have influenced Govt legislation to benefit that Corporation, in this instance, Bishop was a former Philip Morris Spokesman & Employee, this Tobacco Giant that’s responsible for the deaths of millions from its lethal cigarette products? Every time I see Bishop’s dead, lifeless shark eyes on TV & his pale, pallid grey appearance as a result of his chain smoking habit, it makes me cringe, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still on Philip Morris payroll, it’s a clear case of conflict of interest also the Man not only endorses this vile product, he’s addicted to it & has paved the way for others to be as well in the near Future with overhauling the Smokefree Legislation but those Tax cuts have to be funded somehow don’t they?

      • You have very low standards so not surprising. I didn’t know a minister who contributes to the deaths of thousands of kiwis every year was “fabulous ” or astute.
        What a retarded statement but nothing new from Bob the retarded.

  5. Is the reality simply that The Three Stooges have been lobbied by the tobacco industry? If our politicians only received their ministerial salaries during their tenure [in] we’d have no politicians.
    Did you hear that the actor Mel Gibson, a chronic smoker, has changed his name and refuses to wash. He’s now known as Smell Gibson.

  6. Jack Tame, caught Bishop on a lie along with luckless Luxon, in regard to them saying that Labours old plan of cutting back on how many shops per region will be allowed to sell cigs. The pair where pushing the narrative that in Northland only one shop, and enforcing the negative of ram raids and a fortress like building this one shop would look like, however, Jack pulled the number out from last September that has 35 Norhland shops allocated, bouncy Bishop was riggling like a slippery eel on a hook.

    • I still think spending 61 million a year to go after the last 5 percent of smokers is illogical.
      Time for personal responsibility.

      • When it costs 2 billion a year to the health system jack, that is illogical, you may learn something about math.

          • Silly Ernie. A statement without evidence/ stats, renders you an idiot.

            “The total amount of revenue
            raised by tobacco excise and GST after the changes ($1.3b) will still leave at least half a billion shortfall compared to the health related costs of smoking.

    • Yes indeed.
      Jack has the knack to contribute nothing to a conversation.
      So intent on scoring a point!

      I think a better point would have been to argue that make it a fortress and save even more lives…. Or just ban smoking period! No one dies of smoking …… Now why did Verrall and Labour not think of that!!

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