Te Reo, Hate Speech and Gender Identity became weaponised by the Woke – that’s why new Hard Right Racist Government are attacking it first


Shane Jones slams ‘marginal, cultural-driven distractions’

Shane Jones has slammed the use of te reo Māori in the public sector, defending the incoming government’s plan to change the names of some major agencies.

We forgot how power crazed the Woke were between 2016 and 2020.

The Wellington Woke’s weaponisation of Te Reo was always problematic. Remember how they hounded some poor shmuck out of their job for not liking a chocolate bar wrapper in Te Reo?

I always thought putting the names of Government Departments and Agencies into Māori was always a dumb virtue signal.

The vast majority don’t read Māori, putting the names of Government Agencies and Departments into Māori names is confusing for the vast majority.

It’s also fucking disingenuous!

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Oranga Tamariki  have a legacy of damaging Māori kids, brown washing the name doesn’t clean that slate, it merely camouflages it.

The name should be English first followed by the Māori name. Simple right, but the Woke were on a power trip that saw representation as the highest importance over practical use.

For me the Māori language is a cultural gift.

I use basic Māori every day with my hellos and goodbyes and affirmations, but beyond a handful of words I don’t speak the language for fear of mispronunciation which would immediately lead to a Woke Wellington Wanker screaming that I am racist, but I certainly believed it was my daughter’s birth right to know the Māori language. She has been in Māori immersion education all her life and can speak it fluently.

When my daughter speaks it fluently it makes me feel more like a New Zealander than anything else in the world.

The Māori language is a treasure and a gift, if you want that gift it will give you a deeper connection to this land than anything else can, but if you don’t want that gift, that’s ok too! It doesn’t mean you are racist or evil or bad, it just means you don’t want that gift.

That’s fine!

Virtue signalling Te Reo down people’s throats and weaponising it in the way the Wellington Woke did however made it political ammunition for the Right and that’s why they are attacking it now.

The exact same dynamics of woke dogma are at play in the radioactively toxic Trans debate…

Govt’s plan to axe sex, gender guidelines in schools ‘concerning’

The new government’s plan to remove sexuality and relationship guidelines from schools, introduced in 2020, is facing push back from some educators.

…this is where the woke had taken gender education in schools…

…this is state sponsored and in state schools???

I thought Pride Week at schools was celebrating diversity, I had no idea it had mutated into this????

Drag zoom panels???

I’m fine with this at University, but come on, this is at school!

Look, I support Drag Story Time, hell my own daughter has gone to those, but Drag panels over zoom with school children with really over the top sexuality is bewildering to me.

We have a right to challenge the more flamboyant elements of woke dogma while supporting an individuals right to choose.

The inability to be able to even have the space to discuss these issues rationally and calmly no longer exist in NZ society because in NZ now you can win an argument simply by ‘feeling‘ it more.

Remember the Posie Parker fiasco?


How Shaneel and Spinoff saw protest vs reality

I’m the most liberal human in the world, I fought for equality legislation and marriage in NZ for the Gay Community, I don’t care who you love as long as it is consensual and all power to you living your truth, but I also do have deep misgivings about the way the Trans community have advanced their cause with cancel culture militancy because I think it provides ammunition to the right which ACT and NZF have now returned in spades!

‘Pure Trans Joy’ probably helped cost us the election. Voters didn’t see the Trans Community as the victim, they saw a women literally and metaphorically run out of the town square.

Remember how the woke weaponised Hate Speech which has allowed Winston to make accusations of media bribery…

Winston Peters makes false claim Government bribed media just after becoming Deputy PM

A new Government was sworn in and the old Winston Peters turned up, accusing the outgoing Government of bribing the media and issuing an indirect edict to state broadcasters to stop using te reo Māori.

…the Woke’s desire to attack Free Speech by demanding Hate Speech laws has generated a media environment where the suspicion is that it attempts to censor and hide than participate and enlighten.

The Wellington Woke middle class activist clique provided the political ammunition that NZ First and ACT have joyfully seized upon and used to fire back at us.

Social Media Proxification has created a political brand that is alienating voters from the Left and we are harvesting the return on that.

This is what happens when pure temple politics kills Broadchurch solidarity.

Cheers Wellington Wokies.

Your self created identity is far more important than our shared humanity.

We are reaping this Hard Right Racist Government because it was more important to virtue signal woke zeal than do anything meaningful for the material well being of New Zealanders.


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  1. Trouble is we are now talking about all these distractions while this coalition looks after their donors.

    The down side of MMP is you have Winston and his 6% that contains a considerable amount of Majorie Taylor Green types having an impact on policy. National at least should be embarrassed they have made a deal with this vote slut.

    • @Wheel – well said and I totally agree. The trump-like triumvirate that evolved from the election sowed its seeds and intentions a long time ago, especially with Winston Peters adopting a hardline conspiracy theory approach which was believed and adopted by those who had already been bashed into submission by Luxon and Seymour who peddled their politics of fear that patched gang members were going take over the country if they were not banned and/or locked up for very, very long jail terms.

      Add to this the hard-core Christian Right anti-abortion movement which forms a good part of Luxon’s party and throw in the anti-Maori, anti-Treaty, American NRA party posing as ACT as well as the promise of tax cuts, which will have pretty much nil beneficial effect on anyone, and we have three years of living hell.

      • Well first of all I don’t actually see them in the coalition Jack, and secondly while I am not a TPM fan I don’t see them as fundamentally bat shit crazy. Sure not all of the 6% are fruit loops but seeing Peters making an absolute embarrassment of himself suggests he knows enough of them are.

  2. A narcissistic leopard cannot change it’s rainbow spots it seems.
    They won’t listen to you Martyn.
    That element of “me me me” over the combined struggle of all working people is divisive, and encouraged by the Right who enjoy triggering these easliy led narcissists and their fragile personalities.
    It’s political rocket fuel for the Right, and is used to shroud their economic agenda from a deliberately misinformed naïve electorate.

  3. Geez gay pride and gay straight alliances have been in high schools for decades.
    So who gives a damn if high school students do drag shows I sure dont.

  4. Yup. The dumb muddle class pseudo-left cultists greenies/labourites fucked that up good and proper. The dumb yoofs got suckered in by all the Hubba Bubba as well.
    The cost is just not time, economic. It’s 2 generation of dumbfucks! Mels and GenZs are fucked good and proper. They sold(out) their own future and blamed every other generation for their fuckwittedness! How dumb is that, ideological skullfuckery.

  5. I’m not certain this government is racist yet – not everything He Puapua wanted was necessarily brilliant – and of course no discussion, much less debate was permitted.

    Still to be determined though, is whether the rainbow crowd’s deathgrip on Labour has loosened enough to recognize how inappropriate their subjectively based policy was, and resile from it. No sign of that yet.

    But far-Right this grudging 3-way certainly is. If Labour straightens up & flies right they could make hay in opposition. Small chance of that however.

  6. Minorities can’t be silent in the media age. You forget the major point agin the US Democrats in the 80s was their representation of minorities much discriminated against. Justice is justice.

    Sure, often interactions are glued up in PC. Maybe, a difference between free speech and representation of minorities can be discerned.


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