Boomer Edge Lord Winston Peters makes media conspiracy theory claim


Jesus wept…

Winston Peters makes false claim Government bribed media just after becoming Deputy PM

A new Government was sworn in and the old Winston Peters turned up, accusing the outgoing Government of bribing the media and issuing an indirect edict to state broadcasters to stop using te reo Māori.

The Coalition Government takes force from Monday and has promised to cut the use of Māori across the public service. But it was National and ACT that passed the 2016 law urging the public service to use Te Reo in the first place.


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Is Winston the new Brown Trump is he?

We expect this crazy bullshit before the election, because that’s what Winston does, he’s the Pied Piper of rednecks, lost yokels and Boomer Culture Warriors, but he’s the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand now and he’s spouting conspiracy theory madness at actual live press conferences now!!!

This is where Winston got his 6%…

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief

…NZ First’s electorate are conspiracy theorists now. Climate deniers, anti-Māori fetishists and feral antivaxxers. He’s done this before by insinuating Jacinda knew something about the Christchurch terror attack before it happened and he’s doing it now with claims the Journalism Fund was a Government bribe!

He’s already threatened Jack Tame for asking him hard questions, he’s now making demands of media to stop using Te Reo despite it being an ACT/National policy to use it and he’s making irrational conspiracy claims about the media!

He’s a senile dictator!

This is your new Deputy Prime Minister and it’s all because Jacinda had the temerity to save us all from a mass death event.

We are a nation of stupid Hobbits.


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  1. I know the manager of a large provincial paper who is deeply ashamed that he signed up for the fund saying that it’s a deep stain on his previous unblemished record. Did it because all others were doing it but wishes he had had the courage to say “no thanks, not under these conditions “

    • So your friend feels bad so that means everyone’s corrupt?

      The most laughable thing is the one entity taking shit loads of money to say whatever is Winston Peters FFS. Ok the money went to the party but its so f’ing obvious he’s against many things, he had a hand in previously, is because of the money. That was clear in Selwyn’s article on NZF funding.

    • Name the paper please or you may be suspected of being full of it. There are not too many “large provincial papers” left. There are a number of modest sized ones though…

      Any number of people and businesses sucked on the COVID tit provided by the Labour Govt. and were more than happy to do so at the time.

    • So did he feel the same about any employment subsidy as part of the covid scheme? It was an unprecedented event & while mistakes were made would it really have been better to let 20,000 people die & the economy crash just for the sake of a few people’s version of economic purity? Winston & friends conveniently forget that covid was a worldwide problem & thinking that NZ could have just carried on with business as normal was never going to work.

      • Covid employment subsidies weren’t tied to supressing political positions the govt disagreed with and requiring promotion of political positions the govt agreed with.

        • I don’t recall the media suppressing any genuine political issues with the government, while the anti-vax etc mob were upset that their random evidence-free claims were ignored it is not classed as suppressing the truth as it was never true to begin with.

    • If you really did know this manager of a large provincial newspaper you would realise their job title is editor.
      So yeah, you’re full of shit.

    • I’d have to ask Brom what the said “conditions” were and did they differ from simple acknowledgement of the Treaty principles, as they are currently understood as partnership, participation and protection.

  2. That has been a common theme. All these people going on about “woke” Labour etc when they are the actual source of some of the distress for the banjo twangers. Just like Tracy Martins lead on the gender legislation.

    Trouble is now, apart from being completely hypocritical this stupid sell out of a man is making more shit up. Peters is a f’ing embarrassment. He will say whatever it takes, with that self satisfied “I crack myself up” wanker look on his face.

  3. At first I thought it might be fun having the news media bait old man Winston till he said something outrageous.
    But it doesn’t take much baiting and it’s quickly become an excuse for entitled media people to make the news about themselves.

    • Peter’s hates the media, it wouldn’t matter what questions he was asked. I like your conspiracy theory on the media making the news about themselves, that’s a new one.

      • I usually agree with you MHK but I think Peter has a point. The media was more upset about Winston’s behaviour than they were about the smoke-free thing being stopped and the implications of that, for many thousands of people.
        Health professionals of all stripes, except Dr. Ciga-Reti of course, condemn that decision and see it for what it is, a cynical tax grab.
        It’s caused shock and hilarity world-wide.

        Winston is doing the old divide and rule thing.
        Get the media riled up and they forget look at other things which might not stand too much attention.
        All through the election campaign creating a diversion to avoid too much scrutiny of other things, was used, to confuse the easily confusable electorate.
        That’s possibly Winston’s job now, the take the heat of Luxon.
        I wish he’d stuck to fishing – for actual fish.

        • I like your post Joy, I disagree with the thought the media are making it about themselves however We cannot agree to disagree on that. To be fair Joy, Winston was part of a Government that signed it off, so therefore he is donkey deep in the bribery. Not only that, we now have Willis describing Winston’s accusations as a ” turn of phrase” so already going in to bat for the senile one.
          And yes the smoke free policy is the absolute worst decision seen in our political history. Ciga Reti is funding more security for ED”s before xmas whilst sending more people to ED with smoke related diseases.

          • Winston wasn’t part of the govt to sign it off Robertson bought it up with him Winston said no.. even Fat boy Robertson said as much this afternoon. It was signed AFTER WP left office. Start with the facts straight or are you another bribed clown from the media ?

            • Fat boy Kirk, not true, or are you saying old man senile Peter’s is telling the truth. Are you another right wing shrill down the rabbit hole.

        • Joy, he called them corrupt! Where did they get upset? I saw them pointing out that the allegations were baseless, but they widely reported his stupid f’ing comments to their credit. They should have ignored the old w*nker. It’s not up to the media to get upset about the change is smoking policy. That’s our job if we are.

        • Yeah spot on Joy that sly fox Winni is doing a real horse and pony show alright. The pearl clutching over him has to stop, time to do the eye roll or better still, ignore him altogether. And what flabbergasted me is National came right out and SAID yep, we need the tobacco money to fund our tax cuts …the only thing they didn’t do is spell out the word ‘cynical.’

          • In reply to all of you, they are already rushing to cover his so-called gaffes. ‘Turn of phrase’!
            We could all use those to describe the lot of them. There are laws which prevent us.
            The media don’t like being called corrupt but they have to keep their eyes on what’s really going on and pursue those stories first. They have to show they won’t be diverted by Winston’s tricks. There is much worse going on already, behind our backs.
            Luxon is the weak link. He needs to be pushed hard.
            p.s. joseph, I pinched that name from someone much brighter than me. But it’s good, eh? Very fitting.

  4. The cringe from the Coalition of Clowns didn’t take long to start.

    Is Winston’s mouth going to run defence for cluxon & Rimmer by taking the spotlight off their privatisation & austerity programme?
    “Hey, look over here at the senile old Fox. Ignore those guys selling your kids future”.

  5. Winston will be the downfall of this coalition.
    An early election is surely on.
    Luxon’s tut-tutting of Winston ain’t working.
    As Winnie’s hated media hailed him the Kingmaker prior to the election, he may well be the Kingtaker before the term is out.
    Be warned, Labour and get far, far better in your planning and execution of policies for the next time around..
    You may need it sooner than you think.

    • I think you may be right. Unless Luxon can find an endless steam of overseas negotiations that need Winston’s expert touch he will cause trouble .I could suggest he could start by going to Gaza then Ukraine.

    • How many times has Peters been sacked from his coalition partners?

      I guess he will be down that track again very soon.

      Labour get your acts together now. Stop focussing your support for the middle classes who dumped you this past election.

      Show some leadership where it is really needed.

      Fight Poverty Now.

  6. Well we have police stitching up charges on innocent people in Dunedin, looking after the
    local drug cartel, check out the Mosgiel police and Waipori Falls. They must be being paid well by the cartel. Maybe looking under the covers of this country is going to shock you, stick your head back in the sand and you won’t see it. This country is revolting! You would have to be a fool not to see how corrupt NZ is. The drug cartels have taken over dirty old Dunedin hook line and sinker. It would have been so easy. Rotten old shit hole city now. Go back to sleep….

  7. At least 10% of Hobbit s agree with him. 6%+ the other 4% who voted for Loyal NZ etc. So if he can win the ,,4% over, then
    Wella… NZ First has 10% in the polls.

  8. I love it that Winston Peters is a utter Trainwreck, the Old Fool is NZ’s version of Joe Biden, but without the whisper mode & the easily triggered, serial litigate is as nutty as a peanut butter sandwich & will provide huge entertainment & embarrassment to this Coalition of Cockheads, Ring Wing, Disaster Capitalism Govt? Winston, the Fucknuckle DPM will make NZ a Global laughingstock, a fitting example of this Nation’s smallminded, pathetic, petty & vindictive Citizens who inhabit this Neoliberal rathole! Bring on the Shit show!

  9. And potentially we will need to put up this this crackpot for another 9 years.

    And he seems to be getting worse every year that goes by.

    • This lot won’t last nine years they will be lucky to get pass this three-year term the way Winstone is going.

  10. Winston and his party Winston first are the anti everything team. Despite his whinging, the media are critical in a democracy – if he wants to muffle or silence the media then we are heading toward a Banana republic in which everything is OK because he says so!
    Fuck that. Winston First must be open to feedback – both supportive and critical. Otherwise we begin a descent down a slippery slope

  11. “We are a nation of stupid Hobbits.” No we’re not. Don’t say that. Fuck Martyn! We’re already getting hammered.
    We’re a country larger than the UK with huge agricultural output production capabilities and there are only 5.2 million of us and of that figure only 3 million can vote thus are workers and human resource people and of that 3 million only 52 thousand farmers supply us with our money and they’re very, very close to collapse.
    We’re a small country and fuck we’re strong but political venom and privateer greed are dragging us down into their sewers.
    Winston Peters is a lawyer. He’s also Maori which makes him a traitor to not only AU/NZ but to all Maori.
    Winston Peters is also a Machiavellian Confederate running defence for a fuck up that occurred years ago when someone down at Citi Bank left sensitive documents and floppy discs in office furniture bought by a trader called Paul White. Paul White tried to play Citi Bank while having no idea just how deeply dangerous his game was. Paul White ended up dead and the finders fee he was given to shut up disappeared out of the wreckage of his car after it crashed killing him. But that’s common knowledge. There’s a book and a shit film starring Cliff Curtis but I digress.
    The reality is simple. Nothing has changed. Citi Bank are dirty as fuck as are our four now foreign owned retail banks stealing $180.00 a second 24/7/365. The 14 multi-billionaires and the 3118 multi-millionaires with in excess of $5o million each might attest to that.
    We’re NOT stupid hobbits. We’re completely fucking confused because the politic we pay and maintain are in the pockets of bigger fish. Anyone who’s trusted someone close only to have them rip you off will know what I’m writing about.
    We need a public royal commission of inquiry before it’s too late. Have you noticed? They’re coming after ol King Charles too. And before you “haw-haw-haw” remember that the Crown is a human entity, not a terrifying fucking bankster robot.

    • Good comments CB. We do need an inquiry into why we pretend to have an election every 3 years when we are finally understanding that the result is already bought and paid for by a few greedy individuals and institutions who are gambling with our future.
      The few MPs who end up in parliament with genuinely good intentions are snowed under by the dirty dross that floats to the top always, people who will do and say anything for power and more wealth.
      This mean-spirited govt. is hopefully a nail in the coffin. These useless posers need to go.
      I agree we aren’t all stupid but we’ve been easily diverted, too accepting, too easy to please. We expect our politicians to be honourable and clearly for some years, many have not been. Yet, we sell another house and have another coffee and forget that we should demand better.
      Luxon’s on a shortcut to a knighthood. His puppet master told him how to do it. Their personal ambition is their driving force. It’s got nothing to do with ordinary NZ’ders and how this country is run.
      Years ago it was buy a company and strip the assets. Now, it’s buy a country and strip the assets. We are that country and this govt. has organized the sale.

  12. Looks to me like he’s back on the piss with accelerated dementia.
    If so, it’s a bit sad ‘cos he’ll be remembered for this current shit rather than anything half decent he did.

    He should take a bit of that ‘personal responsibility’ and climb down off that high horse before he starts shuffling around far north haunts muttering to himself

  13. Will David Seymour repeal his assisted dying act, given he is repealing a smoking act that will help to assist dying all for the sake of benefitting the already wealthy by funding tax cuts?

    • And … it lets let Mumbling Mark Mitchell crow about the downturn in-ram raids as soon as he took over police – only because there will be no black market for ciggies any more; nothing to do with being ‘tough on crime’.
      There’s method in their madness even though it is morally corrupt.

  14. Scott. I usually don’t reply to people that take issue comments because opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one but nobody wants to see anyone else’s. My old dad used to say the first person to raise his voice has lost the argument and it seems you were shouting at me
    FyI I know the editor well too. Also worked for decades in the industry. Ed is responsible editorial, manager has overall control. I apologise for having the temerity to correct you.

  15. Good on Winston. He throws some red meat into the room and everybody goes into a feeding frenzy!

    More meat please!!

  16. While Winston creates a diversion…….

    So for a few hundred million a year in extra tobacco tax, National is going to stick us with 4000 – 9000 dead, and $11 billion in other costs. Apparently, this is what they call “fiscal responsibility”. Instead, it just looks like cold-blooded murder

    One of the big underlying problems in our political system is the prevalence of short-term thinking, most usually seen in the periodic massive infrastructure failures at a local government level caused by them skimping on maintenance to Keep Rates Low. But the new government has given us a new example, with their unexpected plans to repeal smokefree legislation. While being blamed on Winston – a guy named after a brand of cancer-sticks – National likes it because they need the money to fund their promised handouts to landlords. But as Bernard Hickey points out, that extra revenue has a cost, and it is enormous:

  17. And … it lets Mumbling Mark Mitchell crow about the downturn in-ram raids as soon as he took over police – only because there will be no black market for ciggies any more; nothing to do with being ‘tough on crime’.
    There’s method in their madness even though it is morally corrupt.

  18. it’s not govt subsidy that’s corrupting the media but shadowy overseas money…and the extremely low quality of nz ournos

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