Winston Peters as the new Brown Trump of NZ Politics

Winston is the new brown Trump

Deputy PM Winston Peters says he is ‘at war’ with media amid ongoing baseless claims

Peters, who has repeatedly complained about reporters not paying him enough attention, was asked to comment for this story. However, he did not respond to Stuff’s request for an interview.

He did speak to The Platform on Tuesday. During the interview, he agreed he was “at war” with the press gallery and mainstream media.

“We’re going to keep on going. We’ll see who wins,” he said.

After screaming conspiracy theories for his new conspiracy theory supporters regarding the Journalism Fund used to bribe all media, Winston is now on Culture War Media declaring  ‘war’ against the media.

Let’s be clear, I wrote last year that there absolutely were problems with the way NZ on Air handed out money in this fund and blogged that the cultural guidelines acted as an editorial policy, but NZ on Air’s attempt to ensure public money wasn’t spent on anything racist did not amount to bribery as Winston claims and the public broadcasting content generated never amounted to editorial control.

Sure, there was an enormous amount of woke wank generated…

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigor of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

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…but to pretend that mediocrity amounts to bribery is not a critical evaluation of how NZ on Air spent that money, it is a move out of Trumps ‘fake news’ playbook and that is why we should all recoil in horror at what Winston is truly trying to do here.

You want a debate about the woke wank NZ on Air has funded? Let’s do that!

You want a debate about how we fund public broadcasting journalism and its fundamental fourth estate obligations? Let’s do that!

You want to a debate about journalistic standards? Let’s do that!

But to falsely claim the entire media were bribed into carrying Jacinda’s dark vaccination message is a conspiracy theory only believed by fuckwits.

Winston is starting a war with the media for the exact same reason Trump did, to challenge objective truth and twist it into whatever Winston wants it to be.

That is vastly more dangerous to the political culture than poorly viewed publicly funded woke content from NZ on Air.


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  1. Of course it was bribery. You get the money if you tow the government line. You don’t get the money if you don’t and if you take the money and don’t you will have to pay it back.

    • 1. It’s toe the line. It’s a boxing reference.
      2. Now that we have a new government and now that they will be bribing/financing the press, can we expect heaps of puff pieces about Peters, Luxon and what’s his face? That would be the logical conclusion – I guess time will tell. It certainly hasn’t happened yet.

    • how is that any different from reporters doing what their editor demands? Yes the media needed to adhere to some rules to access the funding but without it much of our media would have folded and then so would the 4th estate that is supposed to act as a check and balance for government – FFS

      Of course politicians would like the media weakened – this would allow them to ‘do their thing’ without any form of public challenge – great for communist China and North Korea, but not so hunky doodly for a country that is supposedly an open democracy.

    • You need to produce evidence that the media sold their soul as the saying goes, while some people believe slogans that is more of a reflection of their lack of critical thinking than evidence that it is true. Many articles by the media supported by the fund were critical of the government, so your claim fails the fact test.
      While you might be easy to bribe for a few baubles that does not mean everyone else has the same low standards.

  2. Hipkins accusing Winston of damaging the integrity of the NZ media is a joke. Hipkins himself contributed to damaging the media long before Winston was on the scene.

    • Was Peters not part of the government when this 55 mil over three years was signed off? Was it an issue then? Peters is the one changing his tune for money let’s be very clear about that. As for all that shit around the mosque shootings, that would have made Sue Grey blush.

    • @ jack. ” Hipkins himself contributed to damaging the media long before Winston was on the scene.”
      No he didn’t. Hipkins was born in 1978 which would have meant he was one year old when winston peters became a Natzo flag bearer in 1979.
      Did peters became an ‘independent’ in 1993 to act as wing-thing re the Wine Box Inquiry? My answer is yes. Yes he did. He went in puffing fag smoke and blathering triple speak while our criminals breathed a sigh of relief because it’s one of their own and it comes with a law degree.
      MMP was by itself a means to water down inquiry and it could be used against the populace to obfuscate, confuse and cause easily manipulated confusion. All that was needed then was smelly pinstripes and an all bought and paid for MSM. If you read/listen to rnz and watch TVNZ and you believe what what you read and see then you mustn’t breed and you should keep well away from sharp scissors. Or perhaps not! I hear they’re a great sex toy!
      “The Commission became popularly known as the Winebox Inquiry, as Winston Peters brought the documents at the centre of the allegations to Parliament in a winebox. The box contained numerous documents relating to a range of transactions entered into or contemplated by a number of parties. ”
      Aaaaannnnnd …. nothing was found to be amiss. Fucking funny that.
      On a broader scale.
      The Paradise Papers. ( Nothing to do with Whinny that I can see but interesting none the less.)
      So. Back up your bean stalk jack.

      • Yep I’m not one of these right wing nut jog gloaters like Bob the freeloader but you smashed Jack right out of the water Countryboy with that reply. Sometimes numbers do tell the truth!

      • Things brandished in the meeting places of politicians – Peters – and another one I have read about in USA – McCarthy.and the Reds!
        Joseph McCarthy’s List – UW iSchool – University of Washington
        UW iSchool › dtctw › joseph-mccarthys-list
        It appears to have come from a report by staff of a Congressional subcommittee, who found 108 “incidents of inefficiencies”—but no Communists—in State ..

    • Incorrect Jack unless you van prove it?
      You jack are a ram raider. That’s how it works with you, accuse someone with no basis of fact, terribly immature.

    • ” Thanks Martyn for the clear analysis- what a torrid few months we are in for ”

      Much longer than a few months Susan should their 4 year term be implemented.

  3. Don’t mention He Puapua! Peters has a long standing grudge over the media’s role in reporting his involvement. What was it that was said? The fact Winston says that he didn’t know about it either says he completely forgot that he signed it off or he can’t be trusted. Both probably.

  4. The failure here is Luxon’s. Peter’s needs to be told to apologise, or take legal action for his claims. It is up to the Courts to decide about compliance with the law, not politicians – that’s a clear demarcation in our system and we can’t afford for those rules to be fudge over just for National’s convenience to retain NZF in coalition.
    Surely the Governor General should be involved if Luxon fails to respond – continuing to deny that he was not aware of the comments is simply not acceptable.

  5. Winston’s great diversion…….

    ” Residential landlords will be able to claim back tax that they paid under the previous Government, the National-Act coalition deal indicates.
    Such a retrospective law changes would be “highly unusual and unorthodox,” says one tax expert. Retrospective law-making is generally frowned upon.

    And it’s one more oddity in all the toing-and-froing by lawmakers over the residential landlords’ tax break.

    Today, CTU economist Craig Renney releases a report concluding the lost revenue cost of accelerating the restoration of interest deductibility will be about $900 million for the new Government – that’s on top of National’s original $2.1b costings, and a new hole in its tax package ”

  6. The msm are shellshocked their racket is over. Matty Mclean looked like he had been given a life sentence interviewing Shane Jones. John Campbell lost his shit. Jenna is out for revenge. This is not a hard right government. We have merely returned to the centre, so hard left had we gone after years of unconstrained progressiveness.

    • Centre, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
      Jesus jack off, I note you didn’t mention Hosking, because he’s centre? Jesus Jack Christ do you smile to the right in front of the mirror when you jack off? seriously you believe your own shit.

          • Ive never voted right. never. I even voted green once.
            What the left have turned into is every bit as bad as the furthest right, If you go far enough left you end up at Fascism.
            We were well on the way and I surmise that if the Left had been given another three years there would have been a revolution on the streets.
            Consider this a lucky break to rewind 6 years.

        • aren’t you a happy peasant. Still being bottle fed by the corporations that control NZ media. Is it because you like the taste of your lord barons boots and don’t want to risk having the teat taken away?

    • Clusterfuxon is just another ballhead in the beehive. The latest in a long line.

      He’ll tinker round the edges and set some direction, implement a policy or two but really, nothing changes.

      He’ll faithfully serve the Crowns interests and get a gong at the back end of it when he leaves.

      The free press can no longer hold power to account with truth because the truth is whatever power says it is.

      He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

      Meanwhile we’re still saddled to that ol westminster nag of a system needing put out to pasture and its misery.

    • TVNZ didn’t receive any funding out of the PIJF so were Campbell and co really shell shocked? NZME might have from memory. You sound like a Hoskings fan boy so maybe ask him if he’s concerned he works for an organisation that towed the governments line. I mean clearly he loved Labour.

        • The $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund supported New Zealand’s media to continue to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed and engaged, and support a healthy democracy.”

          You seem to have made your own interpretation of democracy jack off, similar to Donald Trumps stolen election.

    • You need to get your eyes checked, you obviously do not know right, left & centre. The msm are consistently centre-right with the odd touch of compassion mixed in that seems to infuriate those who believe state support should only be for the wealthy.

  7. Wrong take. Doing what he’s always done — (learnt this from Trotter) absorbing trumpist reactionaryism and turning it into something more moderate.

    His policies express his real opinions — doesn’t believe in climate change or thinks nowt we can do about it etc. Bad enough.

  8. I wanted Labour and Greens out – default vote to National to remove them. Still happy they are gone .

    Really happy with policy changes although more thought to the smoking needs to be made – in saying that what is the point of this if nicotine in vapes is there and it is as popular with youth as ever. MMP coalitions will make this sort of thing more common. Wouldn’t mind a govt explanation article in why this decision is being made – is there one out there from the powers who made this decision?

    The other policy changes have my vote feeling more positive if things happen sooner rather than later.

    Winston like all politicians has his positives – but they are getting harder to see in his personal attributes. I hope Luxon can reign him in – I doubt it somehow and he may wreck a good government – that same handbrake could be detrimental. Will be interesting to see how he continues but it will get tiresome if it hasn’t already.

    I also blame the media a little as they know he bites so they lap it up and agenderize the story narrative very easily. It’s like giving Trump all the attention and no wonder he never goes away – this is the same for Winston in my opinion. If the media gave a shite about NZ they wouldn’t sometimes have Winston as the default wind up when there is so many more questions about why and how the coalition are going to do what.

    The covid enquiry I expect may just be a waste of money but Winston and Seymore got their way in a bigger enquiry. This is MMP after all and NZ will need to get used to it as this is our forever election process I feel from here on in – three to four way coalitions.

    • The forever election process needs an overhaul given that it’s too easy to game.

      Putin, Netanyahu, Trump and Winnie have shown how systems based on the Westminster system are failing the world over.

      We in Aotearoa/NZ have the opportunity to create a fairer better system of governance and judiciary that might serve as a model for all nations.

      But, until we acknowledge the system is broken, ain’t no one gonna fix it. The powers that be think it’s working just fine.

      It serves their interests to maintain the status quo while encouraging we the people to just bend the knee to the Crown and suck it up.

      We’re like the submissive partner in an abusive relationship too scared to leave or contemplate a future of our own.

      • Problem is BwaV that they are now talking about 4 year terms and lowering the MMP percentage – it would be a year (like Spain?) before we get governments if we lower the MMP % I reckon – imagine the future coalition talks.

        I think many see it the opposite way to you – and say if it is not broken don’t change it – they are too scared of change.

        • If Accelerationism is what’s needed to bring about real change then floor it.

          Hasten the downfall, let the fascists do what thou will be the entirety of the law.

          Create anarchy and let chaos reign that order may be restored in the aftermath.

          What have we got to lose. We, as in me, the lumpenproletariat, the underclass for whom vengeance is life ?

          Nah…j/k. I got no skin in the game. I’m not a player. I can’t lose.

        • …and a continued dominance by the majority for whom the system was designed by and for.

          I got nothing against pale males unless their views are stale and egos frail.

    • I don’t agree on your overall take them being a better government however I agree with what you say in terms of the media. Give Winston no oxygen, no interviews yet still hold him to account. Only then will he slither into the distance.
      Winston was a handbrake cancer for Labour and will be a handbrake cancer for National.
      There was a reason Key ruled out working with him.

  9. I presume then that now that it’s the National/act/Winston government that is funding this “bribery” we can now expect puff pieces about Luxon, Peters, and wossname the act guy? Perhaps journalists are slow because it isn’t happening yet. And I doubt if Winston would complain if it did happen.

  10. Jeez Martyn, does Winnie need to be NZs Trump? Can’t we just be Aotearoan with our own peculiar characters, and not through the prism of Trump or some other nations nutcase.


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