Breaking Bad – how ACT are empowering local meth cooks


Pseudoephedrine back on shelves: Act leader David Seymour’s win in new coalition Government

Pseudoephedrine will be allowed back into cold medications next winter in a win for Act leader David Seymour as part of the new coalition Government.

Seymour campaigned on the promise of reversing the ban on over-the-counter sales of the decongestant.

Speaking after signing a coalition agreement with Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, Seymour, the new minister for regulation, said lifting the ban on pseudoephedrine would be part of “long overdue” health reforms.

This isn’t Government policy – it’s the script to Breaking Bad!

Allowing Pseudoephedrine, the precursor ingredient to meth back over the counter will generate ram raids, which is hilarious because Luxon is claiming allowing cigarettes to remain getting sold will prevent ram raids!

Most meth coming into the country right now is finished product. Domestic Alpha Gangs use Triad contacts to have meth mass manufactured and shipped in, the 501 syndicates use South American Cartel Meth. It is purer and cheaper than the Triad meth, and it is this difference of product that is generating the recent gang war assassination campaign.

What allowing Pseudoephedrine to be sold back over the counter will generate is a new homebake industry as smaller players locked out of global supply chains move into the market.

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ACT are the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

The market will work out the rest will it?



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  1. More overblown hyperbole. Have you not read the news over the past few years? The police and customs have been intercepting meth shipments measured by the 100’s of kilograms. Precursors are yesterday’s news.

    • Do you seriously think that those getting their meth intercepted would not consider making their own if the opportunity came? As Martyn also points out a “new homebake industry as smaller players locked out of global supply chains move into the market” is also possible as people want to earn a dollar & not everyone obeys the law.

      • Drug cartels operate on the notion of around 1 in every 5 (or so) shipments getting intercepted. That means there is an absolute truck load still making it through. That sort of scale produces very cheap product which is on a scale the home bakers can’t compete with competitively plus the imported stuff is way purer. That’s a big win for the consumer. Less so for society.

        • There are plenty of people out there who don’t live in your delusional little world who will hold up a chemist to make their own.

          Your argument boils down too: Ernest Adams makes 5000 cakes and sells them in countdown for $3.00, therefore no one will ever bake their own cakes.

    • “More overblown hyperbole” … You make the basic error of assuming that the amounts of contraband intercepted actually have any effect ton the flow of said contraband into the country.. A common mistake made by those who don’t understand how the game works..
      How much of that contraband was deliberately left to be found, purely to distract from the real load? 100kg of meth is a small price for getting a 1000kg in right under their noses, and if you think I’m exaggerating, then you have nothing to add that could be of use..

  2. More meth, more guns, more cigarettes–great start from the new Govt. Chemist pseudo’ is for small producers–and there are many niches among casual meth users and dependent users.

    It is easy to complain about a Govt. that is not to your taste–as we have seen here on TDB for the last few years, where are you whingers, tory spriukers and trolls? a number of them seem to have scarpered since the election result was announced.

    I will attack the filthy Natzos and the combined NActFirst as much as anyone, but the thing is to support the various fightbacks that are going to occur rather than be an internet only bleater!

  3. Already happening, Dunedin police are actively guarding a disgusting drug operation in Waipori Falls. I have a lab house as a neighbour. The police have been doing hit jobs on anyone calling out the drug cartel.

  4. Seymour is all over the place on drugs. One moment he says you can’t restrict tobacco sales to a limited number of outlets because they would become a target for crime (like dairies already are), and banning them over time creates a black market (like there already is), so the perfect argument for not only legalizing home grow cannabis for personal consumption but full legalization. Chloe will be pleased.

    • Pretty sure David Seymour would be pro legalization of cannabis too. But there was a referendum not long ago which voted against it so won’t be on any government agenda anytime soon

  5. You forget the saying never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Expect 3 years of this type of article .It will be up to you ,Andrew ,Bob to make sure the truth is told .

    • One must wonder… does Sleazemore have share holdings in private prisons? A wee retirement package for when it leaves our country in ruins and the last of our state owned assets are sold to foreign investors?
      Trevor, andrew and bob. The same fuckin thing man. To paraphrase Janis Joplin.

    • Trevor , Andrew and Bob are the architects of never letting the truth get in the way of a good story. These three love a good rightwing smokescreen, sorry about the poor analogy but it’s the new governments way.

  6. Banning it didn’t stop the meth trade , which is not slowing down , I’m glad I’ll be able to get some decent wood meds next winter


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