Tobacco deaths for tax cuts, 8000 sacked public servants by Christmas and poorest families lose $555m – The full social cost and damage of this new hard right racist Government


The sheer scale of damage the mere birthing of this Government is going to cause Kiwis is remarkable as we dig deeper into the details.

Tobacco deaths for tax cuts: The argument as to why the new Hard Right Racist Government is allowing the Tobacco industry to kill more people is because we need the money for tax cuts???

What the actual?

Luxon hilariously went a step further by claiming if he stopped the Tobacco lobby from making money, there would be a rise in Dairy Ram Raids!

When you are an apologist for Tobacco, and your position is Tobacco deaths for Tax cuts, everything has gone wrong in terms of your values as a Government before you even begin!

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8000 sacked public servants by Christmas: David Seymour was on Q+A with Jack Tame over the weekend boasting about cutting 8000 public servants before Christmas.

What sort of level of spite masquerading as social policy are you prepared to go when you are boasting about cutting jobs?

Poorest families lose $555m: As Bernard Hickey grimly notes

The coalition agreement release on Friday conspicuously left out one of the most important elements of the ‘deal’ to retain National’s tax cuts. Christopher Luxon briefly mentioned it in the news conference, but a key element in National’s plan to keep funding the earlier tax cuts for landlords was to drop the plan to lift the abatement threshold for Working For Families recipients from $42,700 to $50,000 in 2026. That means they’ll pay $555 million extra in tax in the years to come through income tax clawbacks creating marginal tax rates of almost 50%.

…to take from the poorest so you can give to the richest is the very opposite of what a Government should ever do.

Just in the creation of this Government we see corporate vested interests and the rich dominating and crucifying the poor.

All this because the electorate hated Jacinda for collectively saving us from a mass death event!

God defend NZ, because the voters sure as Christ didn’t!

The new Health Minister: “Sorry you’re fired but here’s an AR15 and a packet of fags”

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  1. A) And alcohol deaths? And the mayhem denicification would have caused? That policy needed reversing.

    B) Turn them into front line jobs – e.g. turn pronoun police into rental property inspectors.

    C) Ew. But banding, thresholds, and rebates are a mess. Flat tax & UBI are the answer. Worried about families? UBI the kids too. Throw in a land tax.

    • Meh – flat tax is a hard right wet ream.

      The high end should definitely be graduated – there’s no injustice in putting the folk that rake in $10 million pa on a higher rate than those that struggle by on $1 million pa.

      • I agree that progressive income tax is the way to go, and a flat tax in combination with a UBI makes tax infinitely variable – for lower incomes negative or 0% – rather than actually flat.

        But yeah if you want to tax the extreme end beyond that I get it, I just think it might be better to come at them in other ways – e.g. financial transaction tax should skim the rich without touching the lower classes. And coming coming at them in other ways would keep flat + UBI extremely simple. Which means less resources to manage every day tax, and more focus on keeping the rich in line.

    • Ah the insanity of the lazy and stupid.
      If the idea that socialism breed ever increasing populations of stupid, lazy entitled people is foreign to you then you are an imbecile.
      The proof surrounds us.

  2. Voted for and supported by hundreds and thousands of racists of colour, many of whom are not even citizens… *crickets chirping*

  3. Isn’t freedom awesome?

    The people of New Zealand exercised their democratic freedoms to elect a government who thinks they should have the freedom to smoke or responsibly own and use firearms include the most popular civilian sporting rifle the Amalite Rifle model 15 or otherwise known as the AR-15.

    Not an assault rifle just a very safe and reliable rifle.

    • Disingenuous much?

      The AR15 was designed for military customers – not sportsmen. It may not allow automatic fire, but misrepresenting it as a “civilian sporting rifle” is frankly taking the piss.

      • 8.64% of the vote is NOT ” the people of NZ”.
        It’s a select few. The People are the 91.36% who are against the gun and smoking lobbyists. Facts are important but probably why your a Nobody, that’s democracy at work.

    • Great, maybe they should at the very least decriminalise weed. The current status creates revenue for gangs supposedly so why not?

      “Amalite Rifle model 15 or otherwise known as the AR-15. Not an assault rifle just a very safe and reliable rifle”
      Light weight its the weapon of choice for school shooters everywhere. Get yours today. Buy and Register Now.

  4. It’s all going to go to custard very quickly judgeing by the opening salvos from the vacuous Seymour on AM and Brooke Van Velden on Breakfast this morning…

    Both managed to effortlessly tie themselves in knots without any pressure from the interviewer…

    The one line that you will hear over and over again is….”people voted for change and that’s what they are going to get”…

    It’s a clusterfuck of clueless greenhorn newbie grinning fools looking to engineer a trainwreck…

    N.Z is in trouble now….all sorts of trouble.

      • Specifics Frank? Te Reo sign posts, and Peters sucking up to the deluded, don’t mean much when it comes to economic performance. If we are in such deep shit now why give tax relief to the well off (we know now the squeezed middle focus is bullshit)? Why forecast the same return to surplus as Labour did? In fact Nationals tax on foreign buyers was widely panned by CONSERVATIVE economists. Now they have nothing but are still going ahead. Or are we all going to start smoking? Just utter rubbish.

      • As a deaf dumb and blind righty Frank, it was on the improve from the previous 9 years of the most corrupt country destroying government in our history. Thanks National and Frank.

        • Squeaky/Bert, please tell us how ‘it was on the improve’?
          The stats from 2017 to 2023 certainly were NOT ‘on the improve’….don’t be calling anyone deaf/dumb/blind when you are the blatantly ignoring Labours stats over last 6yrs lol

          • The only LOL is that you post here because your boyfriends blog Whale oil was corrupt. I’m actually tired of proving you factually wrong however as I am personally better off net by $16,400 over the past 6 years taking into consideration inflation, which is global despite your inept attempt to blame Labour and house prices dropped due to Labours ban on foreign buyers, the only dumb and blind are people who believe you are posting more because in your untrained brain you’re post’s are not censored by TDB. You really are fucking thick.
            I’m still at a loss as to who this “Bert” is it someone you visually see or are you hearing voices?

    • @Black with a Vengeance. Yep. Professor Stanley Milgram would be fascinated by our politics.
      While I’m no God botherer but this [thing] that we have as our government now is evil. Only evil can compel politicians to gleefully do what they’re about to do to the defenseless. As sure as roger douglas hid within Old Labour to gut it, asset strip us, destroy our societies with unnecessary hardship and crush the heart out of our heartland economy, the evil that parties hard within luxon’s soul will compel him to become ever more emboldened and depraved. He’ll be awe struck at just how much power her thinks he has. The Darkness whispers lurid poems in his ears and we should fucking eaves drop to head him off at the pass.
      Two appropriate tunes from the ever and eternally awesome Shihad.
      My Mind’s Sedate.
      The General Electric.
      We should also remember, our politicians are a feeble minority of bullies so we should never, ever be afraid of the fuckers.

    • One more little thing.
      You morons who voted for this building horror story should reevaluate the nurturing you gave your ignorance.

    • Would be more honest if Labour was an equal opportunity smoking banner. Why not ban ALL smoking, either nicotine or cannabis? Also, alcohol, vaping, fatty food, sugary drinks………….?
      Why just the outrage at reversing selective banning of only one cause of unhealthiness and only to one demographic?

    • Awww but it is .. unless you wana move to somewhere … like China .. or Gaza? Does Hamas spin ya wheels baby?

      Bwhahaha. Love seeing the left bleat like the silly little Billy’s they are.

      Get ‘em Winnie.

    • Yes it is.
      Democracy doesn’t work that way – where you get to disavow and defy any government that YOU personally didn’t vote for.

    • Yes it is.
      Democracy doesn’t work that way – where you get to disavow and defy any government that YOU personally didn’t vote for.

      • Only true to the extent that the community shares common cause.

        Big up conspiracies and MAGA hats and you piss away the legitimacy of the process.

        The Gnat’s policy is corrupt and will hurt most of NZ. No electoral result excuses that.

        • Whose community, and shares which common causes?
          Democracy is how we settle political disagreements, so as to avoid the disgruntled using guns and bombs.

          Electoral results stand no matter how much you hate the result or the candidates. Disavowing the elected government is the action of an adolescent.

      • You get to disavow and defy any government you want in whatever way you want for any reason you want, though it might not end well.

  5. Luxon is getting rid of fair pay agreements because they “harm productivity”. Then his first trip is off to Australia where they have fair pay agreements and higher productivity. They are just so full of it.

  6. Tariana Turia needs to eat her words, she said National was the best party to deliver better health outcomes to Māori and now National want the tax dollars tobacco brings in to pay for tax cuts for the rich. Tariana did a lot of work in this area looks like she is wrong and should be angry. Let’s hope Turia speaks out.

  7. We now have in power one of the most unpopular inexperienced PMs with 38% support. Not exactly a big endorsement.

    • Jacinda was very popular but what achievements that that lead to .Obviously not enough to get her party reelected. Key was popular and many on this blog still hate him .
      Popularity can be an Achilles heal if not used correctly

      • Trevor at least to Key’s credit he wasn’t a race baiting arsehole and from memory oversaw some of the anti smoking stuff, took the treaty seriously , didn’t see co governance as a bogey man, etc. He did a lot I didn’t like but give me Key any day over these tossers ( that’s frightening to admit). Agree with your comment on Ardern, though there are lots of blokes out there who need to consider their irrational hate of her. Clearly challenged in the wedding tackle department.

        • In fact the Key Govt signed off on all the things this hideous govt is undoing. Key signed us up to the Paris agreement, the UN declaration of Indiginous peoples, smokefree 2025 and gave a directive for Govt Depts to incorporate Te Reo in their business.Going by what Luxton is now doing and saying Key was obviously gaslighting NZ into thinking he would actually try to fulfill the obligations and goals of these agreements. Labours only sin was to try and do what Key signed us up to.

  8. I wonder how many extra Public Servants will need to be fired to pay for the rebranding of Ministries to avoid using Maori? Perhaps the opposition might consider only using the Maori names for ministries in PM Question time for the term of this Parliament??

  9. If taking more money from the smokers closes a few hundred of Labour s Vape shops, then probably a trade off.

    Public service cuts, will be not re- hiring when people leave for a new job.

    • Vaping and smoking ARE NOT THE SAME THING no matter how much the detractors wasnt to lie…royal college of surgeons finds vaping 95n percent(I’ll just repeat that) 95 percent safer than fags…..what would you rather have your kids smokikng beheind the bike sheds or vaping….simple question 1 word answers please.
      but yes the tax on fags is a regressive tax aimed at specific demographics I’ll belive them when they tax sav blanc and coffee at the same levels

  10. And just listen to the conservative commenters on MSN crow about it. They completely ignore the fact that its people’s lives there playing with. I was once made redundant just before Christmas. “It ain’t much fun” is an understatement.

    • The issue, here, is the vast amounts of $$$ going to pointless/unproductive/frankly wasteful activities in Wellington bureaucracies.
      One tiny e.g.: why was someone paid a solid salary to dream up the Road to Zero campaign, and huge plastic zeros made? Whoever that person was did not understand human nature, did not understand the laws of physics, and did not understand the random nature of events. So is it better that he (probably he) is made redundant, and the savings passed on to those taxpayers who do actual productive work?
      Or the Dept that spent a 5-figure sum on a “piss-up” when someone left for another position? And has yet to pay it back? Why is such a Dept, seemingly lacking a moral compass, still supported by we who pay taxes? Would we not all be better off if they were made redundant?
      David Seymour has made errors (notably on smoking), but I can see his point here. Those of us who live elsewhere see parts of Wellington as one large feather-bed. Many there have had it far too good; time for a dose of reality.

      • No, the issue is that you can find just a few instances of waste, and expand that into 8000 people should lose their jobs. In any large enough organisation there are always a few idiots. There’s always a bit of a waste. That the thing is that government departments have to be effective rather than efficient. There is a difference.

  11. I think they should cut more than 8000 suggested and make the cut 50,000! Then that lot can go feral and protest at parliament on parliament grounds!!

    • If the protesters at Parliament had be ex-public sector, they would have started with several continuous engagement meetings to develop the correct framework for the long-term asperational goals going forward, then appointing the working groups to discuss and implement the environmental, social, and economic outcomes of the protest, and developing a preliminary timetable document that all stakeholders could be consulted on and accept….in Te Reo.
      Plus minutes, and agendas…

  12. According to NActional-NZF “They are not us”

    As a reaction to the mass shooting of Muslim New Zealanders the Ardern administration brought in a firearms registry to keep a track of firearms to trace where they are and who they could end up in the hands of.

    The Luxon administration in its coalition agreement with ACT have agreed to abolish the gun registry.

    At a peace protest calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. A Palestinian child was put in an induced coma in Auckland hospital after being deliberately hit in the head by a shovel wielding assailant.

    What if instead of a shovel this person, the police described as mentally unwell, had got hold of a gun?

    • Post Labour’s butchering of the firearms laws has there been more firearm offences, less firearm offences or the same?

      • That depends Mr Nobody:
        Labour supporter = less
        National supporter = more
        Actual facts…..more gun crime in the last 3yrs.

      • Yes, Mr nobody and it was a certain police association pushing for the recent law changes that made things worse, and back in the day pushed for dropping the old gun register.
        It’s almost as if Cahill knows jack shit about firearms and doesn’t care about freedoms of the public.
        The same guy wants to arm police, but the lefties don’t like that bit of police association self interest.

      • Don’t give us that shit Charlton Heston. How many more 501’s and competition in gangs, turf wars over the last few years? it’s nothing to do with the gun legislation you muppet.

      • The firearms registry has only been around since June this year.

        You are referring to statistics pre register.

        The coalition plan to do away with the register which will enable more gun violence and shows that the current government’s talk of reducing gang violence is meaningless.


        Cahill (from the police association) said the availability of firearms to illegal operators was the root of the problem.

        There was no evidence of systemic illegal importation of firearms, he said, “so people are getting them from legitimate firearm holders”.

        Control to ammunition and firearm sales could help in the short term, he said, but getting the firearms registry up and running would fix the problem.

        “It’s not going to happen overnight, we know that, and we’re quite realistic about it, but the medium to long-term impact will be significant.

        “The shootings are partly because there has been no gun register for over 30 years. That’s allowed many firearms to travel around the country and get into the hands of criminals, and police have no ability to trace them.”

      • I am continuously surprised of the level of complete lack of curiosity as to how many weapons are unaccounted for. You would think that if you are going to blame the gangs for importing them, then you would like to be able to prove it. You know, with some sort of… registry, perhaps?

        • Cant prove either way with serial numbers filed off as most illegal firearms are which is why it’s a waste of time and money.

          • but once those guns are destroyed, then they are subtracted from the total sum. you did do mathematics at school, right?

  13. Key was wise enough to refuse to suck up to Winston .
    I believe Luxon has done a remarkable job of firstly bring the National Party from being broken and dysfunctional to winning an election.Then forming a coalition but it would have been easier if Winston was not in the loop.Still the voters have spoken and 6 percent liked Winston so we have to put up with him for 3 years .Hopefully Luxon will find many a varied places to visit as Foreign Minister may I suggest Gaza then the Ukraine

    • It was Key who told Lex Luther to go with Winston, but Key has always been gutless, pulling the strings with no responsibilities is easy.

  14. Oh dear. Think of all those poor gender studies and media studies graduates out of a job! Who else is going to employ them?

  15. this is what happens when you have ZERO science beheind the lies around vaping…I challenge anyone tgo dispute that assertion

  16. Culling the workforce by 8000 and endangering health with prehistoric legislation regarding cigarettes will significantly reduce productivity and the tax take. God knows what this Trio of Twerps is thinking. It beggars belief. I suggest giving Luxon his Kighthood now and then he can head off into the sunset and stay well away from the Beehive.

  17. We need to be Janus citizens – look outwards and inwards at the same time. Perhaps we need to have ‘quantum’ politics. Perhaps when one of us suggests going back to the approaches of the early 1900s. we take it seriously. All the hard thinking we did before the election and those who have advanced technical info are ignored – how do they cope and not go insane watching us carry on. Think about starting a Hobbit group next year where people with brains and practical knowledge can gather and commit to helping each other. Wailing and pointing with derision is a f…g waste of our fine brains and time.

  18. Prohibition never worked for anything. Crony licensees and gang profits on the other hand. Just fucking decriminalize everything and watch the mercantile champions of vice squirm.

  19. Labour don’t own the vape shops they are all owned by the Indian dairy owners who also own the laundries.

  20. ” …to take from the poorest so you can give to the richest is the very opposite of what a Government should ever do.

    Just in the creation of this Government we see corporate vested interests and the rich dominating and crucifying the poor.

    ” “Crucially, this change would be retrospective,” Renney says. “They will be receiving a rebate on payments already made. Landlords will be cut a cheque from government, but tenants will not benefit from the rental payments they have already made. That’s hugely unfair and simply rewards landlords for nothing.”

  21. Smoking kills its a proven fact, its addictive and kills people slowly. The tobacco companies are multi billionaires they encourage smoking at all costs the more the merrier . I can’t believe we are actually having this conversation in this day and age . Plus we have an actual f***ing doctor as our minister of health who agrees with the repeal of this legislation. So next time any of you who support the repealing of this legislation end up in hospital and you are unable to be admitted because there is a slowly dying smoker in your bed . Don’t come crying and beating your chests ,you lot made your bed now you have to lie in it.

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