The Working Group with Jack Tame, Moana Maniapoto and Damien Grant



TONIGHT: You read me right! Q+As Jack Tame, Māori TVs Moana Maniapoto and Libertarian Darth Vader Damien Grant in our special wrap of the year second to last show

Issue 1 – Evaluating the new Government

Issue 2 – 2023 a year of disinformation, misinformation and incandescent rage – how will media industry cope?

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Issue 3 – Political Predictions for 2024

It’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

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  1. Regarding smoking Damien Grant is adamant that people can make decisions, I would be happy if people were allowed to make informed decisions. When the tobacco/advertising industry is providing most of the information that is in no way a fair competition.

    • What on earth are you on about? You can’t display cigarettes and the packets are covered in pictures of the effect. Pretty outrageous claim to make that in 2023 your average consumer is not fully informed of the risks of smoking cigarettes.

  2. Background on Moana’s and Damien’s dispute on ‘From the River to the Sea’.

    ❝ Today’s reality is a de facto one-state arrangement, with millions of Palestinians forced to live under a brutal, Israeli-led regime, fully backed by the West as a form of historical absolution after the Holocaust. The time is now to imagine a different future where all peoples in the land of Israel and Palestine are truly equal and free. ❞

    – Antony Loewenstein
    ► Archived version:

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