There are many reasons to extend Parliament term to 4 years, cost is NOT one of them!


National on promise to introduce legislation on extending parliamentary term to four years: ‘It will save money’

We are already seeing the bastardisation of our values with this new Hard Right Racist Government.

Here we see them polluting and staining our democratic values.

The new Hard Right Racist Government says we must extend to a 4 year term because it saves us money.

As if our Democracy was so cheap and easily sold.

NZ has the most powerful Parliament in the entire Western World!

You can literally read a law into existence under urgency.

To extend the term to 4 years, to allow politicians access to the most powerful Parliament in existence while limiting the voters choices from 3 to 4 years is a debate that can not, should not and must not hold up the price tag as the justification!

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Giving Politicians more power and less accountability because it’s cheaper???

You can’t all be this stupid can you?


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  1. New Zealanders are not all necessarily stupid, but around 40% of them seem nasty fuckers indeed.

    Plus hundreds of thousands are disengaged and alienated from participating in elections for various reasons–personal, political, systemic.

    The tory settler descendent, dark kiwis, have always been with us in deep denial about the stolen or dubiously acquired land they sit on. These are some of the ones celebrating the onslaught on Māori this bunch of vandals are about to embark on. The targets are Māori language, healthcare, education, and structures such as Māori Wards! in local Govt. and–an examination of Te Tiriti itself…

    A four year term is not needed at this stage in this small volatile country.

  2. Labour had a majority & was condemned for not doing enough, the coalition of freaks who achieved power in part due to a substantial reduction in people voting have used that power to take from the poor & reward the 5-10%. It is going to be a rough ride which leaves me thankful that my future is from a better place.

    • Totally agree Chris..

      There’s room for dancing upstairs with a considerable number of the electorate now…
      They don’t know what the hell’s going on and don’t have the mental capacity to think critically…

      N.Z. is in all sorts of trouble..

      • Stupid is repealing a smoke free policy that saves thousands of lives. One day jack you’ll grow up and chop down the beanstalk.

  3. Hard pass on four years thanks.
    If a government’s any good, they’ll earn another 3 year term.

    Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    Unless you have rich donors tilting the table in a shamocracy……….

      • Saying “If a government’s any good, they’ll earn another 3 year term” does not NECESSARILY mean that a government being relected is ALWAYS good.

        The corrupt Dirty Politics Government of 2008-17 is a classic example of that logical fallacy.

  4. As we do not have the stabilising effect of an upper/lower house we need to retain the 3 year term to place some level of control on politicians.

  5. We will have cause to thank our lucky stars we have a three year parliamentary term.

    While driving and listening to RNZ I was informed there have been two referendums on extending New Zealand’s parliamentary term to four years, the last was in 1967.

    Both referendums failed.

    Voters want more democracy not less.

    Most New Zealand governments serve two terms, very few if any that I can recall have ever served one term in office.

    So when the politicians are saying ‘we want a four year term’, what they are really saying is they want an eight year term.

    A National, ACT, NZF government for eight, very long, years?

    More than enough time for a noticeable amount of low lying coastal margin to slip into the ocean and be ignored.

  6. This issue came up for referendum in 1960 and again in 1994. Both times the extension of the term of Parliament was overwhelmingly rejected. It seems that it is a tory government that is always the one seeking to garner power. It was the tory government that tried for an extension both times. It was a tory government that got rid of NZ Parliament’s Upper House. Well, no surprises there, that they again want to foist an extension of power for themselves. I might be in favour of an extension of the parliamentary term to four or even five years PROVIDED two things happen prior to there being a referendum. 1. The Upper House is re-established with Members selected by STV voting AND they must not be affiliated to any political party, and 2. An entrenched Bill of Rights that binds Parliament is passed. While we have a unicameral parliament with unchecked power, no wucking fay am I going to support an extension to its term.

    • No not really, the last twats in government were talking about a 4 year term as well.
      Politicians of all parties are humans and prone to self interest, a three year term is our only control on them.

  7. Does it matter, really, whether they’re there or are not for four years, or more, or less.
    While we lot. We, the people, can’t make a fist much less dare to tell over paid, well lobbied political liars they’ve fucked things up so you’re out thus fuck off!
    In reality, despite that fact that we pay them beyond well, they can stay and suck our money up and live priviledged life styles while we must walk past people just like us but without homes and families living in cars.
    In short. We’re all living in La La Land as whinny little nobodies they will see us as. No political one listens to because they don’t care to listen. They listen instead to fucking graeme hart don’t they? He paid the Natzos and freaky little act $250K to rent their ears. They listen to the banks, they listen to anyone with piles of what was once our money. I mean, does that make anyone else really, really angry?

  8. The quick. knee-jerk pronouncements that take an absolute line showing up in this post are an indication of how incompetent we Kiwis are at making rational, justified decisions that affect all the country.

    Few people have learned how to arrive at good decisions, looking at the pros and cons, required outcomes and whether the unsatisfactory present will be improved by the vaunted changes. Having a check list of questions that require thinking about, with the answer to consist of three sentences – each one with an attempt at reasoning and justification may get the rusty brains turning like a hand crank.

    But that is beyond the average middle class citizen, beneath the interest of the upper class, and requiring time that is paid for, to attend classes for the lower income class. No way can we do anything but muddle through with our present loony tunes approach helped along by robotised holograms etc as now.

  9. ” One of the threats in the National – ACT – NZ First coalition agreements was to extend the term of Parliament to four years, reducing our opportunities to throw a bad government out. The justification? Apparently, the government thinks “elections are expensive ”

    ” In reality, our elections are cheap: $180 million per election cycle. Moving to a four year term would save us all of $15 million a year, averaged over the long-term. On a government scale, that’s pocket change. Anyone who treats this as a serious cost saving or a serious reason for doing something is trying to sell you something – in this case, less democracy, less accountability, and less control over our own government ”

  10. If anyone thinks that a Labour government would suddenly start doing things for the poor “because they have more time” doesn’t know what Labour actually stands for. I wouldn’t be surprised if Labour also come out calling for a four-year term over this – because it benefits them.

    There are reasons why David Seymour wants to extend the term, and it’s not because he suddenly decided to do something nice for the poor.

    Expect the hard-right establishment media to go to town calling for a four-year term prior to that referendum.

    A four year term would be a notable downgrade in prospects for the working poor and the poor in the country. At this stage, it’s very very likely that that will happen and we will end up with a four-year term.

    If you look at over the past few generations, there has been very little leftist presence in parliament in real terms, and with this move the right are further cementing their gains. This situation will worsen unless the public find the resources to seriously challenge The Labour Party.


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