Climate Change and Environment outside Cabinet as planet melts


As the Hard Right Racist Government settles in, the values are glaring and venal.

As the planet melts with temperatures 6 sigma above normal, the new Hard Right Racist Government has Climate Change and the Environment outside Cabinet while Racing and Resources are inside Cabinet.

The corporate farmers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I have argued this Government will make Climate Change far worse, but even I was surprised at the venality of it all.

Tobacco deaths for tax cuts.

Boasting of 8000 job cuts before Christmas.

Cutting $555million from poor families.

God defend NZ, because the voters sure as fuck didn’t

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  1. We can do with some of that melting, its been pretty cool lately, for this time of year. Otherwise, blame Labour for being so unappealing that it allowed this current monstrosity to find its way in.

    • Blame the voters themselves for failing to read the signs and listen properly. Greed won.
      Labour has its faults, there’s no doubt, but at least they tried to see the best in people and assumed, wrongly, that the electorate had a certain amount of brain and a good memory.

  2. Yeah that is all the right have to parrot about – how many jobs they can cut, how many public services (that they don’t and would never use anyway) they can cut and how much funding they can redirect from public to the private sphere.
    Well done kiwi voters – you did this!

  3. Climate change was outside cabinet under Labour as well.

    James Shaw as the Minister of Climate change was pretty much gelded by the Labour Party who wouldn’t even let him have an associate climate minister, the only ministerial post without an associate. James Shaw spent his whole lonely term as Minister outside of cabinet trying to get a multiparty consensus on climate change with the Labour and National parties, only to have the Nact-NZF coalition government rip up this consensus agreement for shit paper as their first order of business as soon as gaining power.

  4. “The corporate farmers will be laughing all the way to the bank.”
    Please. Try Corporate Cowsploiters instead. Stop using the word ‘farmer’. While desperately trying to be patient here, the dairy ‘industry’ isn’t farming. The dairy industry prints money by using people in ugly little houses plonked in the middle of junk-grassy paddocks to suck milk out of cows. Feed poor wretched cow-animals junk grass and out comes milk, shit, piss and sundry toxic chemicals they use in drench to make sure the cows remain standing thus milkable for as long as possible, rain hail of shine. Oh, and cheap mince once the cows are exploited to literal death. Lean beef mince is skinny, exploited milk cow, you do know that right?
    You should take a closer look at the members of the dairy board and the shareholders in the likes of Fonterra. Start here and plod on. Follow the clear and present avenues paved with money to rich urban corporates hiding within leafy urban suburbs. There, you will find your farmers. Living in urban mansions in Remuera. You can tell they’re farmers by the Ferrari’s they drive to the massive yachts they own in Auckland harbour just below the high-rise bankster buildings they collude with.

    • Yet the dairy Farmers are the first to put their hand when a climate disaster strikes…happy to chug their dirty tractor up and down the breadth of NZ in support of Groundswell, how about approaching them for money to fix your flooded farms

  5. how can we scream at the rest of the world without integrity? it is crucial NZ becomes emissions neutral so we can tell every other fucker too as well.


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